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  1. anastasia praedyth, niggaaaaaaa
  2. the FINAL GOODBYE she's livin life smokin recruits now
  3. so I've been around longer than i'd like to admit and from my first time where I ACTUALLY started knowing people by their steam names, and not character names, I learned that Orwell was the meaty mother fucker on top who made the high rp - low drag events that tickled my pickle. now, i'll skip ahead a bit from the very MOMENT I got back into MIPOD, and was under Orwell, that was where I learned how to properly storytell, and how events should be done. Before, whenever I'd go to ask about psychic shit under previous leadership, I'd be told to wait, or that I'll get it eventually, or a simple -no response-. under orwell? there's a reason I have all that I'll ever want on .net right now, and it's because of you, amigo. I just wanted to lead MIPOD one day, and you, homie, taught me every fuckin' thing I needed to know to be where I am. I was the retard who got kicked out of MIPOD and barred from it for 'lying to xal', yet you still helped a homie out. And for that, I appreciate the fuck out of you. had you not done what you did, I'd probably not even be on this community anymore, nor would I still speak to any of the people here. one person's actions have a funny way of afflicting entire people's 'lives', per say orwell's a fuckin' god when it comes to this. a 'role model' for not only myself, but obviously others consider this to be me 'sucking his dick so the server doesn't close' personally, I don't give a fuck what most of you think, as this is for orwell. there aren't many people who're as devoted to something as he is. and he's stuck around longer than most people ever will. tl;dr thanks, orwell
  4. Coleision

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    Maxine A. Valentine Warrant Officer Engineering - Armorer
  5. DENIED To say it plainly, you're too new. I need time to gauge whether or not you'd make a positive addition to Intel or not.
  6. Once I get home, I’ll try to fix it for you, homie the horizontal lines break shit, so try to remove those, and paste the entire thing back in
  7. fixed the formatting because the forums hate minorities also added some hidden ‘juice’ into her backstory
  8. you best add Oberlin, homie
  9. BREAKING NEWS! Valrinth Under Siege by KPA Forces! Hours ago, the capitol of Kredia was put under siege by KPA forces. Being the last remaining solid foothold the Federation has on the planet, the Separatists seek to part themselves from the Federation and it’s protective embrace. Only five hours ago, the KPA had launched a major offensive against the Federally controlled city of Valrinth, the last remaining beacon of hope for Kredia. Federation forces have held their ground firmly, and reports of SSI ground teams being deployed to assist the defensive effort has been going around. After the use of long-range missiles against the cities exterior defenses, KPA separatists had stormed the city, now holding within the outskirts of the cities capitol sector, thanks to a pushback by the local PDF. The SSI residential representative has chosen not to comment on this situation, and their headquarters have also refused to respond to any and all requests. Refugees have been flooding out of the ports in Kredia, and out into adjacent colonies following the attack by the KPA. While the Federal troopers bravely hold their ground so that the citizens of Valrinth can make it out in one piece. [PDF Troops offloading from an APC somewhere near the capitol building. A burnt-out KPA tank is pictured down the center road.] Col. Zhi Shao of the 14th Morita Rifles has assumed command over the defense and evacuation of Valrinth. When asked to comment about this event, the Colonel said this. -- “While the planet Kredia may be in peril, we cannot forget the virtues of it’s people. The men and women on the ground will not falter, and they will not sway under the savagery of the KPA. They will hold every inch of this concrete ground until every citizen is safely away from this conflict. I will not lie. Kredia may fall. But it’s people -will- not.” -- Are you interested in helping restore the Federation? Are you skilled in the following: - Electronics - Engineering - Medicine - Computer Science - Construction - Agriculture - Transportation - Logistics - Microbiology - Humanitarian Aid - Urban Planning Contact your LOCAL ENLISTMENT CENTER and ASK ABOUT HELPING THE FEDERATION TODAY! Would you like to know more?
  10. a legendary lollipop-giver brought back to us in our time of need. not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need
  11. //: NCO in charge: M. Oberlin //: Time and Date of session: 06/19/2299 //: Type of Training Session: Mark Three SAW training. //: Notable Acts: SSpc. Saint-Claire was brigged by the Captain. Three enlisted had shown up, not including myself, or Saint-Claire.
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