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Found 8 results

  1. H esperus erald Everything Alpha-Centauri-related for your screens!
  2. SEPTEMBER 21st, 2298 Following severe movements of tectonic plates on Hesperus, ten locals have lost their lives. Plate movements are common on Hesperus but motion this severe is unusual. Geologists suggest that movement has begun the beginning of this month, with it now reaching its climax. Three plates have seperated from eachother, causing a sudden collapse of the surface today. The motion was so sudden that ten people got sucked into the huge crater on the outskirts of Hesperus city. The habitational dome is confirmed to be undamaged. See below for a depiction of the sudden collapse of the tectonic plate and the emergence of the crater. DEPICTION MAY VARY FROM REALITY
  3. Colonel Timothy Lancaster overlooking Caer Malley from inside his Chickenhawk Suit. Caer Malley has returned to Federal hands for the first time in over a month. Marauders from the 706th Marauder Legion, the so called Lancaster Legion, have finished the reconquest of Progenitor held land on the continent of Unuan with the aid of elements from Scarvis’ 93rd Recon elements. This culminated in the Battle for Caer Malley, which resulted in sections of one of the oldest Extra-Solar colonies’ Capital being flattened by small scale orbital bombardments. The offensive for the continent was only so successful due to the deployment en masse of the Chickenhawks, massive Marauder suits capable of bringing destruction over vast tracts of land at once, coupled with support from Scarvis’ significant engineer & tank elements. The continent of Unuan is the smallest of the nine on Hod though was considered politically the most important. With its recapture, the Operations Command has taken residence in the ruins and re-population efforts have already begun, despite there being significant hold ups on the other continents revolving around tectonic activity and significant Progenitor populations. Casualties for the recapture of Caer Malley were rather minimal due to the presence of over 9,000 Chickenhawks, taking a mere 400 casualties for the recapture of 6 million square miles of land.
  4. Today, following the commence of Operation Salvation, the governor of Alpha Centauri spoke to his people infront of the Federal building on Hesperus City, declaring that the Invasion of Hod was bound to happen, finally fulfilling Alpha Centauri's destiny. „Since the beginning of humanity we looked up to the stars and saw Alpha Centauri. Since the beginnings of human space travel, Alpha Centauri was the stepping stone for the Federation, and they knew, everybody knew, if we reached Alpha Centauri, we can reach everything else. It was Hesperus that was the first Stellar Colony, it was expensive and the establishment went way past the deadline. And after Hesperus City was erected, we soon learned that we are not alone in space. Space travel wasn’t just limited to humans – oh no. We have made contact – initial contact – with an unknown object in space, a spaceship, never seen before, then titled as UAR-01. Now we know, the Progenitors were already there, always watching us. They monitored our very first colonisation attempts. They were growing us to harvest us later, but they did not expect the human race to offer fierce resistance. Alpha Centauri, Hesperus, was the first contact with this advanced alien life, the Progenitors. Now, Sol has fallen out of their hands, we have recaptured Earth. The Ark is no more, the Progenitors are but a small pocket on Hod. And today, I stand before you to tell you, that Hesperus was the starting point of the Progenitor Menace, and Hod will be the ultimate end of these alien invaders. It is a dark chapter, the Hesperus Incident has overshadowed our glorious colony of Hesperus and its history. The colony was expensive, the colony was years overdue, the people called this enterprise foolish, but we have repaid every single pound to he Federation and more. The ships of Hesperus are sturdy, finely crafted, known throughout the Milky Way. There’s evidence – clear evidence, Captain’s logbooks – of them saying they wouldn’t have survived space contact if their ship wasn’t launched from a Hesperus Shipyard. And why is that - because of the great people of Alpha Centauri, resilient, precise and tirelessly working. The people of Hesperus are known throughout the Federation. The most glorious Captains of starships are Hesperan – and on every single colony, there’s a human working non-stop in a factory without taking their days off. Coworkers ask if they are crazy, if they don’t ever get tired, if they don't get stressed from work, if they don't get bored – but that man says „No, I’m from Hesperus“. Now, the Hesperus Incident is being overshadowed by the Invasion of Hod again, but now they are here, in our very own system, stranded with no way out. They are here, in Alpha Centauri, and we are seeking to close the book and end this chapter once and for all. We will use the spirit of the people of Alpha Centauri, no other people than the people of Alpha Centauri could overcome this disaster better. We will fight the Progenitors in every means necessary - we will fight them in the factories, we will fight them in the shipyards, we will fight them in the deep mines of Hesperus, we will fight them in the fields and lastly, we will fight them on Hod. I personally have created a Task Group Centauri, consisting of our very own 22nd Morita Regiment on Hesperus and the remnants of the 54th Hod Regiment. We will embark, we will travel to Hod, we will strike back and we will win.“ The governor removed a dossier from below the stand and showed it to the public. The dossier was clearly marked in a red font with "UAR-01" - Federal reporters confirmed at this point that the file was indeed the original file from May 14th 2100 - He ignited the dossier, threw it onto the stairs and let it burn down. Would you like to know more?
  5. Admyral Joe

    Operation Salvation Begins!

    The official counter attack on the heels of the sweeping victory in Sol begins today with some estimated 100,000 Infantry taking part with aerial and naval duties taking up predominantly by the reformed 7th ‘Praetorian’ Fleet. New companies such as the Tango Urillan 7th Light Morita’s “Rancors Ragnaroks” and 12th Morita’s “Horzon’s Horizons” are leading the charge, avid to gain experience on retaking a world before they return to their Arachnid infested homeworld. Major General Lucas Seacrest, Legion of Merit Recipient & leader in charge of Division East stated he was confident in the successful retaking of Hod though stressed that it would no longer be a large producer of food without “Significant resources” put into re-terraforming areas struck by large amounts of plasma. With the retaking of Sol and the mopup of the Progenitor threat, General Clement Stanley & Admiral James Akabane have requested limited assistance from elements of its sister 6th Fleet, though have stressed that they would be able to still perform without the assistance given. Further information is unknown, though the Major General in his interview stated that the Operation to reclaim Humanities’ second extrasolar colony is to take a month so that the Progenitors are “Destroyed root and branch.” Specialist elements attached to the AFC-DN683 ‘Cao Mengde’
  6. Intelligence leak on Hesperus! On the wednessday night this week, government officials have proclaimed that crucial information on the Progenitors in our very same Alpha Centauri System has been leaked. Said information is supposed to include defence strategies and invasion plans for our neighbouring planet, Hod. The leak is said to have happened in a spectacular, movie like setting, in the latin district of Hesperus City during the night of "Octavo Augusto". Government official B. Tlair has claimed to have been seduced by a female stranger in a bar. After allegedly taking this femme fatale home, government official Bony T. has noticed that the suitcase on his desk with the vital information has disappeared. It is unknown that the woman plans on doing with this information, but it is estimated to be worth a lot on the blackmarket. The eight of august marks the launch date of the first battlecruiser built on Hesperus and has since then been celebrated as the day of the hard workers. It appears that not everyone should take a day off on this day to keep productivity on Hesperus up. The Governor of Alpha Centauri has suspended the responsible government official until further notice. DEPICTION MAY VARY FROM REALITY
  7. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    [FEDNET] Hod Has Fallen.

    After a long, bloody battle on the streets of Hod, the planet was declared lost. Roughly 200,000 of the planets population were safely evacuated, the other 160,000 assumed dead. This is a sad day for the Federation and a loss that will be felt for many days to come. With Hod, one of the major food distributors for the Federation gone, some are worried about how it will impact everyone else. The Federal Council have chosen to remain quiet for now, but we expect an official statement with in the next 48 hours. As of now, a large bulk of the Federal Fleet are regrouping at Hesperus, which houses some of the largest shipbuilding and mining outposts in the Federation. The Fleet plan to prepare a blockade and increase defenses of the planet and its surrounding stations. All 855,000 people living on the planet are anxious, but we all know our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry will keep the fine people of the planet safe in the coming weeks! Until then, we wait for any official statements declaring our plans on how to deal with the glowing menace known as the Progenitors. Hopefully soon we can banish these foul creatures back into whatever abyss they came from. We'll have more news on the situation as the story progresses. Until then, this is Francis Tucker signing off.
  8. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    [FEDNET] Hod Attacked!

    The great planet of Hod, home to over 300,000 people, is under attack! Reports show that the Progenitors are pushing to attack the planet as we speak! Hod, being one of the two closest planets to Sol and Terra, is under siege from the Progenitor menace! We take you now to one of our Reporters, Tod Manson, who is currently on the ground with the 55th Morita Battalion. [The screen flickers, shifting to a war-torn street. Stray plasma rounds whizzing by in the background as infantry return fire to something off screen.] "I'm currently on the ground with the 55th Mobile Infantry Division! They're taking heavy fire from hostile alien forces! I've never seen so many! They just keep coming! Casualties are in the thousands! The platoon Captain, Johnathan Walker, has said that as of now standing orders are to try and gain a foothold and push the Progenitors off of Hod." [Distant screaming is heard, followed by a loud, monstrous roar.] "What in God's name!" [The screen begins to shake before the camera turns to static.] Our sources suggest that right now several more Federal ships are heading to Hod to help try and hold the planet. One of which being the 112th, known as the unit famous for the capture of Erin O'Brian. We at FedNet wish our brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry the best of luck. This is Paul Andrews, signing off.