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  2. James Zielinski Recruit Zielinski in boot camp, during close order drill Basic Information Name: James Richard Zielinski Place of Birth Vigil's Point, Iskander Date of Birth: May 9th, 2276 Age: 22 Gender: Male Weight: 80kg (176lbs) Height: 184cm (6' 0.8") Hair colour: Dark brown Eye colour: Green Military Information Rank: Warrant Officer Assignment: Warrant Officer - Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: January 5th, 2298 Term of Service: 1 year 2 months Service Record: 2298 Graduated from boot camp on and given temporary assignment to 1st Battalion, 1st Iskanderian Mobile Infantry Regiment. After further training, received orders to report to Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion. Rapidly climbed the ranks, earning a promotion to Corporal mid-December of the same year. In the process, he earned the Mobile Infantry Cross for gallantry during an operation in Washington on Terra. 2299 Promoted to Sergeant and briefly transferred to the 112th Engineering Detachment, receiving sapper training and M55 launcher qualifications. Promoted to Staff Sergeant in January of 2299. Served in Operation Spiritus Sanctus on Terra, leading First Platoon through the first day. Severely wounded on the last day of the Operation. Assigned as Warrant Officer, transferred to Alpha Company. Awards Mobile Infantry Cross Good Conduct Medal Combat Action Ribbon Purple Heart Personal Information Family: Richard and Rachel Zielinski are James' parents. Rachel Zielinski died in 2280, leaving Richard as sole caretaker. James has two known siblings: Reece Zielinski (b. 2273) and Jane Zielinski (b. 2278). Both are alive. Reece is a former Mobile Infantry corporal, while Jane is a student. Backstory: Classified background required. Strengths / Weaknesses: Brave, loyal, dutiful, responsible / Reckless, impatient, short-sighted, gullible
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    SST Quotes Thread

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    fuck u got against canada
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    The Return of an Oldperson

    Welcome back Witty, ya oldperson
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    Robert Taylor

    Face Claim: General Information Pre-Enlistment Background Summary of Armed Forces Career Relationships
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    Mandatory Marauder/MI NCO training


    Won't be able to attend because I'm a nerd and work night shifts.
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    /me would, the great debate

    i suppose it depends on the tense you are writing in. most tend to stick to present, but some use past. if you're using the latter, it makes sense to some extent because you're using it to preserve the future aspect of the past tense. also it's good for conditional sentences personally i find it awkward to use since i write in present tense, so i don't use it
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    mr taylor
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    Robert Taylor

    Updated nerds
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    Until I see you all again.

    See you when we see you, British. It was great having you and O'Neill around.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    22:43:20 - **MSpc. Reuben Amukama reached for his knee to scratch his cock.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Get fucked, fleetie faggot. Cpt. Emily Ziola[CH1 - RADIO]: Are you okay? Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Yeah. Sgt. John 'Scarf' York[CH1 - RADIO]: Language. Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: I was on the wrong channel, my bad.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Assault me."MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "Oh... Uhm. What?"Aph to Koala:Heresiarch Grimm: You are a whore of the highest degree, you swallow enough semen that your vomit impregnates many women. If you were to have sex with every member of the 112th at the same time, your vagina would still have sufficient space to fit an entire battalion.Heresiarch Grimm: When you are upon your period, you happily surrender to anal intercourse just to satisfy your sexual urges.Heresiarch Grimm: I am better than your vagina is in relation to the sexually transmitted diseases that infest and fester within your vaginal cavity. You are a walking biological weapon that rivals Gift.Heresiarch Grimm: There is sufficient yeast within your clitoral hood that you could fix the food crisis affecting millions.Heresiarch Grimm: /y You look at me confused and dumb-founded for I lack a penis with which to violently slide into your vagina and thrust repeatedly whilst my hands are around your throat until my seed fills your gaping cavern.Heresiarch Grimm: /y Your preferred method of whitening your face is not to use make-up products but instead to perform oral sex on any man willing to submit until their milky semen scatters and stains your face amidst the tears you expel as you choke on every inch.Heresiarch Grimm: /y The entire purpose to your existence is to be a semen repository as no man with standards will step within a metric mile of your foul vagina, thus you spread thy legs wide open and accept any cock that comes your way.MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "I wish my love life was as creative as you where describing."Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "I wish for you to hit myself."Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Greetings, Staff Sergeant."SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Greetings, Dominica."Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "The Master Specialist is refusing to assault myself."SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Sorry?"SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Say that again."Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Your apology is unwarranted."Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "The Master Specialist is refusing to assault myself."MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "Uh... Well, that part is true." Ahh... Aphelion. You were something else.
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