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    [OOC] Activity Check

    am around, irl shit. trying
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    a question

    don't be so grateful for the tips you'll get plenty when you decide you want a promotion *wink*
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    An important question

    only if you provide erp logs
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    FFRL Starter Park

    you too now can taste the space cancer with Camacho's SuperDuperSpaceCoffeeMaker™
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    Progenitor Regulatory Enzymes

    Researcher: 2LT. Salvatore Camacho Specimen Code: PR-0016 Summary: Recent findings suggest that Progenitor biological system works in cooperation with electromechanical implants, found throughout the body. This cooperation includes maintaining systems ranging from immune system to establishing a "Hive mind-like" structure, making it possible for Progenitors to communicate over great distances. Experiments performed in the last month has opened up more fields for research, which include studying of what other tasks these implants are responsible for. When compared to an animal system -including human race- of the Milky Way Galaxy, Progenitor systems has shown to possess analogues of components which help create, maintain and regulate cells and tissues. After a focused enzymological analysis, it was found that Progenitors are endowed with a variety of enzymes that work beyond survival. In this study, we defined some of the enzymes that are responsible for these beyond-survival tasks. Falling under those tasks is transmitting signals to Progenitor technology for the user. 1. Implants It was established that implants are abundant in a Progenitor body. These implants, while not recognized as a foreign matter to the body of a Progenitor, in fact work in harmony with the biological sytems. Up until this study, it was known that the implants were responsible for: Creating cells, Regulating immune system, Communication with the hive, And tracking of the host. While the non-biological part was achieved by solely electronical, it was found that biological tasks are completed with the help of synthesis of regulatory enzymes by the implants. What was discovered next is the enzymes that have no analogues whatsoever. After a comparison with nearly two hundred species of the Milk Way through Federal Gene Database™, these enzymes have proven to be unique and present in every Progenitor Thrall specimen. Disabling the synthesis of these enzymes and/or isolating them from a Progenitor cell or tissue created no negative results for the survival. Under many conditions, the cells and the tissues kept propagating and regenerating in the 72-hour culture period. This has led us to believe that these regulatory enzymes have other objectives rather than keeping the cells/tissues alive. This also suggests, given the nature of Progenitor Biology, that these enzymes are engineered to be synthesized via implants. 2. Enzymes The enzymes come in various types, which suggests that each of them have a unique tasks. The common feature found in all these enzymes is the origin, the Progenitor Genetic Material (PGM). It appears that through a mechanism that feeds PGM into to implants, makes the implants forcefully synthesize corresponding enzyme. Each enzyme and their PGM counterpart include an array of percentage of Progenitor and human genetic material. After a thorough study, it was discovered that these enzymes are responsible for enabling the host to Progenitor technology. It is worth noting that since each eznyme is unique in its own way of originating from a percentage of PGM and DNA, under right conditions some of the technology used by Progenitors CAN be accessible to humans. Two of these enzymes have been defined as: Progenitor Teleportation Regulatory Enzyme (PTRE) - higher percentage of DNA compatibility. Progenitor Weaponry Regulatory Enzyme (PWRE) - higher percentage of PGM compatibility. 3. Conclusion Progenitors utilise a wide array of implants for various tasks ranging from immune defence to communication. This study has shown that the implants and the enzymes that synthesize are also responsible for enabling the Progenitor technology to the host. If bioengineered, these implants can also shrinked to nano from micro and synthesize regulatory enzymes that are more compatible to humans, which could enable us to access Progenitor Technology. Hopefully, this advanced technology will soon be useful in our endeavours.
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    Fleet Roster

    OCdt. Noah Harald - malutukilo - GMT+3 --TAC
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Florens to Corporal. Given by Caffrey. GMT+3
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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    OOC Portion: Steam user name: malutukilo How active are you on server: Daily, about 4 hours a day When are you most active with your timezone: Between 11 PM to 5 AM. Do you have a Microphone and Teamspeak: Yes. Have you had any previous experience with Fleet rp: Yes. Provide an RP example of how a TAC fighter would react during space combat and or during ground combat: "Rearmed and ready to engage, Ground Team." announces the pilot over the radio. He sets his helmet on straight, looking around the cockpit of his fighter. He presses a button, talking. "ATC, callsign Shotbug sending pre-deployment checks. How copy?". Once he recieves the confirmation, he switches his main motors on, and reports once more. "Callsign Shotbug leaving base.". He takes off with the fighter, and starts to hover around the deployment AO. As he recieves the request for CAS, he lowers the nose of the fighter downwards. "Callsign Shotbug engaging on requested target." he says through the radio. He unloads the rotary guns on the fighter at the massive horde of bugs, and pulls up after his run is done. "Callsign Shotbug, waving off." Provide an RP example of a dropship pilot, on ship or during a deployment: The pilot clicked on various buttons and switched different switches. He had his eye on the altimeter as he descended further down into the atmosphere. He pressed the button of the intercomm, announcing: "We will be touching down in twenty seconds. Assume positions." . He manuevered the dropship down towards the ground, shifting his gaze through the soil to find an appropiate landing zone. Slowly but surely, he lowered the bird down on the ground, and announced once more. "Touched down. Clear!" he said, as he opened the hatch of the dropship. Once the infantry unloaded, he closed to hatch and flew off once again, reporting on the radio: "Callsign Birdy, RTB to HOME. ETA, twenty minutes." Do you acknowledge that extended lack of activity without notice will result in your removal: Yes. Do you acknowledge the negative stigma of Flight Wing, and my efforts to break said stigma: Yes. Do you acknowledge that failing to assist in these efforts will result in your removal: Yes. IC Portion: Name: Noah Harald :: Please provide all medical and or physical records below:: I;E -- Age, Weight, BMI, Build, wounds sustained, medical conditions, so on. :: :: Medical :: Medical disorders: None Known allergies: None Diseases: None Extra info you’d wish to tell us: N/A :: Physical :: Age: 21 Height (Must be below 6’0”): 170 cm. Weight: 69 kg. Build: Mesomorphic BMI: 23,9 Extra info you’d wish to tell us: N/A :: Note, all your physical test scores from basic will be accounted into selection process :: Current Rank: Fleet reform, nothing yet. :: Must be below the rank of SCpo. and must not go below CM. :: Previous/Current Vessel (For Transfers): N/A Brief history of your character: Graduating from High SChool with outstanding grades, Noah wished to gain his citizenship through enlistment. Not wanting to waste his grades, and for personal reasons, he applied to become a Fleet personnel. Brief History of military service: N/A Commendations given: N/A Notable remarks from your higher ups: N/A Why do you wish to become a pilot? My father was a farmer and has flown a crop duster. When I was fifteen, I had the amazing chance of taking it for a ride, even it was for chores. I always remember that first time stepping into the cockpit of a plane. I've never felt such joy and more powerful before. Ever since, I wanted to get my citizenship through Federal Forces, and it was going to be through Fleet if I was getting it at all. What qualifications do you have that would make you suitable for this position? Without sounding pompous, I've the size to fit in a cockpit easily. Besides that, I've been told to have a keen eye on my surroundings, good reflexes and critical thinking. I was a jock in highschool, after all. If you were to sign up, which position would you like to start your training in? TAC or DROPSHIPS? And provide a reason why. TAC would be preferred, since my dream was to fly fast and be good at it. Aside from the "need for speed", I believe it would be most perfect for me to assist my fellow infantrymen down there, fighting the fight personally and ease their job from the skies.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Serq Amenhotep Physical Age:21 Race:Egyptian Gender: Male Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Dark Brown Height: 172 cm. Weight: 58 kg. Employment & Background Current Rank:Rct. Educational History: Highschool, El-Ezher University Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Internship at local communications firm, 1 year in local car dealership as technician. Service Record: 2298, Completed Bootcamp, transferred to GRANT as Recruit. OOC: Character's College Explanation: 2 years of electrics/electronics, basically eligible for technician level. Server Time: Almost errday for 4~hours. Roleplay History: Been doing it for more than 5 years. Been an admin and an engineering lead on different servers (Both SSTRP). Additional note : Not any.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    didn't even let him use a safe word
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    Jason Marsh: The Ragin’ Cajun

    Jason "INCOMING!, shit my bind" Marsh
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    Let's be honest here.

    said the fleet ffrl
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    The new sounds you be bumpin'

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    Grimm's Grimoire of Food

    fish are vegan food