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    Echstromt the power gaming cunt

    I was told to go kick the shit out of Echstromt for disobeying orders. I find him and he leads be down to the cargo bay. I attack him and when we draw to the end of the fight I break his leg and whilst he was supposed to be stunned from the pain I tried to knock him out. I rolled a 63 and he rolled a 2. He then responded by saying he suddenly took a morita from nowhere and shot me in the face and ran off. I got no pictures of the rolls since they were gone from chat before I could screen shot them and they don't show up in console but I do have pictures of the text /mes. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131666071 Names of chars involved: Jimmy Claymore (Insert first name) Echstromt
  2. Goatmachine5000

    Dutch Bower

    Add in some of that Goatingson
  3. Goatmachine5000

    Kristina "Valkyrie" Sigrun - Viking Marauder

    Why do you refuse to add Goatingson?
  4. This discussion is already going on! Please don't start it again!
  5. Goatmachine5000

    Matene's theme song (In my opinion)

    Matene's theme song from now on
  6. Goatmachine5000

    Kristina "Valkyrie" Sigrun - Viking Marauder

    Add in Goatingson, wanna see what you think after da epic fight.