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    Discord Updated

    literally had less channels than most discords
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    Hello. I'll get right to the point. Without delving deep into my personal life, other obligations have been steadily stripping more and more of my time away from SSTRP. If anyone has noticed, I haven't been on this past week and @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz has effectively been leading the MI since his appointment. I'm going to be stepping away from .net for an extended period of time to get my stuff sorted, on my own, and it wouldn't be even remotely fair of me to try to hold onto a position like the head of the MI. As such, Optic will remain at the helm. I don't plan on cutting ties with the friends I've made - my social media are always open, and I'll check into steam every now and again, I just don't have another choice at this point. See you soon.
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    bruh pls

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    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    Captain Bailey - I'll make sure Archer takes care of them. We hated each other at first and everyone knew it, but overtime I came to call you a friend, and essential ally. Rest easy. General Martin - I've never been afraid of another man just by looking at him, until I met you. We'll make sure the Federation is restored, sir. You have my word. -Major Franco E. Sorrentino
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    drpepper10 ban appeal

    Not interested. #Locked; Appeal rejected.
  6. Dear friends, Over the past few months, myself @Durango and @Tonic have taken over in the wake of @Xalphoxs departure. Putting it simply, he felt burnt out When this originally happened, this wasn't locking Xalphox from the community or leadership in anyway. Matter of factly, we all wanted him back within the XA team. That I can safely say, and I'm sure many others did. That being said, we made it appoint when he took his LOA that we'd love to have him back on the saddle whenever he felt comfortable enough to return. For a very long time Xalphox has lead .net successfully. Both the time and effort dedicated to the server by himself alone is something incredible. Not much needs to be said on my part. As such, @Xalphox is returning to the leadership of .net, so let's all welcome him back with open arms! ❤️ 🙏
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    im bad at making fast threads

    Hello Sir and Ma'am how are you doing today ?
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    im bad at making fast threads

    yeah you are
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    Back at the ranch with Grizzly

    is ur cousin ok
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    Equipment Info Megathread

    OPENING NOTE: THIS IS A REFERENCE SHEET, BUT READ/SKIM IT ANYWAYS CREDIT TO YANKEESAMURAI (and Dex) Note from Franco: This is going to be reviewed for revision. For the time being, it's still a very good source of information on any and all medical equipment expected to be used. I've also simply dragged this from the club, onto the much more visible forum for all to see. A hyperlink has been added to each name so you can see what they look like. Hope this helps people out! - Optic HEMORRHAGE Hide contents Extremity tourniquet Hide contents - Wide, sturdy nylon band with windlass rod. Slip it over a bleeding limb to a few inches below the shoulder or groin, then tighten the attached rod until bleeding stops. The tourniquet can be applied with one hand. Note that a properly applied tourniquet is very painful. Ischemic (lack of circulation) damage will occur after two to three hours, so make sure you write the time of application on the tourniquet label and/or on the patient's forehead. Tourniquet removal should only be attempted by a senior combat medic (or preferably a physician), and then only if definitive care is ready to be provided. When the tourniquet is ready to be removed, loosen it gradually to prevent sudden massive release of accumulated toxins in the limb. Abdominal aortic and junctional tourniquet (AAJT) Hide contents - Thick, sturdy belt-like device with attached inflatable pads to control extremity hemorrhage where normal tourniquets lack room for use - namely the armpits/shoulders (axilla hemorrhage) and groin (inguinal hemorrhage). The AAJT can also be placed around the abdomen in order to safely occlude circulation to the pelvis and lower extremities in the event of pelvic internal bleeding or external hemorrhage from the pelvis or lower extremities. When applied circumferentially around the hips, the AAJT functions as an effective pelvic splint. The AAJT is very expensive. Simple gauze dressing Hide contents - Plain white gauze in sterile packaging. Apply with pressure directly to wounds to control bleeding and protect from contamination. Hybrid combat bandage Hide contents - Thick, absorbent gauze dressing attached to an elastic bandage roll. The bandage is designed to stay rolled even when dropped; it will not unravel on its own. A plastic clip attached to the bandage is designed to secure slack and prevent inadvertent loosening or unraveling. The clip can also be used as an easy twist point during application of a pressure dressing. The clip itself will further intensify and focus the pressure when positioned over a wound. Hemostatic dressing Hide contents - Sterile and rather stiff gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that causes rapid coagulation to stop bleeds. Treat massive hemorrhage by packing the wound cavity with the dressing and applying the remainder on top with direct pressure. Very expensive. Note- hemostatic [ipowder[/i has fallen out of favor due to its reliance on gravity for application, its potential to accidentally enter the eyes and mouth, and the potential for clumps to enter circulation and damage the heart. Occlusive dressing Hide contents - Airtight and watertight sterile gauze impregnated in a waxy substance or petroleum jelly. Apply to open neck wounds and minor abdominal eviscerations. In the absence of a valved chest seal, occlusive dressings can also be used to treat open chest wounds (pneumothorax) by covering the wound and taping down three edges, leaving one edge open to serve as a flutter valve to prevent the development of a tension pneumothorax. Polytrauma/abdominal dressing Hide contents - Large, thick, absorbent sterile gauze dressing for use with abdominal evisceration or massive complex trauma. In the event of major evisceration, the packaging should be placed sterile-side-down over the dressing and secured with tape, to serve as a large occlusive covering. DARPA-foam Hide contents - Mild sealing and hemostatic agent. Delivered as a liquid into open abdominal wounds, sets as a soft but firm foam in seconds. For use in open abdominal wounds only. X-STAT Hide contents - The X-STAT sponges are composed of standard medical sponge that is coated with a hemostatic agent and compressed. It works by applying a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator.
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Мне нравится трахать собак своим крошечным членом, хахаха.
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    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    #Locked: I understand we're all passionate right now, but the thread is staying closed until everyone decides to keep a cool, levelled head. Our forum isn't a place to be aggressive. Ontop of that, I DO NOT appreciate the open disrespect to another community, period. This'll be everyone's first warning and only. You can have your opinions on .net and any other community, but open hostility and disrespect will be punished, regardless of the community in question.
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    The State of SSTRP

    Not gonna spoil everything thats coming, but heres a gif of the Mark 3 which was announced some time ago; SoonTM https://i.imgur.com/HOz6qs6.gifv
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    Accepted; Your character will receive IC training at our earliest convenience.
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    Post your best memes

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    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Addressing what @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz said; I've been very busy personally as of the last two weeks. Designing merchandise is one of the many sudden irl obligations I've had to focus on so suddenly. I didn't even have much time to communicate with people, let alone consecutively administrate, and what little free time i did have was spent de-stressing. Not really sorry about it either. Yes, I love the server whole-heartedly, but sometimes life happens and there's nothing we can do. It's an very unfortunate coincidence that both me and durango have been busy as of late, around the same time. I should be good to start coming back around come the 26th or so. Things'll be rolling very soon. I'll address the admin circle jerk. If we're discussing teamspeak, I really can't comment on it. Some staff hang out in public channels, some sit AFK in the admin channels. As for in-character, it might seem like staff holds most of the leadership positions. This is true. In the past, a typical pre-requisite for becoming staff on the server meant being a solid NCO that people liked ICly and OOCly. HOWEVER, if any player ever feels there is incredible admin circle jerk, bias, ect., take a PICTURE, a VIDEO, something I can use as proof to address the situation more directly and with more insight. It'd be very helpful.
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    Details lads

    Jordan made it as clear as it could be, but I guess some people need it reiterated; ANYONE. WHO CAN. UNDERSTAND. THE OATH. WITHOUT. A HORRIFIC CRIMINAL RECORD. CAN. ENLIST. They will FIND you a role in the Mobile Infantry so long as you can read and understand the oath. Our UNIT has its OWN RULES which are VAGUE and NOT WRITTEN because last time we HAD written rules, people skirted along the thin line 24/7, so we simply handle people case by case. Likelihood is whilst they'll let someone who is 4'7 into the mobile infantry, they'd be placed in a unit suitable for them, IE Not the 112th. If you think your character is questionable, ask a staff member before creation.
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    Accepted; Your character will receive IC training at our earliest convenience.
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    Details lads

    That being said, that doesn't mean we won't transfer any snowflakey mute, obese, or otherwise fucked up character out of the 112th. It's a front line combat unit, they get to be a bit more strict with whom they let stay in their unit.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    StevieJr: Franco StevieJr: for the meme StevieJr: we need to all get golf it StevieJr: and put put our way to victory StevieJr: for the federation StevieJr is now Offline.
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    Specialist using MGs

    Go ahead and use the old gun with the new models and tell me how janky it looks.
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    Aramis A. Hux

    sorrentino pls
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    Specialist using MGs

    Any CW 2.0 weapons that aren't our morita have busted third person animation. New things are in the works. For the time being, just bear with what you got.
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    shitpost ban appeal