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  1. Let's play mordhau some time. The only retards and societal rejects on there are in a 10 minute game, and you can just chamber feint to parry them.
  2. they were the original ones to copy it - i posted that out of request with given materials. Couldn't be fucked to ask if its theirs or not.
  3. TL;DR is after traumatic lung injury, even after its 'fully healed', your lung was not at peak performance for a significant period of time, and itll take a bit for your body to readjust to the full flow of oxygen. It takes less effort to become winded, less effort to feel out of breath or to feel pain in the chest. for me its been over a year and im still feeling the effects of my lung. It can obviously vary, but generally stevenson will be feeling this for, minimum, a few months.
  4. Best of luck with class!
  5. Name: Sorrentino, Franco E. Rank: W-3 Item(s) requested: Lumber Culinary Carving Set 80 Piece 3x Spineless Notepad(s) [100 Pages] 5x 2x4 Wooden Planks
  6. garrysmod rp where we play as mobile infantry use made up guns and titanfall guns and FEAR2 models and half life 2 npcs WE WORK WITH WHAT WE GET, BUDDY BOY BUCKO PAL
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