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    The Reversal

    Not memeing hm? Comments yeah but what good are these comments? Hazy and Lynch are having a disagreement, some of you are stating actual things but the rest are just #justice for redbrick and the likes.
  2. Bohannon

    The Reversal

    I've heard the story too many times and its never changed.I've heard it in TS and in Discord abunch never has it changed , But can we lock this topic so it doesn't turn into a arguement Or a meme or some drama? This should be handled by the XAs and whoever was involved.
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    Black Armour is Fer Baddies

    It was that other dirty medic Vega lil shit thought I didn't know who it was.
  4. Bohannon

    Memorial Book for Gen Martin & Cpt Bailey

    Captain Bailey - I never got to give you the pen and metal rank pins I made for you before I was discharged. I hope Major Salem gets them to where they need to be. We butted heads and all that. But I would have followed you to hell and back again. Rest Easy and keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself, heaven, hell, Valhalla General Martin - I never knew you personally but we've all heard the stories of what you've done and who you were. I only wish I could have gotten to meet you and fight with you. Rest easy General. We'll keep giving them hell. Keep giving them hell wherever you find yourself. - Private First Class Specialist Annabelle K. Thacker
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    SST Quotes Thread

    **Progenitor Ohm slips a cigarette into his mouth, letting Stellvertreter light it. **Progenitor Ohm nods. "Thanks, appreciate it"
  6. Bohannon

    favorite story-based game?

    Also I did like the SST game story line and also the storyline for this server
  7. Bohannon

    favorite story-based game?

    Half-Life 2 since I finally got to fuckingplay it Wolfentsein Last Of Us Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 Campaign(2005) Metal Gear Solid
  8. Bohannon

    Claire L. Øyvind [KIA]

    Gasp no this brought a tear to my eye how she die?!?!?!
  9. Bohannon

    SST Quotes Thread

    17:37:18 - Cm. Annabelle Thacker: Pacific Rimjob, best prono movie name ever. 17:37:26 - Ens. Aerin 'Scorcher' Doss: Is that right? 17:37:31 - Ens. Aerin 'Scorcher' Doss: Noted, Crewman. 17:37:44 - **Cm. Annabelle Thacker shakes her head "Uhh..Sorry that was the spook mind control device speaking, sirs." 17:37:52 - Captain Aramis A. Hux: Yeah....
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    Cassie Newman

    Annabelle Thacker
  11. Bohannon

    Anderson Kayne

  12. Bohannon

    James 'Chev' Chevosky

    Annabelle THACKERRR
  13. Bohannon

    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - KIA 14/07/2298

    I am sad Thacker never made is on here :[
  14. Bohannon

    Annabelle 'Hard Knoxx' Thacker

    Added. Also yes someone recognized the picture. Long story behind that.
  15. FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES ARCHIVE G79-ARC23-33 IP Username: ******* Password: ************* ACCESS GRANTED SECURING CHANNELS CONNECTING TO NETWORK Connecting... Connecting... CONNECTION ESTABLISHED FEDNET UN-ENCRYPTING FILE Un-encrypting... Un-encrypting... Reun-encrypting... Checking Corruption... Checking Corruption... VIEWING FILE [data.004-F808-N65] UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF THE MOBILE INFANTRY Current Faceclaim Portrait of Annabelle after being medically discharged from the Mobile infantry, painted by a Genevian Painter Theme Old Face Claims Quotes General InformationFirst Name: Annabelle Middle Name: Karissa Maiden Name: Bohannon Surname: Thacker Nickname: Hard Knoxx Alias: Thack Attack Gender:Female Age:30 Date of Birth: August 27th Homeworld:Terra Place of Birth: Lauderdale Country, Meridian, Mississippi Known Languages: German and French, Genevian Relationship Status: Not single Martial Status: Married Physical Information Height:5'7 Weight: 160 Blood Type: O Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair color:Blonde Hair Type: Curly Hair Style: Bun Hair Length: Kept at exact regulation Hair Texture: Eye color:Blue Eye Scarring: Right eye is veiny, red and bloodshot. Breast Size(if applicable): DD Muscle Build: Athletic Mesomorphic Body Build: Pear Draw/Accent: Thick Southern Twang Dominant Hand: Left Scent/Body Smell: smells of gunpowder and sulfur though sometimes the smell of burnt flesh lingers. Muscle Build: Mesomorphic Build: Pear (http://shopyourshape.com/body-shapes/) Drawl/Accent: Southern Twang with a Mississippian dialect Scars: Fourth degree burn scarring on the right side of face.scar on the right side of her forehead that runs diagonal down to her nose past lips stopping at her chin. 204 lashing scars on back. Tattoos: Right Inner Bicep "I will Always place the mission first,I Will never accept defeat,I will never quit,I will never leave a fallen comrade". Back of Right Hand On the back of her right hand has the POW-MIA picture. Mental Information |--Psychological Status--| Insane<|---------|---------|---------|> Sane Psychological Directive: Physical Directive: Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Phobias: None Physical Disabilities: quadruple amputee. Artificial Limbs Habits: Grinding her Teeth, Gritting her Teeth Favorite Color: Black and White Favorite Item: Bible, Rosary Beads, Engagement ring, wedding band Favorite Beverage: Coca cola Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whiskey Food/dish: Favorite Taste: Favorite Season: Spring Favorite Place: The germanic hills of Genevia Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Plant/Flower: Edelweiss Favorite Book: Art of War Favorite Rifle: Favorite Sidearm: Favorite Knife: Bowie Knife Favorite Animal(s): Freesian Horse Favorite Movie Genre: War Favorite Music Genre: Country, Rap Favorite Sport: Jump Ball IQ: Preferred Learning Method: Hands on Academic Interests: Artistic Interests: Drawing and writing Athletic Interests: Jump ball Key Personality Traits: Notes: Pre-enlistment Background/BackStory Next Of Kin Relation: Mother Name: Dixie Bohannon Age: 67 Occupation: Retired Fleet Captain,Council Member Status: Deceased Relation: Father Name: Ambrose Bohannon Age: 68 Occupation: Mobile Infantry Colonel Status: Alive Relation: Twin Brother Name: Cullen Age: 34 Occupation: Infantry man Status: Deceased Relation: Older Brother Name: Jon Paul Age: 36 Occupation: Unknown Status: Alive Relation: Youngest Brother Name: Ulysses Age: 23 Occupation: Pathfinder Status: Alive Relation: Older Brother Name: Johnny C. Age: 25 Occupation: Fleet Marine Corps. Status: Deceased Relation: Older Sister Name: Patty Mae Age: 25 Occupation: Fleet Marine Corps. Status: Deceased Relation: Sister in-law Name: Katie Bohannon Age: Unknown Occupation: Retired Fleet Captain Status: Alive Relation: Ex-Husband Name: Ethan Thacker Age: Unknown Occupation: Mobile Infantry Status: Alive Relation: Adopted son Name: Frankie Thacker Age: 10 Occupation: N/a Status: Alive Relation: Adopted son Name: Graham Thacker Age:10 Occupation: N/A Status: Alive Relation: Adopted daughter Name: Annabella Thacker Age: 14 Occupation: N/A Status: Alive Relation: Adopted Daughter Name: Sabine Thacker Age: 8 Occupation: N/A Status: Alive Armed Services Career Serial Number: MI 48-59 Branches Served in: Mobile Infantry, Fleet Current Unit/Assignment: A. Company, 112th Battalion UCF-ACF-BC-291 'Ulysses S. Grant' Previous Unit(s): Alpha Company,112th Battalion,34th Morita Rifles,4th Mobile Infantry Division 243rd Battalion, Alpha company, 64th Heavy Weapons Infantry Regiment,7th Mechanized Mobile Infantry Division Current Detachment: N/A Previous Detachment(s): 1st Medical Brigade 182nd Detachment,1st Combat Engineer Corps. 182nd Detachment Promotion/Demotion Record: Rct>Pvt>Pfc>3Spc>Pfc>Pvt>3Spc>2Spc>3Spc>2Spc>Pfc>Cdt>Cm>Pfc>Spc Criminal Record: Drunkeness - Punished (Article 134), Insurbodination Age of Enlistment: 17 Total Drops: 100+ Total Deployments: Unknown Wounds Recieved in Duty: Unknown Military Education Specializations and Certifications Awards Operations Medals Patches Medical History Mental Illnesses: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Under control Phobias: Atychiphobia (The fear of messing up), Thanatophobia (Fear of losing loved ones)Rigarcphobia (Fear of Colonel Rigarc) Psychical Disabilities: Biotech BV Leg, CV Arm. Medical file Surgery File Relations: Loved/Love|Admired/Respect|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Ethan Thacker Franco Sorrentino Jackie Knoxx Valerie Faust Haleem bint al-Attar Daniel Saiphan Journal Personal Logs Discharge Returning Home OLD
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    Annabelle 'Hard Knoxx' Thacker

    Added journal entry for June 1st and June 3rd
  17. Bohannon

    Rahman 'Noodles' Takeshi

    Fuel my ego add Annabelle Thacker Also what the fuck did I jsut watch
  18. Bohannon

    Alicia White

    Annabelle Thacker and Kyle White
  19. OOC: Sweet! *A note would be laying on York's desk* Thank you so much Techinical Sergeant, means the world to me that you were able to fix this, I will give you the credits when I next see you.
  20. * A prosthetic leg that is bent and is patched up with duct tape would sit wrapped up on a table or something* To whomever finds this first, this is a small gift from a old wasp who needs some assistance, I trust you guys with this, five hundred fed credits are waiting to whomever fixes this. Have fun wasps! - SIncerely your old friend Crewman Thacker. || Since I may not be on for a while, and if I can't I'd like to give you all something to do, so get together and have fun with repairing or doing w/e with it. Its just a simple prosthetic nothing fancy. Use it as a chance to train some engineers, and just post the /me's below. Have fun! P.S just hit me up on steam once u post the /me's i luv seeing them and then u can give it to a certain crewman and make them happy! - luvs and stuff or sumting from bohica.
  21. Bohannon

    SST Quotes Thread

    shamefur act, you hava dishonored yer famiry. If yer shame is to unbearabre I have dis sword ready fo u
  22. Bohannon

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Nice, nice, it looked real familer from when I drove from cali to indiana
  23. Bohannon

    Space Trucker From Hell

    // I am intersted for part II bc I luved yer Than'Sol short stories