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  1. And you get an update, and you get an update, everyone get’s an update!!!
  2. And you get an update, and you get an update, everyone get’s an update!
  3. STEAM NAME / ALIASES: the12thdoctor1 (Reapplication) STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:70490195 SERVER TIME: Approximately One Year ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I have role played in serious military RP, Halo RP And Marine RP from Altered, Clockwork Black Mesa RP, Starship troopers RP , Clockwork World War 3 RP, Leaf’s RP, and clone wars RP, all within the span of 4-5 years MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I have role played as a medic in Black Mesa RP, Military RP, and most recently, on this server, recieving 2nd specialist, but based on actions in an event, in addition I’ve been inactive since September. AVAILABILITY: Whenever needed, but usually 2-3 days IC SECTION NAME: Vitsion-Newman, Cassie AGE: 19 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 134 lbs. BLOOD TYPE: AB+ LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Private high school education at an art academy, in addition, seven months of service as a combat medic for the 112th from January to August of 2297, before being transferred to terra. CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: Aside from scratches from previous deployments none. DATE OF ENLISTMENT: September, 2296
  4. STEAM NAME / ALIASES: the12thdoctor1 STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:70490195 SERVER TIME: Approximately One Year ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I have role played in serious military RP, Halo RP And Marine RP from Altered, Clockwork Black Mesa RP, Starship troopers RP , Clockwork World War 3 RP, Leaf’s RP, and clone wars RP, all within the span of 4-5 years MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I have role played as a medic in Black Mesa RP, Military RP, and most recently, on this server, recieving 2nd specialist, but based on actions in an event, in addition I’ve been inactive since September. AVAILABILITY: Whenever needed, but usually 2-3 days IC SECTION NAME: Newman, Cassie AGE: 19 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 134 lbs. BLOOD TYPE: AB+ LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Private high school education at an art academy, in addition, seven months of service as a combat medic for the 112th from January to August of 2297, before being transferred to terra. CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: Aside from scratches from previous deployments none. DATE OF ENLISTMENT: September, 2296
  5. Pain/Health is basically how much pain they can tolerate, and how fit they are in general health, apologies, I haven’t been active since August.
  6. (Cait in her stepdancing outfit) Basic Information: Name: Cait O'Brien Age: 18 D.O.B: August 5th 2280 Gender: Female Affiliation: Terran Federation Role(s): Combat Engineer, Sapper, Infantryman Kin: Sean O'Brien, Biological Father [Alive], Erin O'Brien, Stepmother [Alive], Unknown, Biological Mother [Dead], Sherry Thompson, Adoptive Mother [Alive], William Thompson, Adoptive Father [Alive], Susanna Thompson, Adoptive sister/Ex-Girlfriend [Alive] Homeworld: Boston, Massachusetts, Earth Alignment: Lawful Good Hair color: Ginger Eye color: Green Build: Tall and limitedly toned Rank: 2nd Specialist Backstory: Early Life Cait was born on August 5th, 2280 in Boston, Massachusetts to Erin and Sean O'Brien. Growing up, Cait didn't have a loving family, her mother and father routinely shouted and beat her, and on some occasions due to alcoholism, her father would give her cigarette burns. While it wasn't clear to Cait at the time, her father, Sean, conceived her from another girl when in his college days, and gained custody of her after her biological mother committed suicide from what she perceived and feared would be an end to her college career; an event, to the estranged father, drove him to alcoholism. Nevertheless, he married childhood sweetheart Erin, who unfortunately didn't recognize Cait as a daughter by relation, but kept her piece for the time being, mentally abusing Cait all the while. and Nevertheless, Cait just assumed that, despite all the abuse, her parents loved her enough not to kick her out of the house. however, by the time she reached her preteen years, her life began to change for the worse. Teenage Years Cait's teenage years were a time of complete turmoil to say the least. Aside from the common abuse she received from her parents, she was starting to become a victim of bullying, not only because of her "bastard" status, but because of her tall height, which led to some teasing that she was a boy from some of her peers. Despite the bullying, Cait had enjoyed some small amounts of high school success, motivated by the offers that she could live her own life in college with the help of scholarships and academic prowess, Cait worked hard in her studies with the best she could in her circumstances; she attended tutoring regularly, and attended extracurricular activities such as joining clubs, like the Irish Step dancing Club, the Drama club, the Human Rights Campaign Club, and a club she considered key, the Gay-Straight Alliance club. By the time Freshman year came to a close, she was what teachers considered as "A well promising student.", additionally, she found her first love, in a girl named Susanna Thompson. Sophomore year came around, and Cait became more cautious of herself at home. Listening to one of their drunken ramblings, Cait found out that her parents weren't warm to the idea of homosexuality/bisexuality. In turn, when she announced, at a time when her parent's weren't drunk nor ignoring her, that she was in a relationship, she was tactful to say that it was a boy and that she wasn't ready to show him her parents yet, much to her parent's reluctant approval. Things went for the turn of the worse by the time Christmas holidays came around, however. A week before the holidays began, Cait was caught by a proctor when she was committing PDA with Susanna, despite her urgings not to notify her parents of the true nature of her relationship, the news reached her parents. By the time Cait returned home, she came out to her parents, only for them to yell at her and call her things such as a "Useless dyke bastard!" before they finally kicked her out of the house. Lost, alone, and desperate, Cait managed to somehow wander into Susanna's house, where she was able to stay for the remainder of her high school career. Two weeks into 2nd semester, and Cait's parents had her surrender forms signed into court, naturally Susanna's family took her in, caring for a girl who now had nothing to go home to for a time. From her grief of the betrayal and the loss of her so called "Caring Family" Cait pushed herself to keep working in high school, balancing school with a job to earn herself some money to support herself and to give herself a sense of accomplishment. She began to become fascinated with the idea of going into law enforcement, but most of all, to engineering, at the suggestion of her math teachers. She signed up for the STEM program and joined a drafting class to prepare herself for her career, driven by the hopes of building better homes for the masses, so that families like hers wouldn't have to worry about having a roof over their heads ever again. Although there were some times where she had considered ending her life due to stress or to bullying, she simply thought of other people her age, facing a situation similar, if not worse than, hers. Despite the bullying, despite the hardship, the tears, and the betrayal and the loss of her family, Cait finally was able to graduate two years afterward, though, not without flunking a few math and science courses, and a period of time where she was held for three days in a mental hospital after a suicide attempt. Despite the financial aid, the money she earned from her job, and some money given to her by Susanna's family from what they could spare, Cait was still short of money to actually attend a college and pay tuition. After some talks with her guidance councilor, and from different branches of the Mobile Infantry recruitment office, Cait decided to enlist into the Combat Engineer Division to not only gain some money to attend college, but to also get some first hand experience on the field as a engineer. With her final decision, Susanna and Cait finally had to part ways, while Cait was joining the Mobile Infantry in order to join the Combat Engineers, Susanna was looking into a school for fine arts. And so, Susanna and Cait tearfully said their last goodbyes, Susanna boarding a plane to San Francisco, and Cait boarding a bus to basic training. Attributes: Strength: 9/20 Dexterity: 10/20 Constitution: 8/20 Intelligence: 9/20 Wisdom: 9/20 Charisma: 6/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 7/10 Up to this point, Cait wasn't much of a fighter, her only experience was with the training in basic. Pain/Health: 8/10 Cait's experience from her abusive father led to her endurance through physical pain, though she does have some limits. Wealth: $15,000/month Other Information: Character Description: TBA Caring O'Brien has the tendency of looking at the big picture, all she would care for is for the safety of the people around her. Seeing injustice or people being abused would leave her perturbed to say the least. Resourceful Due to her time in high school, Cait has developed a habit of using books and computers to look for information that would help prove whatever point that she wants to prove, and to finish an objective. Hesitant Due to her experiences at the hands of her original parents, O'Brien is somewhat more cautious about other people and their intent. Spunky If the situation calls for it, O'Brien would gather up as much courage and determination as possible until said objective is done. Crass O'Brien has the tendency to swear like a sailor, especially when she's drunk. Achievements Graduating High School Being in the Gay-Straight Alliance Having a girlfriend Getting adopted by said girlfriend's parents Getting a part-time job Becoming a Combat Engineer Neutral Leaving original family Coming out to her original parents Regrets Assuming that her original parents still cared for her Never knowing who her mom was Losing in the Irish Step Dancing World championships. Assuming that Santa Claus existed until she was 16 Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquintence|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - -Alyssa 'Teapot' Skyes After a lot of dancing around the bush, we're finally together. I just hope this lasts long, and I hope I made the right decision doing this. - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - -James Lerwick One of the first people I've met on the ship. He also taught me the ropes to bein' an engineer. He's also a good leader who's great in his craft. I hope I can learn a lot under him. - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- - - - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  7. I've noticed that in this community, there isn't a set format for character bios. Now, I understand that people want to set up their own style, but if there's anyone that wants an in-depth character sheet, or is just simply really lazy, here's the format for the charsheet I used for my characters, modified from Altered/Dayfall RP's Halo RP format. You can modify it for your own liking, or for any other RP genre. There may be some questions on Alignment, and to clear it up, here is a link: http://easydamus.com/alignment.html. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Thanks [Insert Char theme song here] [Insert Reference picture here] Basic Information: Name: Age: D.O.B: Gender: Affiliation: Role(s): Kin: Homeworld: Alignment: Hair color: Eye color: Build: Rank: Backstory: Attributes: Strength: 0/20 Dexterity: 0/20 Constitution: 0/20 Intelligence: 0/20 Wisdom: 0/20 Charisma: 0/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 0/10 Pain/Health: 0/10 Wealth: Other Information: Character Description: Characteristics: Achivements Neutral Regrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - - - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - - - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- - - - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  8. Basic Information Name: Cassie Newman Age: 20 D.O.B: Feburary 25th, 2279 Gender:Female Affiliation: Terran Federation Role(s): Combat Medic, Infantryman Kin: Richard Newman, Father [Alive]; Frederica Newman, Mother [Alive]; Elena Linde, Aunt [Alive];Lynn Newman, Sister [Alive]; Mary Newman, Sister [Alive]; Abbigail Vitsion, Fiancé [Alive] Homeworld: Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Earth Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Grey Build: Mesomorph Rank: 2nd Specialist Backstory: Childhood Cassie Newman was born in Silverton, Oregon on February 25th, 2279 to Richard and Frederica Newman. Her father was a priest for the local church congregation. It would be two years after Cassie's birth that her younger sister, Mary Newman, and a year later their youngest sister, Lynn Newman, would also be born. From a very young age, she and her sisters were taught by their mother and father to be caring of others, and to have a good set of morals, and often kept them in line with the Christian faith. All throughout their childhood, the church would be involved in some aspect; Baptism, Sunday mass, preschool care under the church, even private, religious elementary schools were involved. But there would be one factor that remained outside the strict, Christian faith. Frederica's sister, Elena Linde, would often visit the family, and would take her nieces out to see the world, from the calm beaches with the lighthouse in view outside of town, or the blissfully busy, yet chaotic city of Portland, Cassie would always be fascinated with all the sights and sounds of places where they went. It wasn't until Cassie was 9 that Elena gave Cass a way to express her visions of beauty and grace, with her first set of pencils, erasers, and her first sketchbook. With her new gift, and an art instructional book that she borrowed from the library, Cass began to develop her skill and talent as a sketch artist and an illustrator. By the time she was 14, her talent would pay off, as she soon gets accepted to a nationally prestigious art school in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Blackwell Academy. From there, her life would change. Teenage life Cass would begin to dorm at Blackwell in her freshman year, as required of all students. Given the fact that it was her first time being away from her family, much less her circle of friends, she was a really shy person. Nevertheless, once she was able to grow her roots, she was open to the Blackwell community. She had even created an abstinence campaign, and urged her peers not to drink, much to their distain. She was maintaining a fair GPA of around 3.9, and exemplified the best of Blackwell Academy. That would all begin to change, however, in her senior year. One night, she was invited to a party by the local group of jocks in the school. Since Cass had very few friends, and was still trying to find a way to fit in, she accepted, and went to the club where the party was taking place. All around her, she would see her peers drinking, dancing, and taking drugs. Naturally, and quite hypocritically, Cass would accept a shot of beer from one of the jocks. It was the first taste of alcohol Cass had outside of the ceremonial wine in her church congregation. As the night progressed, however, Cass began to feel woozy, and sleepy, despite only having one shot, and would eventually lose conscience. When she returned to a state of grogginess, Cass found herself being stripped by one of the jocks. She tried desperately to keep the jock from assaulting her despite her state, but to no avail. By the end of the night, the jock had his way with her. By morning, she would find her clothes disheveled, and pain in some areas. She was ashamed about what happened, and had promptly notified her family for comfort. Instead, she was met with hate and disgrace for sinning. Her father felt that she deserved what happened to her, while her mom did nothing... Her aunt would try to console her in anyway she could, despite her distance. A video of the ordeal was posted on the internet by the jock, and soon she was ridiculed by the jocks at school. Cass would close herself up aright then and there, and her grades began to suffer, causing her more grief. With little support or comfort, Cass would do the unthinkable, on a stormy evening, after class, Cass would walk to the top of the building, an would attempt to jump to her death. But just as she was about to jump, one of her friends, Michelle Collins, would rush to the stairs, and confront her. Michelle was eventually able to talk Cass out of jumping, and once they were at ground level, they had a little talk. Michelle had noticed her actions, her lack of social activity, her lowering grades, and was truly concerned for Cass. Cass would then begin to tell her story, of that fateful night, and by the end, Michelle talked her into notifying the authorities. Step by step, the school administration tracked the video, and in turn, the jock was sentenced to prison time for his actions. New Discoveries, New Journeys Through the ordeal, Cass would begin to develop a bit of a fondness for Michelle. She had realized pretty early that she had a dislike for boys, but as she thought about her feelings to Michelle, she would come to the conclusion of her sexuality. She was never able to pursue the relationship, not only because they both had a busy schedule that made the relationship improbable, but because Cass saw Michelle as her role model, her angel, someone who was too bright for her. She was able to get her grades back up, however, and soon was on her way to having a happy school life. She wasn't out of the woods yet, however. As her years at Blackwell began to end, Cass had started to come out to her family members, starting with her Aunt Linde. Trouble would strike again, however, as when she came out to her father, and mother through video chat, she was ostracized, and was disowned by the disgusted father, still convinced that homosexuality was a sin, she would never get to say goodbye to her younger sisters. Her aunt would be there to comfort her, and would take her home belongings out of the house, offering her a place to stay after her graduation. She soon graduated from Blackwell, and with help from her Aunt, would find herself a home to rent in Arcadia Bay. She was desperate though, she had a job working as a waitress at the Two Whales Diner, but she had wanted to pursue a career as an artist. Faced with little choices, she would take a decision that she was against. She would Join the Mobile Infantry. While she had wanted to help people, she had felt a strong repugnance against the Federation for their actions and possible lack of transparency. Nevertheless, she concluded that if she wanted to get to her dream career without starving, and possibly help reform some of the Federation's policies, she would have to work from the inside out. And so, after saying her goodbyes to her aunt, and her friends, she would pack her things, and leave for boot camp... off to the great unknown. Attributes: Strength: 10/20 Dexterity: 18/20 Constitution: 10/20 Intelligence: 11/20 Wisdom: 11/20 Charisma: 8/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 5/10 Basic training has helped her at least defend herself, however, she has had no experience in fighting, other than in combat. Pain/Health: 8/10 She is in relatively good heath considering her situation. Wealth: $29,000/year Other Information: Character Description: 19 years old|Human|Female|5'7|134 lbs.|Blood type: AB+|Caucasian|Dirty blonde hair|Grey eyes|Soft-Spoken voice|Black helmet (Off)|Black gas mask (Off)|Black undershirt|Black BDU pants bloused|Black combat boots|[Combat Gear] (Off): Dark blue BDU shirt|Black armored vest||Name tape with 'Newman' over her right breast pocket|Black ALICE Pack with name tape "Newman" and IFAK attached|Gas mask bag|[Current injuries]: Dissolvable stiches on her right shoulder Characteristics: Artistic Cassie is really into her own arts, particularly sketching. It is her one dream to write and illustrate her own children's book someday when all is said and done. She also takes in commissions and accommodates for anyone who cant afford it. Caring She really gets concerned when her friends get involved in a problem. She'd try anything within her ability to make sure that everyone is at peace, even if they had done something harmful to her and her friends. Cautious Cassie is often too careful that he might hurt someone, almost to the point where she might get stressed out in certain situations. Nevertheless, if she does know what she's doing, she'd be able to get through a problem, and may even help others along the way. Introverted Cassie is often not to fond of branching out to so many people so quickly. Nevertheless she likes being alone sometimes, and contacts her friends when she wants to. In addition, she's willing to go to social events, as long as it's with her friends. Moral Cass is willing to do what's right, and understands when what she's doing is right and wrong. Good for civilian life, but not to great for the Mobile Infantry, who often at times thrive on moral wrong after moral wrong. Meek On the contrary, Cass is painfully passive with what she wants to say, often resorting to gestures to get her message through, nevermind shouting. The only time she would resort to shouting is when it is necessary. This might infuriate people. Achivements Getting into Blackwell Academy Coming out to aunt Linde Meeting Abbigail Vitsion Getting engaged to Abbigail Vitsion Neutral Joining Mobile Infantry Reporting assault Finding out about her sexuality Getting back with Abbigail Vitsion Regrets Coming out to parents Getting drunk (Especially at a teenage party) Not contacting Vitsion enough to lose her Jaywalking Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - -Valerie Faust She’s one of the older troopers that served on the same Murphy as well, but we never talked to each other that much. Despite being the tough German girl, I think she’s cute, especially with how I sketched her as a bunny. She’s also quite daring, making me follow through with ‘sharing’ pasta. I’ve got to say though Val, ‘Pyon Pyon’. -Aiden O’Farrell He’s one of the older people I knew from the Murphy as well, he’s kind and approachable. At this point, I’d like to think the Mobile Infantry has more nice people than assholes like Maclagen. -Alphileon Dominica She’s an unusual one. One I’ve seen grow into an NCO, I still don’t get her rights of fortification and her other habits though... -Franco Sorrentino He's a reasonable NCO Officer (My how things have changed.), and he's real adaptable. He helped me do my first ampution, with some help from Swift of course. I don't know what I would've done if he wasn't there to help me, or if I would've been able to keep the Leftenant alive. Nevertheless, I owe him something, I'll have to think of giving him something as payment. -Gabriel Logan He seems to really care for his people on a deeper level. He asked on my well being and whether or not I had recovered, and was concerned about me and Abby's mental health, in a place where SNCO's may more likely inflict pain (Maclagen) he deserves my respect. -Devin Saiphan He’s one of the newer people I’ve met in all my years here, can’t say I know him too much other than he’s polite. -Maria Catrambone You cheated on Abby while I was gone... and you voiced it all over the ship like it was no problem whatsoever, even in front of Abby's new girlfriend. You're also really in-your-face... Yet I forgive you... for I understand that I had been away for far too long, and that I should've learned my lesson then and there if I had really wanted to keep my relationship, in fact, I thank you for helping me learn that. -Graham Maclagen Not only are you a raging homophobe to the point where you remind me of my father, you represent all the wrong that's within the Federation, to allow someone like him to be in charge of us....oh yes, and to add salt to the wound, you not only went over the line by pretending to be a stereotypical gay guy to make your point on a no fraternization policy, you CALLED OUT THE ENTIRE MEDICAL DIVISION AS BEING NOTHING BUT A GROUP OF GAYS THAT NEED TO BE "STRAIGHTENED OUT!" Way to promote unit cohesion Sergeant! You see, THIS was why I joined the MI, I had hoped to change it from the inside, or at least have a voice for change, there are so many reasons why the MI and to the extent the Federation aren't always the good guys...and he's one of them... - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - - Abbigail Vitsion I feel really sad and disappointed that you had to go to two other people besides me for comfort while I was gone... But it was my fault that I didn't just contact you through mail or video chat.... I'm sorry and I should've talked to you more.... and most of all...I still miss you... and I still feel close to you... Nevertheless, I support your new relationship with Inez. I'm sorry you had to face even more loss, blaming yourself for losing the captain and Rhodes, not to mention you lost the one person that fit with you. Yes, we're together again...but you've changed, you have a mask that you wear now, one that acts happy and calm, but you still cry and blame yourself on the inside. You don't even seem to even want to show any emotion anymore since you've become a corporal, taking lessons from that apathetic Staff Sergeant named Maclagen. We're together yes, but would you even care if I was gone? Nevertheless, I'll try not to make the same mistakes I made the last time. I don't have to worry so much anymore, we're getting married after we both get discharged. -Mikayla ‘Koala’ Kowalski She’s cool under insanity (especially that one time on leave) and I have to admit, she’s got a pretty cute nickname. - Garret Swift We've been able to talk to each other a lot. It get's to the point where we joke around and have fun with each other. He's also pretty reasonable... most of the time... I'm still not used to the methods of punishment in the MI, nor would I want to be used to them. - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - -Alistair Takagawa He's our new immediate leader replacing Geier. He's a reasonable leader who talks out reason when it comes to problem solving. I would say he's one of the good leaders on this ship. At least, one of the most human leaders on this ship. - Abbigail Klastner She's a capable medic. She's also pretty crass, and pretty loud... I-I'd still want to talk to her though.... -Frank Zeploza He's been training me in the basics to being a field medic. He's been a real help to me, and he's a really nice guy. I just hope we could wrap up our training soon.... We finished, and he shares my sentiments with Maclagan. But we don't see much of each other now. -Ashni Tremaine One of the newer medics on the ship. She's really adorable and sweet. I offered to help her out in how to do some of the treatments. Sort of like a part time mentor if you will. It's a shame Mac had to blow up on her and all of us when she was just new. - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - Kristina Sigrun Brooks loved you, you know... why didn't you open your heart to her when you didn't have the chance? She's mourning as much as I was, so I'm offering to talk to her, and possibly help her get through this. I know the work you do is dangerous, I just hope that this reminds you to take chances before you lose them. But for now it's time to pick up the pieces. - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- - -Annabelle Thracker First she was a medic, then an infantryman, and now she’s a fleet officer. She’s all over the place... not to mention she constantly gets into trouble, but I have to admit, things would be a lot more dull without her. - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - -Alfred C. Smith He's a good and reasonable marine. We don't talk to each other, but he's one of the sane people on the ship. I guess you have to be sane to be a marine though, considering what we deal with on a daily basis. - --[[Other]]-- - - Vanilla-Cinnamon Tea It just smells so good, and it tastes just as good... I just wish I still had more left..... -Sketching and artwork Ever since aunt Linde gave me my first art set, I've had a passion for artwork. I even went to a private boarding school to get an advantage in art. I'm still keeping my skills in tip top shape, bridges, dams, people, scenes from our ops, beaches, shipwrecks, as long as I have me sketchbook, my pencils, my charcoal, and my watercolors, I can be myself. I even plan to write and illustrate my own children's book when I am through with the Mobile Infantry. - Alcohol You made me have the worst night in my life! Granted, I-I can still drink a cup or two, but I really don't want to after what happened in the club. I can see why people want to drink... but I'm sticking to my tea if I get stressed. - Richard Newman Not only did you didn't care for me when I was recovering from assault, you blamed me for sinning with taking drink, especially under age. And to top it all off, you disown me for having a liking to someone of the same gender, and separated my from my sister.... I...Really...Hate you..... - Frederica Newman I-I still love you mom...but you didn't do anything to keep me in the house when I came out. Not only that, but you also blamed me for sinning, and didn't help me recover from the assault... I really hope you can forgive me and for what I do..... -Elena Linde You're so independent and carefree. You taught me that the authority isn't always right, and that if I want to make change, I must be determined to do it in my own way. You also took me in when I had no one, and now I'm out, on my own, hoping to change things from the inside...I-I just don't know how I can repay you... -Mary and Lynn Newman I miss you two.... I really do hope I can get you away from our strict parents. And help both of you grow along the way, so that maybe you don't make the same mistakes I did. - Terran Federation The more I see and hear what we do, the more I begin to despise us. Sure we're protecting ourselves against an alien threat. But did we need to massacre an entire village of innocents just to send a message? Or use corporal punishment to make sure we stay cute, loyal robots? To top that off, we have little to no free, independtant speech, and in order to have our say, we must die for our government, rather than give trust that we know what to choose. Things seem to get worse with the Nationalists in power. Now more innocents will die, either by bugs, by our own bullets, or by starvation from an uncaring government..... - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - Yumi Nakamura She's just as shy and introverted as me. She was feeling a little hopeless at first, but now she has Madlyn. And now they're trying to get their relationship papers. And now she's really headstrong and confident in herself...I feel sad that she went through a similar situation like I did. I'm willing to help her through the cynical world of the Mobile Infantry. Just please separate your relationship with Aora from the battlefield. And now I heard that you had transferred out from here... *Sighs* You really should've stayed... prove everyone wrong that conformity isn't the only option in the Mobile Infantry... Then again, the MI really cracks down on individual freedoms, makes me hate them more each day.... I'll try to keep in touch in any way I can. - Inez Amantes Please... take care of Abby for me will you? I was really saddened at first that you took her heart, but the more I see you, the more I know that you fit her more than I did personality wise.....And now you've been dead... for a month now, Abby has told me....you guys were a great couple, and I could tell that Abby is mourning under that mask she seems to wear now... I think she'll still miss you,,, even now if she's with me again. -Samantha Brooks Execution for insubordination and sedition... She should've deserved a better sentence, at least a lifetime in prison... but that doesn't matter, I was her confidant, the one person she trusted to tell personal things, and to find solace...She had a girlfriend, an unrequited love... She had so much unfinished business. -Rosalind Gatsubishi She was someone that Abby looked up to... and I respected her to an extent, I just hope she is up in heaven right now looking down at us. -Madlyn Jacobson She's really upfront with nearly everything, and she really cares for Yumi. I'll try and see if I can do anything to keep them together for their time in service as long as they want to. I failed...horribly, now Jacobson had ran...I-I'd thought that you'd stay and fight, to keep Yumi safe....and I feel betrayed that you chose the cowardly way out... -Aora Kelman He's in the same group of friends as me and Yumi. He developed a romantic interest in Yumi though, to the point where they kissed on the battlefield. That might've been one of the reasons why Maddie jumped ship. Anyway, he's a good medic as well, but I'd say be careful with your relationship, Abby and I can keep our relationship off the battlefield, and so can you, just please don't mess up, and treat Yumi like she's supposed to be treated. He's transferred out, don't know where. - // Feel free to comment on any relationship statuses to add on this char. This char sheet gets updated regularly depending on what happens on the RP server.
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