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    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Staff Sergeant James Zielinski Second in Command: Sgt Dominiko [de facto] Squad Leaders: Corporal L. Hartwick & Lance Corporal Tyberos KIA/WIA: None. Summary of mission: Head down to Percy's Landing and set up a defensive position so that troops from the 64th could evacuate (they managed it in the end)
  3. Harvey

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: SSgt. James Zielinski Second in Command: Cpl. Anton Volker Squad Leads: LCpl. Lowell Hartwick WIA: N/A KIA: N/A Summary: Sent down to a small planet to retrieve artillery shells for Golf. They were retrieved and we promptly fucked off.
  4. Harvey

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: SSgt J. Zielinski Second in Command: N/A Squad leaders: Pfc L. Hartwick / LCpl E. Smith Casualties: None Summary of mission (brief): Deployed to a small planet hiding away Separatists (a group called "the Revenants"). Destroyed their settlement, captured one of their commanders, took prisoners, and rescued civilians in need.
  5. James Zielinski Recruit Zielinski in boot camp, during close order drill Basic Information Name: James Richard Zielinski Place of Birth Vigil's Point, Iskander Date of Birth: May 9th, 2276 Age: 22 Gender: Male Weight: 80kg (176lbs) Height: 184cm (6' 0.8") Hair colour: Dark brown Eye colour: Green Military Information Rank: Staff Sergeant Assignment: Platoon Staff Sergeant - 1st Platoon 'Vickers' Villains', Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: January 5th, 2298 Term of Service: 1 year Service Record: 2298 Graduated from boot camp on and given temporary assignment to 1st Battalion, 1st Iskanderian Mobile Infantry Regiment. After further training, received orders to report to Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion. Rapidly climbed the ranks, earning a promotion to Corporal mid-December of the same year. In the process, he earned the Mobile Infantry Cross for gallantry during an operation in Washington on Terra. 2299 Promoted to Sergeant and briefly transferred to the 112th Engineering Detachment, receiving sapper training and M55 launcher qualifications. Promoted to Staff Sergeant in January of 2299. Served in Operation Spiritus Sanctus on Terra, leading First Platoon through the first day. Severely wounded on the last day of the Operation. Awards Mobile Infantry Cross Good Conduct Medal Combat Action Ribbon Purple Heart Personal Information Family: Richard and Rachel Zielinski are James' parents. Rachel Zielinski died in 2280, leaving Richard as sole caretaker. James has two known siblings: Reece Zielinski (b. 2273) and Jane Zielinski (b. 2278). Both are alive. Reece is a former Mobile Infantry corporal, while Jane is a student. Backstory: Classified background required. Strengths / Weaknesses: Brave, loyal, dutiful, responsible / Reckless, impatient, short-sighted, gullible
  6. Harvey

    Training Logs: December 2298

    Name and Rank: Cpl. James Zielinski Time and Date of Training: 08.01.2299 Goal of the Training: Fire and movement, firing lanes, assault on static objectives 
  7. Harvey

    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    Your name and rank: James Zielinski, Sergeant Date of the event: 06 JAN 99 Recipient: Adam Taylor, Corporal Detailed account of the act: While withdrawing from a strategic chokepoint towards a friendly position, the rear guard of First Platoon was caught in a pincer movement from a force of Arachnids. Third Specialist Melodie, part of this rear guard, suffered critical injuries when an Arachnid warrior pierced her armour, leaving her completely exposed and unconscious. With myself and several other troopers providing cover fire, Corporal Taylor risked his life to retrieve the Third Specialist, doing so successfully. In the process, however, Corporal Taylor was severely wounded. ((associated maps)): rp_wildwest Witnesses: Allambee King, James Zielinski, Vito Dominiko
  8. Harvey

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt James Zielinski Second in Command: N/A Squad leaders: Cpl Vito Dominiko (blue) / James Zielinski (command squad) KIA: Recruit Ogoreltsev WIA: Cpl Adam Taylor; WO Blake Triggs; 3Spc Jacqueline Melodie Summary of mission (brief): First Platoon was sent down to clear out a main supply route for Echo, our supply company, and to find a stash of supplies. The Platoon managed to retrieve said supplies and brought them to Echo's position, with some difficulties. In the end, the platoon suffered three serious WIA and one KIA.
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. James Zielinski Second in Command: Sgt. Henry Eley Squad leaders: Cpl. Scott Daby (Orange) / LCpl. James Herzog (Blue) - was replaced by Cpl. Anton Volker and then Sgt. Henry Eley WIA: Pfc. Chiyuki Asahi Summary of mission (brief): Deployed to a hostile moon to recover/rendezvous with a research team. They were dead when found, so we secured their bodies and gear. Said gear was taken to a research outpost where we sought shelter from a winter storm. After regaining comms with MOBCOMM, the platoon extracted.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LOA until Saturday night
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    Training Logs: December 2298

    Name and Rank: Cpl. James Zielinski Time and Date of Training: 26.12.2298 Goal of the Training: MK3 Cert - Michelle Cooper Name and Rank: Cpl. James Zielinski Time and Date of Training: 26.12.2298 Goal of the Training: Close quarters combat and infantry assaults on static objectives
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