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    [IC] Incident Reports

    Patient Name: Specialist Paul N. FergussonPatient Sex: MaleP´╗┐rimary Care Physician and/or Medic: Second Specialist Thacker, Annabelle.Patient Injuries: Impalement via talons to the arm and to the leg which turned into deep lacerationsPatient Vitals: Strong at first until the end where they were very weak,(IE: Strong/Weak)Treatment / Care Provided: I tourniquet ed both limbs and packed them with celox gauze before I packed them with normal gauze. I wrapped them up and tied them with Israeli bandages. I also gave him a shot of Ketamine. I had to hook him up to oxygen and a IV of saline when he flat lined. I gave him a shot of adrenline and tried to give his heart a jump start before I started chest compressions. I used a AED twice before trying another shot of adrenaline. I rushed him to the MEDEVAC boat where the PJs began working on him.Time of Treatment: Aprox. 11:00 PM Terran Time.Current Patient Status: Dead; KIADrugs Administered: Ketamine, 2x AdrenalineOverview of Situation: He pulled the talons out when he exited his suitAdditional Notes: We need to run a course for this to make sure people do not pull out talons.
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    [IC] Incident Reports

    Patient Name:Private First Class Bernhard Franke Patient Sex: Male Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: Second Specialist Thacker, Annabelle Patient Injuries: Broken Nose, Abrasions and lacerations to the face. Concussion, Dislocated right shoulder, Broken left Forearm. Collapsed lung. Patient Vitals: (IE: Strong/Weak) Treatment / Care Provided: I put his neck in a c-collar and got him on a backboard and secured his body and head before putting him on a stretcher. With the assistance of Lance Corporal Dutchess I got him to the medical bay. I set him up on a IV of saline spiked with ketamine. I stripped him of his clothes and put him in a gown and hooked him up to a Cardiac monitor and oxygen before I took him for scans. I then brought him back in once I knew his neck and spine were not damaged and stitched up his lacerations fixed his nose and shoulder and put his arm in a bio-gel cast. Time of Treatment: 1:00Pm Starting time. 1:30 PM ending time, Standard Terran Time. Current Patient Status: Alive, Drugs Administered: Ketamine. Overview of Situation: Stable, In Recovery. Additional Notes: He is to be in a Low-Noise Low-Light area. [
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    Not Dad ;[. In all seriousness, Loved your events. Gonna Miss Than'Sol. Made my time here fun, among a bunch of things. Stay Safe, Live long and prosperous and take care.
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    Armoury Work and Maintenance Forms

    It was originally in the roleay section when I was running the armory late last year.
  5. FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES ARCHIVE G79-ARC23-33 IP Username: ******* Password: ************* ACCESS GRANTED SECURING CHANNELS CONNECTING TO NETWORK Connecting... Connecting... CONNECTION ESTABLISHED FEDNET UN-ENCRYPTING FILE Un-encrypting... Un-encrypting... Reun-encrypting... Checking Corruption... Checking Corruption... VIEWING FILE [data.004-F808-N65] UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF THE MOBILE INFANTRY Current Faceclaim "No one Lives forever, But we make a living while we do." Portrait of Thacker on her new homeworld of Genevia. Wearing her business suit and her beloved Military Great Coat painted by a Genevian Painter Voice Claim Theme General Information First Name: Annabelle Middle Name: Karissa Maiden Name: Edelweiss Adoption Name: Bohannon Surname: Thacker Nickname: Hard Knoxxx Alias: Thack Attack, Iron Ovaries Gender: Female Age: 31 Date of Birth: August 27th Homeworld: Terra Place of Birth: New Carentan, Genevia(Lost file), Lauderdale County, Meridian, Mississippi Known Languages: German and French, Genevian Relationship Status: Not single Martial Status: Married Physical Information Height:5'7 Weight: 160 Blood Type: O (Universal Giver) Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair color: Blonde Hair Type: Curly Hair Style: Bun Hair Length: Kept at exact regulation Hair Texture: Silky Smooth Eye color: Blue Eye Scarring: Right eye is veiny, red and bloodshot Breast Size(if applicable): DD Muscle Build: Athletic Mesomorphic Body Build: Pear (http://shopyourshape.com/body-shapes/) Draw/Accent: Genevian Accent with a hint of a Mississippian dialect Dominant Hand: Left Scent/Body Smell: She smells of medical supplies or a hospital to be more exact but sometimes smells of gunpowder and sulfur though sometimes the smell of burnt flesh lingers. Scars: Fourth degree burn scarring on the right side of face.scar on the right side of her forehead that runs diagonal down to her nose past lips stopping at her chin. 204 lashing scars on back. Bear claw scar on her right shoulder. Gator bite mark on her back. Tattoos: Right wrist - The numbers 4859 are tatted Right Inner Bicep "I will Always place the mission first,I Will never accept defeat,I will never quit,I will never leave a fallen comrade." Back of Right Hand On the back of her right hand has the POW-MIA picture. Armed Services Career Serial Number: MI 48-59 Branches Served in: Mobile Infantry, Fleet Current Unit/Assignment: A. Company, 112th Battalion UCF-ACF-BC-291 'Ulysses S. Grant' Previous Unit(s): Alpha Company,112th Battalion,34th Morita Rifles,4th Mobile Infantry Division 243rd Battalion, Alpha company, 64th Heavy Weapons Infantry Regiment,7th Mechanized Mobile Infantry Division Current Detachment: N/A Previous Detachment(s): 1st Medical Brigade 182nd Detachment,1st Combat Engineer Corps. 182nd Detachment Promotion/Demotion Record: Rct>Pvt>Pfc>3Spc>Pfc>Pvt>3Spc>2Spc>3Spc>2Spc>Pfc>Cdt>Cm>Pfc>Spc Criminal Record: Drunkeness - Punished (Article 134), Insurbodination Age of Enlistment: 17 Total Drops: 100+ Total Deployments: Unknown Wounds Recieved in Duty: Unknown Military Education Specializations and Certifications Awards Operations Medals Patches Medical History Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Under control Phobias: Atychiphobia (The fear of messing up), Thanatophobia (Fear of losing loved ones)Rigarcphobia (Fear of Colonel Rigarc) Psychical Disabilities: Biotech BV Leg, CV Arm. Medical file Surgery File Relations: Loved/Love|Admired/Respect|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Ethan Thacker Franco Sorrentino Jackie Knoxx Valerie Faust Haleem bint al-Attar Daniel Saiphan Sean 'Dumbcunt' Richardson Ji Park Journal Personal Logs Discharge Returning Home OLD
  6. Ya know if you took the time to find things out and you know actually roleplay instead of standing around in your circle jerks you could find somethings out like how it they aren't inbred at all nor even from the same place. Don't post on here unless it's serious
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Bohica STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:60273491 SERVER TIME: 1 year ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: .net, Fractured Ethos' Cyberpunk, Generation (GenRP)'s Fallout, Two other Cyberpunk Servers, and some other small servers MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I was a combat medic on .net before. I also was a Cybernetics surgeon/doctor on Cyberpunk AVAILABILITY: Everyday CHARACTER COUNT: Petty Officer Jon Paul Bohannon, Private First Class Kyle White, Private First Class Caroline Dixie IC SECTION NAME: Thacker, Annabelle K. (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) AGE: 30 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5F 7In WEIGHT: Guess: 150-170 due to the unknown weight of three biotech limbs BLOOD TYPE: O (Universal giver) RANK: Private First Class LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School Diploma, EMT Certifications, Combat Medic Boot Camp, CLS, ACLS, AED,Combat Engineer Boot Camp, Sapper, Munitions, Armorer School CRIMINAL RECORD: Drunkeness, Insubordination MEDICAL RECORD: Biotech Surgery x3, Approved x2 Major Tomic, 1x General Larsen DATE OF ENLISTMENT: August 27th, 14 Years ago
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    SST Quotes Thread

    03:47:49 - TSgt. Charles Scott[PM]: The Virgin BT Installation vs The Chad BT Tango 03:35:10 - TSgt. Charles Scott[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>I'm about to make everyone here uncomfortable. 03:35:13 - TSgt. Charles Scott[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>Play along. 03:35:32 - Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>Okay. 0 03:37:39 - TSgt. Charles Scott[LOOC]: man 03:37:43 - TSgt. Charles Scott[LOOC]: radios never work for me 03:38:51 - **TSgt. Charles Scott plucks on the radio, dramatically hoisting her old leg over his shoulder. 03:39:57 - **TSgt. Charles Scott squatted down, old one fall to the floor in a heap, he'd take her temporary prosthetic and hoist it over his shoulder. 03:41:08 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker Lifts her leg up planting her foot on Scott's stomach before her foot would slide up to his shoulder and straighten out. Being removed shortly after. 03:41:09 - TSgt. Charles Scott[PM]: Burlesque Biotech Change 03:41:26 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: Hot? 03:42:04 - **TSgt. Charles Scott pops it out, he'd bring it to his waist and then to his foot, tapping it against the ground like a cane before tossing it aisde, he'd dip down in the same motion, picking up her old leg and looking at her with a smoulder. 03:43:32 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker grinned as she waved her stump "I love a man with pazazz." 03:45:18 - **TSgt. Charles Scott propped the leg up with one hand, he'd slide one gloved hand up her other leg from ankle to thigh, sliding her mechanical one into place, letting it sit for a moment before twisting it into a lock- the leg clicking in time with a bit of brass fanfare. 03:47:32 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker wiggled her toes for a moment before she'd lift it up to his shoulder, Sliding it down to his stomach before leaning back letting her beret fall to the floor, her hair falling free from its bun, hanging free as she tilted back in the chair. 03:49:09 - **TSgt. Charles Scott leaned over her, spun the chair around and tilted it even further back, however this time towards himself, he'd uncap his canteen and let the water fall. 03:50:29 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker shook her head dramatically letting her hair and face get soaked by the falling water "Ah refreshing. Feels good~" 03:51:09 - **TSgt. Charles Scott tosses the canteen aside and reaches for her palm, pulling her up. 03:52:12 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker smiles as she's pulled , the chair falling to the floor. 03:52:36 - Sgt. Troy Hughes: Childish? Why is being straight forward childish. 03:52:45 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: Not that, but the 'I like you'. 03:52:47 - Sgt. Troy Hughes: Why the fuck else you gonna say? 03:52:55 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: I dunno, man. 03:53:02 - Sgt. Troy Hughes: What, you gonna tell her 'I love you.' 03:53:13 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: No. 03:53:25 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: If I did that, she'd probably die the next drop. 03:53:44 - **TSgt. Charles Scott puls her a slow foxtrot, leading her along the aisle. 03:53:56 - Sgt. Troy Hughes: Man shut up about that shit. Hayes said the same shit about me in the beginning. 03:53:58 - TSgt. Charles Scott: Welcome to the- Biotech Tango. 03:54:05 - 3Lt. William Saint-Claire: Pardon? 03:54:10 - TSgt. Charles Scott: The least efficient... Wittman walks in 03:54:11 - 3Spc. Charlotte A.F. von Wittman: The fuck. 03:54:15 - TSgt. Charles Scott: ... but most dramatic. 03:54:45 - **TSgt. Charles Scott slowly steps along with Thacker, giving her a twirl, as the dramatic conversation continues. 03:54:52 - TSgt. Charles Scott[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>How did we set the wrong mood with this? 03:55:06 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker twirls around. 03:55:13 - Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>I have no idea. 03:55:27 - 3Spc. Charlotte A.F. von Wittman: Why did I wake up this morning.... 03:55:41 - **TSgt. Charles Scott steps in and gives her a brief dip, pulling her in and completing the number dramatically. 03:56:03 - TSgt. Charles Scott: Thank-you-Thank you very much. 03:56:16 - **TSgt. Charles Scott smiles, letting her go after setting her up straight. 03:56:35 - **Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker chuckles as she is set up straight reaching back putting her now wet hair up in a bun. 03:56:42 - TSgt. Charles Scott: See. 03:56:42 - Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: Been a h'while since I've danced. 03:56:48 - TSgt. Charles Scott: You do it well. So while this is going on Hughes and Claire are talking about chicks not even bothered by it.
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    Alysia Harper

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    Aramis A. Hux

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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Some edgy pathfinder? Idk
  12. You need to update Thacker lmao
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    Specialist. Devin Saiphan

    God fucking dammit I ...I honestly am surprised by this it made me laugh god bless you man.
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    Specialist. Devin Saiphan

    So sad Thacker never made it
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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Damn ye need to update this, upddate thacker
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    Surveys - July 2018

    Filled this shit out with my heart and soul.
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    Weapon Expert Roster

    Annabelle Thacker - RTO (Bohica) I was supposed to be added by Randy
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    SST Quotes Thread

    22:34:34 - Cpl. Rahman 'Noodles' Takeshi[OOC]: pm Scott These panties are riding up on my fucking balls
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    Black Armour is Fer Baddies

    You a hoe
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    Black Armour is Fer Baddies

    It was that other dirty medic Vega lil shit thought I didn't know who it was.
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    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    Captain Bailey - I never got to give you the pen and metal rank pins I made for you before I was discharged. I hope Major Salem gets them to where they need to be. We butted heads and all that. But I would have followed you to hell and back again. Rest Easy and keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself, heaven, hell, Valhalla General Martin - I never knew you personally but we've all heard the stories of what you've done and who you were. I only wish I could have gotten to meet you and fight with you. Rest easy General. We'll keep giving them hell. Keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself. - Private First Class Specialist Annabelle K. Thacker
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    SST Quotes Thread

    **Progenitor Ohm slips a cigarette into his mouth, letting Stellvertreter light it. **Progenitor Ohm nods. "Thanks, appreciate it"