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  1. Centrix

    Medical Rolls

    I mean the main reason people blast correct paragraphs every time is because they have access to a thread with a ton of possible injuries and just keep it open for when they need it. I have my own notes that I use so I don't use it as often but I know it is used by a lot of other people religiously. That thread is a blessing on its own for a lot of people because before that thread every medic had to learn how to do it from someone else.
  2. Centrix

    Content Stealing

    Next thing we know, the army is gonna come focus for using their 12B information
  3. Centrix

    SST Quotes Thread

    Ban is fake ass
  4. Centrix

    [IC] Divisional Fueds!!

    When you tell a bunch of horny 17 year olds their character can be anything they go to their favorite porn and try to reenact it through text
  5. Centrix

    the worts (sad reacts only)

    Nah they fuckin dead
  6. Who cares if someone doesn't like you, if you have fun then fuck it and continue. There are people that didn't like a certain individual and they got on every day and had the time of their lives and loved playing. If you can have fun then don't let other people's opinions stop you from having that fun. I'll ask you this though, do YOU like being here?
  7. Centrix

    Texture problems

    You have them but did you mount the games?
  8. Centrix

    New dropship?

    Caused lag wasn't worth the hassle from what I saw when we used it, doors didn't work right anyway @Arrow
  9. Centrix

    New dropship?

    It's just trying to fix what isn't broken. We don't need more ships, TAC was enough imo. Asking admins to do another thing to their work load during events is a stretch aswell.
  10. Centrix

    New dropship?

    Idk,about you guys but I just see this as more lag
  11. Centrix

    Veronika Harth

  12. Centrix

    Apukohai Tyberos

  13. Centrix

    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: Spc. Bianchi Trainee: Rct. Harth Pvt. Hartwick Time and date: 01-08-19 1530 EST Goal: Intro to IFAKs Hemorrhage equipment
  14. Centrix

    SST Quotes Thread

    How many times is this getting put here