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  1. Sir Boberto

    Who´s that Pokémon?

    With Summer coming up ill have more time for computers and such but I will still be taking summer classes and the like, but hopefully with the end of school, it will be the beginning of my new chapter back with SST. I look forward to coming back and getting back into the groove of things.
  2. Sir Boberto

    Sherman's Disappearance

    I´d like to make my absence Official by starting off with the fact that I will still be on the server once in a while but not in the same way I was before. I got a real wake up call when my Grandmother came down with cancer and I moved out to Colorado with her and stayed with her for a few months and when she passed and I moved back to Oklahoma I decided to focus on school and my future culinary career (I.E. Taking classes and such) Aswell as spending a lot more time doing wrestling tournaments and such. I will most likely PK Sherman in some way and have his dad come back to the MI or something like that
  3. Sir Boberto


    Have Fun.
  4. Sir Boberto

    Editing the Wiki

    So safe to assume Sherman has a Purple heart and a omega ribbon at the very least
  5. Sir Boberto

    Editing the Wiki

    How do I find out what medals and awards I have?
  6. Sir Boberto

    civil war hype

    General Sherman, huh?
  7. Sir Boberto

    Curb your Progenitor

    Huh, Neat
  8. Sir Boberto

    ✝ Ares Kerr

    Add Sherman
  9. Sir Boberto

    Garret Swift

    Add Sherman
  10. Sir Boberto

    E. Cazernovia

    Add Sherman
  11. Sir Boberto

    Fellow Troopies

    Where do I sign up
  12. Sir Boberto

    cowboys of the grant

    name: John Sherman experience in cowboying: Owns a Ranch and a Horse (Cannot ride Said Horse) mexican heritage, yes or no: No
  13. Sir Boberto

    Weird Vehicles/Tanks of any Era

    The IDF Nagmachon A.K.A. The Doghouse I want what they were smoking over in WW1
  14. Sir Boberto

    Katie Heartfilia

    Add Sherman