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    see you in a week (Jokes aside, best of luck).
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    the jackal
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  9. The APC has a lot of issues with it that aren't IC. It makes it difficult to use them during events. If I remember right, for a time if an APC blew up, it'd crash the server. Not sure if that's still a problem, but the point stands that it's riddled with problems. As for point 1, I agree. NCOs should be doing more for passive rp, and it's senior staffs job to push them to do that, as Stevie said. Agreed 100%. That being said, normal enlisted can do the exact same thing. Take the initiative and rp cleaning or doing basic fix-it-shit on chairs and radios. Create an illegal underground gambling ring. On another (unnamed) server I was on way back when, there was a large amount of players whom hid their illegal gambling from NCOs. Normal enlisted could prank the fuck out of fleet, or the NCOs, or medical, or intel, ect. Sure, theres repercussions but welcome to story telling. Volunteer to cook in the mess, bar duty, sparring matches. Sparring used to be a big thing, which can also fall back to gambling; make bets on fights. Creativity doesn't have to be driven strictly by the NCO team, or even the staff team. Anyone with imagination and creativity can take part. If you're not sure if something you want to do is acceptable or not, PM a staff member. Also I wish people would care more about roleplay and story instead of rank on a gmod rp server ree
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    Festive AK
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    Hello. Quite a few players have been reporting a Texture Pop In and Out kind of issue the past few days ( @StevieJr and @Maple Leaf Moosefucker being 2 individuals) Well, I found a fix. Head to the UTILITIES tab in your Q menu. Find 'PAC 3' and select its 'Settings'. Down the several rows you'll see a section titled 'Enable'. There, you'll see every single box is checked. Uncheck 'model2' and your problem fixes. I've tested and so far I've noticed it doesn't do anything besides fix this issue.
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    from @Willer_z on twitch
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    i cant, i died right after you