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  1. IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    me, smoking fat bongs in my garage me, tripping hard my eyebrow cut bc i did acid w my gf and got edgy
  2. Nikolai Dimov

    well dag clearly
  3. Matthew Russell Squires

  4. Steve Short

  5. Dag Raske!

    Theme Face claim! Basic Information:Name: Dag Alexsander Raske Age: Twenty-five Gender: Male Affiliation: Sixth Fleet Coalition loyal Role(s): Combat Medic Specialist Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Hazel Build: Mesomorphic Combat Record: Years of Service: 7 years Highest Rank Obtained: Technical Sergeant Current Rank: 2nd Specialist Medals and awards: wip or something Character Description: A broad shouldered, younger looking man with curly hair and dark, hazel eyes. He appears to have the distinction of battle upon his face, and is quite muscular with his youth. His voice clearly marks him from a colony, but to which is unknown. He speaks softly. He's quite agile as well, owning to his fit physique. His helmet is marked by dark gray, non reflective tape donning the names Virtanen Kirsikka, Shaw Robert, Bjarke Asmund, Dimov Nikolai Achivements Hopes to one day become a technical sergeant again!Neutral Enjoys Hannah Montana Regrets Personal Relationships Relations: Swoooonin' | Capt'n | Fuckin' pal | Buddies! | You're alright! | Eh | Nah | What're you doing? | Hates | Fears--[[Sixth Fleet Mobile Infantry]]--BgGen. Lobster - Scary. MSpc. Frodo - Big ol' aussie guy! Love'm! He has a flair to him, can't quite describe. It's a beautiful buddy-buddy air that follows him and Short. Spc. Steve Short - Milwaukee space killah. Cpl. Jack O'Neill - Super nice corporal dude. Good leader, hope he'll be sticking around.--[[Sixth Fleet Engineering Division]]--- - ---[[Psi-Ops]]--- - ---[[Sixth Fleet Hospital Corps]]--Alastair Takugawa - Swoon. Someone I can easily look up to, great medic, human, soul. - ---[[Sixth Fleet Marauders]]--- - ---[[Sixth Fleet]]--- - ---[[Sixth Fleet Provost Corps (Marines)]]--TSgt. Montgomery - An alright provost sergeant, and that's all I can ask for. - ---[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  6. Genevieve Vermillion

  7. SST Quotes Thread

    14:00:59 - Dag Raske[REPORT]: <color=215, 215, 105>will i get banned if i only use '!'s'? it's a valid question i have my worries
  8. I recently joined the server again because it seems as though the server switched boxes or something, and I was unbanned. I remade a medical character and started roleplaying like normal, with Xal coming on the server a few times when I was there. I felt as though I was roleplaying adequately and representing medical well. Then, one day, after an event, mid-roleplay I'm perma banned again, probably by Ackua, but I don't know because there was no reason and no name! ?????? The only remotely "mingey" thing I did in my short time back on the server, as far as my awful memory can recall, is I rdm'd Lexious once on low-pop after showing him an exploit in which if you prone while falling, you can survive any height. We tested this, I rdm'd him, he rdm'd me back. Some soft bitch delicate admin pm'd me saying he could kick me for rdm, I called him some obscenity, and that was that. Naturally, as a good admin does, he blocked me on steam. I wasn't able to contact anyone until Xal added me, and I'm glad I can get perma banned because people don't like me
  9. server rating

    2/10 got perma banned after participating in a mediocre event while roleplaying, admins blocked me before i could add them, wouldn't recommend
  10. it begins

  11. I forget when, but I was perma banned because my power went out and Deckers got mad. Deckers isn't here anymore. I'm a good boy now, what say you, egg? STEAM_0:1:18971076
  12. Emma V. Luckish

    Emma - Causes drama on a daily basis for months on end, tearing the community apart on multiple occasions, playing the victim card incessantly, ruining events, wasting people's time, and generally degraded the quality of the server one thousand fold. - perma banned after 5 months of that shit Luckish - asks ltcol. shaw if he wants to fight, then unplugs his computer. - perma banned after a whole year of constant memeing and causing more disruptions than needed for a server i only played on to screw around
  13. only post that has reached that count was the old psych apps lmao