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  1. F r a n c o

    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    Captain Bailey - I'll make sure Archer takes care of them. We hated each other at first and everyone knew it, but overtime I came to call you a friend, and essential ally. Rest easy. General Martin - I've never been afraid of another man just by looking at him, until I met you. We'll make sure the Federation is restored, sir. You have my word. -Major Franco E. Sorrentino
  2. F r a n c o

    drpepper10 ban appeal

    Not interested. #Locked; Appeal rejected.
  3. F r a n c o

    im bad at making fast threads

    Hello Sir and Ma'am how are you doing today ?
  4. F r a n c o

    im bad at making fast threads

    yeah you are
  5. Dear friends, Over the past few months, myself @Durango and @Tonic have taken over in the wake of @Xalphoxs departure. Putting it simply, he felt burnt out When this originally happened, this wasn't locking Xalphox from the community or leadership in anyway. Matter of factly, we all wanted him back within the XA team. That I can safely say, and I'm sure many others did. That being said, we made it appoint when he took his LOA that we'd love to have him back on the saddle whenever he felt comfortable enough to return. For a very long time Xalphox has lead .net successfully. Both the time and effort dedicated to the server by himself alone is something incredible. Not much needs to be said on my part. As such, @Xalphox is returning to the leadership of .net, so let's all welcome him back with open arms! ❤️ 🙏
  6. F r a n c o

    Back at the ranch with Grizzly

    is ur cousin ok
  7. F r a n c o

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Мне нравится трахать собак своим крошечным членом, хахаха.
  8. F r a n c o

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Sgt. Anderson Kayne has been removed from the roster.
  9. F r a n c o

    Leadership Update

    Hello. Short announcement, medical leadership has been handed down to @Grizzly Hughes From this point on, refer to them with any questions regarding the detachment. Regards, Franco
  10. F r a n c o

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    #Locked: I understand we're all passionate right now, but the thread is staying closed until everyone decides to keep a cool, levelled head. Our forum isn't a place to be aggressive. Ontop of that, I DO NOT appreciate the open disrespect to another community, period. This'll be everyone's first warning and only. You can have your opinions on .net and any other community, but open hostility and disrespect will be punished, regardless of the community in question.
  11. F r a n c o

    The State of SSTRP

    Not gonna spoil everything thats coming, but heres a gif of the Mark 3 which was announced some time ago; SoonTM https://i.imgur.com/HOz6qs6.gifv
  12. F r a n c o


    Accepted; Your character will receive IC training at our earliest convenience.
  13. F r a n c o

    Post your best memes

  14. F r a n c o

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Addressing what @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz said; I've been very busy personally as of the last two weeks. Designing merchandise is one of the many sudden irl obligations I've had to focus on so suddenly. I didn't even have much time to communicate with people, let alone consecutively administrate, and what little free time i did have was spent de-stressing. Not really sorry about it either. Yes, I love the server whole-heartedly, but sometimes life happens and there's nothing we can do. It's an very unfortunate coincidence that both me and durango have been busy as of late, around the same time. I should be good to start coming back around come the 26th or so. Things'll be rolling very soon. I'll address the admin circle jerk. If we're discussing teamspeak, I really can't comment on it. Some staff hang out in public channels, some sit AFK in the admin channels. As for in-character, it might seem like staff holds most of the leadership positions. This is true. In the past, a typical pre-requisite for becoming staff on the server meant being a solid NCO that people liked ICly and OOCly. HOWEVER, if any player ever feels there is incredible admin circle jerk, bias, ect., take a PICTURE, a VIDEO, something I can use as proof to address the situation more directly and with more insight. It'd be very helpful.