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  1. F r a n c o

    Mission Survery

    Hello! Below is a survey regarding missions on SSTRP.net Please take the time to read and fill out this survey. Note: If you'd like to remain anonymous, leave the 'name' field at the very bottom blank. Otherwise, please fill it out. https://goo.gl/forms/Ed3lJq8qEAEopMsj1
  2. F r a n c o

    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    rediddlidood some things diddlydoo
  3. F r a n c o

    EFT Pics

  4. F r a n c o

    Complaint against Luca Romano

    So after investigating this situation and talking to multiple parties and seeing multiple bits of log, I've concluded this entire incident was blown a bit out of proportion. Both parties dabbled in OOC more than they should have, but over all I don't think any damage was done. I'm just going to say this; Keep IC as it is; In-Character. No need to escalate anything into OOC. For now, just avoid each other and learn to get along. Move on from the incident. TL;DR - Move on, play nice. #Locked and Handled.
  5. F r a n c o

    Complaint against Luca Romano

    I'll be handling this complaaaaaint. For the time being, I'd like both of you to not reply while I investigate logs and witnesses.
  6. F r a n c o

    Weekly character question: Reasons for enlistment

    My old char torfin helle Was it a genuinely better option than staying where they were? nope, dude had a pretty normal life. He caught a misdemeanour weapons fire charge and wasn't allowed to touch firearms outside of federal service. Decided to join. Were they just a through-and-through patriot? Do they still feel that way? Nope. He really didn't care one way or another. He's dead now, but when he lived, he was just there for the experience. Were they seeking travel and adventure? He was seeking guns initially, then it was for his friends. Did their family push them into it? Nope. His family thought it was cool and all but didn't mind one way or another; his life.
  7. Postal Service, Accounting and Taxing, departments of education, health, social workers, (in some cases) custodians, water treatment, human resources, youth counsellor, auditors (in some cases), librarians (in some cases), judicial services coordinators, youth outreach services, faculty positions in relation to sciences, civil architects.
  8. Any civil service can in theory be considered a path to citizenship.
  9. F r a n c o

    Robert Shaw

    ur gonna add sorrentino
  10. F r a n c o

    going on strike

    dont make me right click you in the face again pilotfish
  11. F r a n c o

    Evolution of SSTRP

    i use pac bitch
  12. F r a n c o

    Wendell Cheslock ~ Ka-Boom

    if hes anything like his faceclaim rest in pieces
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    Vickers when Mobcomm won't respond

    i still have the erp face claim ahahha ahhhaa hh h ah ah
  14. F r a n c o

    EFT Pics

  15. F r a n c o

    Temporary/Permanent Leave

    see you in a week (Jokes aside, best of luck).