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    Details lads

    Jordan made it as clear as it could be, but I guess some people need it reiterated; ANYONE. WHO CAN. UNDERSTAND. THE OATH. WITHOUT. A HORRIFIC CRIMINAL RECORD. CAN. ENLIST. They will FIND you a role in the Mobile Infantry so long as you can read and understand the oath. Our UNIT has its OWN RULES which are VAGUE and NOT WRITTEN because last time we HAD written rules, people skirted along the thin line 24/7, so we simply handle people case by case. Likelihood is whilst they'll let someone who is 4'7 into the mobile infantry, they'd be placed in a unit suitable for them, IE Not the 112th. If you think your character is questionable, ask a staff member before creation.
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    Accepted; Your character will receive IC training at our earliest convenience.
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    Details lads

    That being said, that doesn't mean we won't transfer any snowflakey mute, obese, or otherwise fucked up character out of the 112th. It's a front line combat unit, they get to be a bit more strict with whom they let stay in their unit.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    StevieJr: Franco StevieJr: for the meme StevieJr: we need to all get golf it StevieJr: and put put our way to victory StevieJr: for the federation StevieJr is now Offline.
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    Specialist using MGs

    Go ahead and use the old gun with the new models and tell me how janky it looks.
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    Aramis A. Hux

    sorrentino pls
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hello! As you can see, we've reverted to the old roster. All of us in the command staff simply prefer it, so here it is. How it works: If your character reaches the rank of Lance Corporal, you post it here. If your character receives a promotion or a demotion, you post it here. This allows us, as the command staff, to keep this properly filled out and keep track of our leaders. TAKE NOTE: EVERYONE WHO HOLDS A RANK STATED ABOVE IS REQUIRED TO POST IN THIS THREAD! It is also mandatory for Corporals and above to also join the MI command club, applying via the club system. If you're going on LOA, post in the comments! rank abbreviation - character name - steam name (Timezone in relation to GMT. Example, GMT +13) W.O. Franco Sorrentino - F r a n c o (-5 GMT) Thank you, F r a n c o 112th Mobile Infantry Roster Company Commander: Col. Elrad Davidson Company Executive Commander: Lt. Franco Sorrentino Platoon Leader: MSgt. Liliana Verbeck Platoon Staff Sergeants: SSgt. Anderson Kayne SSgt. Sebastian Bently SSgt. Jennifer Hayes Platoon Sergeants: Sgt. Dominic Cage (Section One Leader) Sgt. Noah Gargano (Section One Assistant) Sgt. James Chevosky (Section Two Leader) Sgt. Zealious Edwards (Section Two Assistant) Sgt. Travis Young Platoon Corporals: Cpl. Rhaman Decim (Section One A Leader) Cpl. Miranda Walters (Section One B Leader) Cpl. Troy Hughes (Section Two A Leader) Cpl. Anton Volker (Section Two B Leader) Cpl. Simo Hyvonen Cpl. Donald Handly Platoon Lance Corporals: LCpl. Hakam Singh (Section One A) LCpl. Mathew Krauw (Section One A) LCpl. Lyndsey Carter (Section One B) LCpl. Dutch Bower (Section One B) LCpl. Gray Seraphim (Section Two B) LCpl. Ottilie Kittel (Section Two A) LCpl. Kyle Lowel (Section Two A) LCpl. Reuben Amukama (Section Two B) LCpl. Helena Clenmore (Section Two B) As well as this, there is also the T.O. that is currently being run by me (@OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz) that has more in depth information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/177Hisj9EXxJaudxdLyXWXVd2eOxKyqcryBaPnbj8d0I/edit?usp=sharing
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    Specialist using MGs

    Any CW 2.0 weapons that aren't our morita have busted third person animation. New things are in the works. For the time being, just bear with what you got.
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    shitpost ban appeal

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    Ban appeal and admin complaint

    I did the ban so I'll go ahead and give my reasoning for the ban, and my reasoning for revoking my own ban, To note, I was never told by the staff member assisting you that you had to leave for an actual reason. The only response I got to your original disconnect was a 'RIP'. I issued the ban after going through your screenshots and seeing your moderate list of screenshots from previous SST communities; a clear indication you knew exactly how to role play on a serious server, SST or not. Secondly, you come onto the server with a joke character as you stated. Joke or not, it's beyond irritating, especially when we have clear proof that you know exactly how to role play, and are friends with a former administrator on our server (It'sShowtime, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198329491340/ and @Showtime). All of these red flags kicked off that you knew exactly how to role play, and seemingly wanted to troll. I get it, you wanted to have a laugh. But we deal with trolls on a daily basis, sometimes upwards of 10 a day, whom do the exact same thing you did, though they don't return and wish to be here as you do. So maybe with that bit of information you can see our side, and how the patience policy regarding it is so low. We simply don't care for it. When I issued the permanent ban, my thought process was 'If they really want to be here, they'll man an appeal and I'll overturn the ban. If not, they'll stay gone', and alas you did just that. I don't really want the ban to hold as the player clearly holds interest, nor do I want the player to have to wait any length of time for another XA to be free from their IRL obligations, so I'll repeal it myself. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or any other Executive Staff about this case ( @Tonic @Durango being the two to message via a forum PM). #Locked, Repealed
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    Community Game Night

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    Medical TKs.

    I'm gonna clear up a few discrepancies with Liz's original post on this. Whilst MEDICAL is responsible for giving a trooper the information based on their TK, any TK extending beyond 10 OOC hours needs to be cleared up with an Administrator. If you disagree with an administrators decision on a tk being authorised or not, contact an executive admin with Logs of the scenario.
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    Training Schedule

    Hello, In Character medical training will occur Tuesday, June 5th at roughly 5PM Eastern Standard Time. All whom were accepted will be trained during this period of time. Basics of Combat Medicine and nursing care will take place. Send questions my way via a forum DM or a steam message. Franco
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    Attar PK Appeal

    Righty. Whilst I fully understand they rolled a 7, and thus took a hefty injury, the injury that was issued out, no one was qualified to handle. Fitz was the only medic on drop, as stated by several witnesses - thus making it a pk in its own right. Sure, they could've called for a MEDEVAC, which was requested, but https://gyazo.com/d2f36c485b0d09e337f8977baae6e093 I see a clear cut log of the player playing Corporal Hughes (Mobile Infantry Leadership) asking for staff to slow down. This could've been communicated better on both sides of the card, however this stems all the way back to my issue I raised about MI Leadership + Staff Team communication, in which there seems to be a some here, but all very poor. Whilst yes, it's combat, it's stressful, this is a roleplay server. Whilst, I'll state I don't think people shouldn't be pk'd all because a medic isn't around, wounds must be more fair, balanced and a bit easier for the general populace to handle if there are no medics. This has always been common sense among the admin team, and it was an unfortunate, accidental slip up here. This is not meta game. In any way, shape, or form. Fun fact, there are over 6000 words that start with 'n' in the English language. The way I see it, this was a very vague and fair way of walking a character through an unfair situation. Also," Curaplex (A type of NPA kit) nasopharyngeal airways are made for the effective management of nasal airways, while providing patient comfort. " So in the case of treatment, your opinion ("Yeah, No proper treatment in my opinion.") doesn't matter. Factually, as the nasal cavity connects to the throat (as Fitz showed in their picture) this was proper treatment. Furthermore, If you're going to issue a hefty, intricate wound then push for just as intricate and proper medical treatment, you yourself must know the full extent of said treatment. In this case, you're dead wrong, the treatment was proper, and the story shifted from a lack of oxygen to blood loss very quickly, dependant on the treatment issued. This wound was all over the place. And lastly, regarding this: IFAK Hide contents BAG WEIGHT: 3lbs / 1.3kg Carried by every Trooper to date, the IFAK is a kit designed to hold a wounded Trooper over until they can be seen by medical personnel. HEMORRHAGE >> x1 extremity tourniquet x2 simple gauze dressing x2 Israeli dressing x1 hemostatic dressing x1 occlusive dressing x1 X-STAT AIRWAY/BREATHING >> x2 valved chest seal x1 needle chest decompression kit x1 NPA kit (- Contains several sizes of nasally-inserted rubber NPAs as well as a packet of water-based lubricant. Although uncomfortable, the NPA is the only airway adjunct that can be tolerated by conscious patients. Contraindicated by severe head/facial trauma or suspected skull fracture (Aka the ONLY TIME THEY WOULD NOT USE THIS IN FITZ CASE, IS IF THEY WERE SHOT IN THE FACE OR HEAD.) BANDAGES/MUSCULOSKELETAL >> x2 elastic bandage roll x2 cling gauze bandage roll DRUGS >> x1 activated charcoal bottle x2 tylenol x1 mobic x1 levaquin MISCELLANEOUS >> x1 trauma shears x1 surgical tape roll x1 box nitrile exam gloves x1 casualty cards x1 black surgical marker If they know how to use anything in this, they're good to use it. This is what every trooper has in their IFAK, and thus this is what every trooper is authorised to use ON THE FIELD. so stating "You find some tourniquets-" ect. is, also, dead wrong, whilst also being incredibly vague and unhelpful to the player. Ruling: Accepted w/ 3 day TK in Biotank, 1 day lite duty (No dropping) following the Tank days. After the 4 days, dropping is permitted, however the wound will not be entirely healed for 2 ooc weeks. Scar tissue will build up and require daily antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. Some sort of hindrance is still due for the low roll. #Locked, Solved.
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    Attar PK Appeal

    I'll be taking this appeal. Reviewing now.
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    More Gas mask for yo PAC 3 needs

    Anyone using a gasmask that isn't the m40 or the PAC Gear gasmask can expect IC consequences if spotted
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    Updated. Removed everyone who didn't reply to the 'State of Medical' thread Added @Paddington and @TheLynch
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    Both ACCEPTED. Note, your character will REMAIN as a MOBILE INFANTRY RECRUIT until your character has received their IC Training from a Spc or higher. You will not be added to the Medical Faction ingame, or rank set until said training is acquired.
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    Need opinion/Personal opinion

    Disagree entirely. If the admin is capable of doing both (Like me) they should. Staff need to always be readily available to help one another, even if its a drop lead, or a squad lead. This hardly ever causes issues, and when it does they're typically rectified quickly. If issues preside and aren't squashed, you contact an XA regarding said issue to sort it out.
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    Equipment Info Megathread

    OPENING NOTE: THIS IS A REFERENCE SHEET, BUT READ/SKIM IT ANYWAYS CREDIT TO YANKEESAMURAI (and Dex) Note from Franco: This is going to be reviewed for revision. For the time being, it's still a very good source of information on any and all medical equipment expected to be used. I've also simply dragged this from the club, onto the much more visible forum for all to see. HEMORRHAGE Hide contents Extremity tourniquet Hide contents - Wide, sturdy nylon band with windlass rod. Slip it over a bleeding limb to a few inches below the shoulder or groin, then tighten the attached rod until bleeding stops. The tourniquet can be applied with one hand. Note that a properly applied tourniquet is very painful. Ischemic (lack of circulation) damage will occur after two to three hours, so make sure you write the time of application on the tourniquet label and/or on the patient's forehead. Tourniquet removal should only be attempted by a senior combat medic (or preferably a physician), and then only if definitive care is ready to be provided. When the tourniquet is ready to be removed, loosen it gradually to prevent sudden massive release of accumulated toxins in the limb. Abdominal aortic and junctional tourniquet (AAJT) Hide contents - Thick, sturdy belt-like device with attached inflatable pads to control extremity hemorrhage where normal tourniquets lack room for use - namely the armpits/shoulders (axilla hemorrhage) and groin (inguinal hemorrhage). The AAJT can also be placed around the abdomen in order to safely occlude circulation to the pelvis and lower extremities in the event of pelvic internal bleeding or external hemorrhage from the pelvis or lower extremities. When applied circumferentially around the hips, the AAJT functions as an effective pelvic splint. The AAJT is very expensive. Simple gauze dressing Hide contents - Plain white gauze in sterile packaging. Apply with pressure directly to wounds to control bleeding and protect from contamination. Hybrid combat bandage Hide contents - Thick, absorbent gauze dressing attached to an elastic bandage roll. The bandage is designed to stay rolled even when dropped; it will not unravel on its own. A plastic clip attached to the bandage is designed to secure slack and prevent inadvertent loosening or unraveling. The clip can also be used as an easy twist point during application of a pressure dressing. The clip itself will further intensify and focus the pressure when positioned over a wound. Hemostatic dressing Hide contents - Sterile and rather stiff gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that causes rapid coagulation to stop bleeds. Treat massive hemorrhage by packing the wound cavity with the dressing and applying the remainder on top with direct pressure. Very expensive. Note- hemostatic [ipowder[/i has fallen out of favor due to its reliance on gravity for application, its potential to accidentally enter the eyes and mouth, and the potential for clumps to enter circulation and damage the heart. Occlusive dressing Hide contents - Airtight and watertight sterile gauze impregnated in a waxy substance or petroleum jelly. Apply to open neck wounds and minor abdominal eviscerations. In the absence of a valved chest seal, occlusive dressings can also be used to treat open chest wounds (pneumothorax) by covering the wound and taping down three edges, leaving one edge open to serve as a flutter valve to prevent the development of a tension pneumothorax. Polytrauma/abdominal dressing Hide contents - Large, thick, absorbent sterile gauze dressing for use with abdominal evisceration or massive complex trauma. In the event of major evisceration, the packaging should be placed sterile-side-down over the dressing and secured with tape, to serve as a large occlusive covering. DARPA-foam Hide contents - Mild sealing and hemostatic agent. Delivered as a liquid into open abdominal wounds, sets as a soft but firm foam in seconds. For use in open abdominal wounds only. X-STAT Hide contents - The X-STAT sponges are composed of standard medical sponge that is coated with a hemostatic agent and compressed. It works by applying a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator.
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    Equipment Info Megathread

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    Form 2-R "Relations & Liability"

    Bump: added a note to the bottom, everyone should read it - clearing up a misconception.
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    [: Opening Security Bridge - Bridge Successful - Retrieving \\FANKI23DIV1058521 - File Retrieved :] Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino (Right) beside Sergeant Garret Swift (Left) during service aboard the Audie Murphy Pictured from left to right Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino, Staff Sergeant Eleanor Tuuli, Sergeant Garret Swift, and Commander Wolff Shiny Squad (And Staff Sergeant Walcroft) Listed from Right to Left Staff Sergeant A. Walcroft, Sergeant F. Sorrentino, Lance Corporal A. Clark, (WIP [: Theme songs :] [: General Information :] Name: Franco Eugene Sorrentino Junior Alias: N/A Biological Gender: Male Physical Age: 25 Place of Birth: Pallas, New Kanaro Date of Birth: 11/10/2273 Height: 6' 5 Weight: 201 Pounds Build: Mesomorphic Blood Type: O+ Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Greyish-Brown Alignment: It was the ayylamaos Political views: Federal Nationalist Mental State: Orange Preferred Musical Genre: Metal or Rap / Hip-Hip mix. Preferred Type of Writing: Suspense Criminal Record: 7 Counts of Public Nudity, 2 Counts of Public Intoxication. Known Languages: Federal standard (English), Italian. Relationship Status: :^) Motto: RATATATATATATATAT. Religious Views: Christian. [: Medical History :] Gunshot to the back; Treated, Full Recovery. Gunshot to the left thigh; Treated, Full Recovery. Second Degree Burns upon right shoulder; Treated, Full Recovery. Talon Slice down the rear of left calf; Treated, Full Recovery. Deep Facial Laceration; Treated, Full Recovery. Two Broken Ribs; Treated, Full Implementation Recovery. Broken Jawbone; Treated, Full Recovery. Broken Left Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery. Broken Right Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery. Gunshot to the lower-abdomen; Treated, Full Recovery. Shrapnel to the shoulder, Left; Treated, Recovering. Gunshot wound to the neck; Treated, Full Recovery. Punctured Lung; Treated, Full Recovery. Testicular Rupture; Treated, Full Recovery. Left Hand Shot Off; Replaced, Full Recovery. The list goes on. and ooon and oooooon and oooooooooooon and oooooooooooooooooooooon and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon and oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh~. [: Family :] Penny Sorrentino| Mother - Citizen [ACTIVE] Franco Sorrentino | Father - Citizen [DECEASED] Chloe Sutton | Ex-Wife - Fleet Pilot [DECEASED] Cody Sorrentino | Brother -22nd SOG / Pathfinders [ACTIVE] Anthony Sorrentino | Brother - Mobile Infantry Assault Specialist, 13th Mechanized Division. [DECEASED] Jane Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE] Jamie Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE] [: Education & Training :] First Aid Training | Status: Passed Combat Infantryman's Course | Status: Passed CLS Course | Status: Passed NOTICE: ALL RECORDS PERTAIN TO CURRENT UNIT SERVICE. FOR PREVIOUS SERVICE RECORDS, PLEASE FORMALLY REQUEST ACCESS TO INFORMATION. [: Military Career :] Current Unit: Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry. Previous Units: 93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company, First Platoon 91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company, Second Platoon 75th Morita Rifle Battalion "Tommy's Tribals" / Alpha Company, Second Platoon Office Of Special Warfare, 42nd SOG; Old Blue Demotions: N/A Age of Enlistment: 17 Promotion Record: Recruit > Private > Private First Class > Specialist > Senior Specialist >Master Specialist >Corporal >Sergeant> Staff Sergeant >Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant >Lieutenant> Captain> Warrant Officer> Sergeant> Sergeant> Staff Sergeant> Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant P E R S O N AL R E L A T I O N S: IO: Name and rank. FS: Franco Sorrentino, Lieutenant. IO: Do you know why I called you here? FS: No. IO: To discuss your history. Specifically, my task is to figure out about those from your past and present. FS: I don't see the point. IO: The point? It's for the records, Lieutenant. FS: What records? IO: Our records. FS: You're not convincing me. IO: That's fine. You're going to answer my questions anyways, aren't you, Lieutenant? FS: Yes sir. IO: Let's begin. Finch James Chevosky Miranda Walters Master Sergeant Verbeck
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    State Of Medical

    Hello. @Lizgflynn has resigned, and we wish them the best in their classwork and university. As it stands, I'll be TEMPORARILY heading medical until a suitable replacement is shown. Starting, the roster will be WIPED. If you wish to keep your medic character, post below (event medics do not need to post). Everyone has 5 days to post. Any questions, please FORUM PM them to me or contact me on steam. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS BELOW. ONLY POST BELOW IF YOU WISH TO KEEP YOUR MEDICAL CHARACTER. Thank you. Franco.
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    Best of luck!