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  1. Centrix

    Texture problems

    You have them but did you mount the games?
  2. Centrix

    New dropship?

    Caused lag wasn't worth the hassle from what I saw when we used it, doors didn't work right anyway @Arrow
  3. Centrix

    New dropship?

    It's just trying to fix what isn't broken. We don't need more ships, TAC was enough imo. Asking admins to do another thing to their work load during events is a stretch aswell.
  4. Centrix

    New dropship?

    Idk,about you guys but I just see this as more lag
  5. Centrix

    Veronika Harth

  6. Centrix

    Apukohai Tyberos

  7. Centrix

    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: Spc. Bianchi Trainee: Rct. Harth Pvt. Hartwick Time and date: 01-08-19 1530 EST Goal: Intro to IFAKs Hemorrhage equipment
  8. Centrix

    SST Quotes Thread

    How many times is this getting put here
  9. Centrix

    Nazzeseseseses Weapons

    We Paintballing again?
  10. Centrix


    Make it so we can edit our descriptions not have to retype it
  11. Centrix

    Pls. Spare some PAC for a poor man?

    Or you could just put it in your description and be done with it. PAC is gay anyway
  12. Centrix

    Discord Updated

    Can I get a link
  13. Centrix

    Vote to Revoke Remnar's N-Word pass

    Democracy has proven effective, @yahtz I hearby remove your N-word pass, effective immediately. The community has spoken.
  14. Centrix

    unexpected leave (merry xmas)

    Take care, hope to see you soon. Like coleision I know the feeling of having a broken computer too