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  1. Bohannon

    New forums!

    nah it ain't working for me either
  2. Bohannon

    SST Quotes Thread

    21:55:41 - Cm. Annabelle Thacker[PM]: when can we space MI dad? 21:55:43 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[BC]: Affirmative. I'll be in my office. 21:56:05 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[PM]: When Xal devides to shut down the server and we pk the audie. XD 21:56:15 - Cm. Annabelle Thacker[PM]: we already Pked the audie. 21:56:17 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[PM]: decides, even. XD 21:56:24 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[PM]: Shit. 21:56:28 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[PM]: Grant 21:56:44 - Cm. Annabelle Thacker[PM]: Oh my lanta how did...HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO FUCK THAT UP!? YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN!? 21:56:51 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[OOC]: Noight. 21:57:03 - Captain Aramis A. Hux[PM]: Pro Skills 21:57:38 - Cm. Annabelle Thacker[PM]: more like a stroke from that brain tumor I don't think Rook can let the Audie go.
  3. Bohannon

    SST Quotes Thread

    FLEETCOMM 01:07:58 - Po. Alysia Harper[LOOC]: Jesus fuck. 01:08:06 - Cdt. Annabelle Thacker[LOOC]: Its like MOBCOMM but they actually respond 01:08:10 - Po. Alysia Harper[LOOC]: Y'all know what I meant but damn. 01:08:12 - Cdt. Annabelle Thacker[LOOC]: badum tsh I have no shame blow me
  4. Bohannon

    Sabine Bilodeau

    Not gonna lie actually hurt I didn't make the list with out asking - Chief Petty Officer Jon Paul Bohannon (I dont remember his fucking rank)
  5. Bohannon

    ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    dawh thas sweet might hop on to say hi atleast
  6. Bohannon

    Local cipher dies

    Apparently not
  7. Bohannon

    SST Screenshots

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930149740 Can someone please tell me when this happened I cannot remember if this even happend I found it in my Screenshots http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=971184201
  8. Bohannon

    Cody Howard

    No, died a hero in a bug hive,actually saved one of my characters but never got his damn medal
  9. Bohannon

    Cody Howard

  10. Bohannon

    ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    Oh shit it be my nigga wot up mah dude, why u remove thacker?(JK) This character was funny
  11. Bohannon

    Local cipher dies

    *Clears throat* "You want welfare I got welfare for you also got food stamps fo you *Opens trench coat*
  12. Bohannon

    Nier trying to explain anime to Bohannon

    From the server yes,but the forums i will occasionally pop on to deliver some frontier Justice
  13. Nier trying to explain "Kuzu no Honkai" to Bohannon Nier sends the first picture to Camgrr CamGrr "Nier I'm tired of you." User has left your channel.
  14. Dear,SSTRP Community I will be leaving the community officially,which hurts me to say,but as of today I'm officially a dev on another server and I don't feel it would be right for me to be working on another and playing here, not only that but I seemed to have lost interest and a sense of purpose on the server.Among other things such as life, I'm going to be graduating soon and enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. to serve my country. If you guys want me to come on for one final event or a goodbye event for a character I'll gladly come on and say my goodbyes. With that being said @Xalphox I'd like to request that I be banned from the server and Teamspeak, and that this post be closed to comments as of February 14th,the day I joined SST. It hurts me to say goodbye and I will miss you all. @Rook Make Fleet great again @Mr Marijuana Take care you made the best missions and made a character of mine great. @Deckers for putting me in my place that one night in admin chat And @Xalphox for believing in me. I'll eventually come back maybe in a couple years and we'll ride again. Sincerely, Bohannon