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  1. Centrix

    Eric Mcdowly

  2. Centrix

    Bohannon's Goodbye Letter

    Later alligator
  3. Centrix

    when the US asks where Hawai’i went

    Keith jackson is obviously more important since he is dead
  4. Centrix

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    You can remove esposito, I tried coming back but I can't get past the loading screen because it freezes
  5. Centrix

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Sporadic active trying to balance new job and school
  6. Centrix

    PFO anyone?

  7. Centrix


    This is just because people claim they are fine with getting a PK on their character but then they are pked and make an appeal complaining they didn't like their PK style and they want their character back.
  8. Centrix

    Suggestion: New Rank Structure

    I don't think that adding ranks is something I want to see. What we have works just fine and if a corporal or any NCO can't lead then you report it to a higher up for being an idiot. People get promoted and demoted all the time adding ranks to a player base this small would be a challenge.
  9. Centrix

    Hey (Important)

    Sup Waffle, it's been a little bit since I've seen ya last but it's good to see you again and hopefully the past can stay in the past for whatever happened.
  10. Centrix

    SST Quotes Thread

    People just type random stuff to try to be funny so they can be in the quotes. Including posting their own quotes
  11. Centrix

    remove arachnid federation stronk

    still better
  12. Centrix

    Annabelle 'Hard Knoxx' Thacker

    Esposito was never added