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Found 3 results

  1. In the far edges of Outer Colony News, a small side article on FEDNET is visible. A Recruitment drive has started for the Outer Colonies of Ulm & Novoid. Sitting at a collective population of under 100,000. The two planets have announced that they're expanding the incentives given to new colonists. The offer seems to be part of a new drive by the system to populate the outer colony planets which has a population combined smaller than most colonies, leaving most of the population in the two main Cities. Haithabu of Novoid, and Nye Drammen of Ulm. Immigration to the two systems has been increased since the results of the first Season of the Jump Ball League, where the Trappist Titans shocked many by beating significantly larger and more established colonies such as Wiaria, Pallas, Faxx & Cassandra and reaching the Playoffs in their first season. Whether this leads to another increase is to be seen, however with the destruction that occurred with the assault of the Progenitors, the offer of a new start is a tempting offer.
  2. Yuki || 日本語の悩み

    [FEDNET] Mobile Infantry forces enter Northern Japan!

    Mobile Infantry Forces enter Northern Japan! An old beauty shop on the outskirts of Nikaho, the picture was taken by LCpl.Adam Anderson. December 2nd, 2998. As of December 2nd, it is confirmed that Mobile Infantry forces from the 79th Morita Rifles have marched into the outskirts of Nikaho, a city inside Northern Japan. Much like the rest of Japan’s outskirts, some if not everything has been destroyed thanks to the fighting during The Battle of Terra, and Terra's reclamation process. It is reported by the Captain, Cpt. Shinsei Kashiwagi, of the 79th’s E-Platoon, that the Progenitors seem to be mainly focused on the northern reaches of Japan, the fighting has been “Tough” and “Bullshit”, as put by the Captain. No one knows when the fighting will end in Japan, but the commanders are hoping to start preparations for an operation in order to retake Tokyo while the fighting continues on in the northern reaches of Japan. So far the estimated casualties of Operation Oni are in the 5,000’s now. A 2,000 increase from October where the number was at in October at 3,000. And many of those 2,000 came more so from disease, than any actual fighting. About 40% of them all developed some type of disease due to fighting the neons in Northern Japan. But the hopes of the Infantry seem to have lowered as the Winter season has finally kicked into gear down on Terra and the northern reaches of Japan have now started to gain snowfall, slowing the Infantry down in their tracks. A batch of survivors found on the outskirts of Nikaho, the picture was taken by FedNet reported Jane Adams. Dec 1st, 2298. DO YOUR PART, TODAY! SIGN UP NOW! LET THE SUN RISE OVER JAPAN ONCE MORE! Would you like to know more?