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  1. That hurts. Can't appeal a self Pk IRL
  2. Damn even Xal didn't straight up tell me no when I wanted to make a campagin.
  3. That is a good question.
  4. This has been a problem since the new script. Lol. Good luck boys.
  5. Bohannon


    Thanks. Been p much gone bc of my internet
  6. Bohannon


    Internet is shit router took a shit. Pc can't stay connected to it for more then 30 minutes a 2.5 gb game aka, SwBf2 from 2005 takes 15 days to download. I can't connect to my internet for hours so fun. Probably going to need surgery on my arm so yeah fun. Guess this is LOA.
  7. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Caroline Dixid Physical Age: 34 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Height: 5'7 Weight: 150 Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: Welding Mechanic(Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as an infantryman in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Mechanic shop Service Record: Private First Class OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: 2 years Roleplay History: 4 cyberpunk servers, 2 Fallout Servers, 1 halo server, 2 other sst servers
  8. Annabelle "Hard Knoxxx" Thacker
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