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Found 1 result

  1. Regular Season, Week 1 Rhohan Commandos 6 B.Witt 19-35-201, B.Witt 5-25, L.Barretto 4-67 at Hathor Avalanche 19 D.Speed 10-19-71, T.Kirkegaard 31-135, G.Henningsen 5-56 Shoreridge III Mightycocks 23 J.Taylor 26-45-251, B.Rivers 10-26, C.Hopkins 9-104 at Tango Urilla Dusters 14 A.Wilkerson 21-42-165, T.Grieg 2-14, B.Beyer 5-64 Arcadia Bandits 16 C.Foley 10-25-126, D.Clancy 19-112, D.Greene 3-60 at Elixaeberna Bluedevils 10 D.Houston 28-37-271, F.Keith 16-46, W.Richard 8-130 Epsilon Prime Privateers 0 T.Alexander 20-36-127, M.Wegert 8-26, E.Treadway 4-36 at Cordelia Cyclones 26 M.Grimm 13-26-144, J.Heilman 25-98, G.Lyon 3-32 Pizarro Phantoms 17 M.Bush 19-26-275, M.Bush 3-18, H.Weaver 6-123 at Karrus Centaurs 34 C.Hobbs 24-37-232, C.Lovemore 19-114, S.Nixon 5-86 Pallas Purple Rage 28 I.Adams 31-40-326, A.Marshall 15-37, B.Clyfford 13-146 at Cassandra Critters 7 T.Close 10-19-117, T.Harrelson 7-58, D.Sherman 3-44 Faxx Fury 16 P.Houshmandzadeh 20-25-171, M.Washburn 21-47, F.Ortiz 5-48 at Caralon Comets 13 P.Burroughs 17-27-169, C.Allin 12-59, B.Baker 7-78 Zegama Beach Barracudas 20 S.King 25-36-309, L.Barlow 20-65, T.Malemo 12-180 at Leda Lakemonsters 17 A.Martis 22-35-287, F.Alekou 18-77, V.Leontiou 6-146 Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 18-41-204, C.McDean 4-10, D.Bodreau 7-100 at Faraway Falcons 33 B.Roberson 24-39-334, L.Saouda 26-96, T.Hordorwich 7-101 Scarvis Stars 14 D.Sinclair 19-40-151, W.Schott 6-56, K.Fredricks 4-50 at Percival Prowlers 34 T.Becker 20-26-228, Q.Plake 15-85, R.Martinez 2-46 Iskander Imperials 20 N.Hide 18-31-207, C.Chandler 20-78, D.Whiting 6-70 at Samson Admirals 10 D.Greene 27-41-183, M.Garner 10-22, T.Durrough 8-53 Claudius I Crusaders 7 A.Flynn 15-24-174, F.Lewis 14-59, R.Doughty 2-63 at Boot Hill Hillbillies 20 M.Chesher 11-16-121, T.Benney 21-96, R.Farley 4-54 Venad 4 Raiders 10 L.Clements 7-13-84, C.Weis 19-70, G.Turnbull 6-99 at Wiaria Argonauts 23 D.Sprostranov 21-33-227, D.Sprostranov 4-27, B.Todevski 4-90 Roku San Brigadiers 25 L.O'Neal 13-24-145, L.O'Neal 3-34, R.Lake 5-81 at Alpha Centauri Centurions 44 K.Trudeau 19-26-162, L.Rivers 28-142, M.Messier 6-70 Trappist Titans 17 J.Meadows 16-26-146, D.Lee 10-35, D.Wilcox 4-55 at Castillo Colonials 10 P.Grueneich 25-47-237, T.Warren 12-73, D.Braun 7-93 Sanctuary Sabercats 15 W.Chmura 22-36-220, D.Carr 25-148, D.Carr 8-92 at Sarns III Smashers 10 C.Plante 19-36-145, E.Lyon 1-40, A.Boswell 4-49 Regular Season, Week 2 Boot Hill Hillbillies 26 M.Chesher 26-37-198, R.Cox 7-49, C.McGregor 11-128 at Scarvis Stars 14 D.Sinclair 22-42-261, R.White 13-54, D.Washington 5-91 Faraway Falcons 14 B.Roberson 21-35-238, L.Saouda 27-36, T.Jeffries 7-104 at Arcadia Bandits 7 C.Foley 21-39-143, D.Clancy 12-34, D.Greene 7-38 Hathor Avalanche 14 D.Speed 22-41-243, T.Kirkegaard 12-83, A.Burdge 5-54 at Venad 4 Raiders 16 L.Clements 17-26-210, C.Weis 17-56, C.Burgess 4-60 Wiaria Argonauts 21 D.Sprostranov 29-40-281, N.Hide 13-90, D.Damjanovski 10-134 at Roku San Brigadiers 16 J.Walker 21-31-242, N.Wyden 7-32, A.Schultz 7-89 Percival Prowlers 10 T.Becker 18-29-133, Q.Plake 15-45, M.Hasselbach 3-66 at Shoreridge III Mightycocks 17 J.Taylor 27-40-270, C.Eaton 18-56, C.Hopkins 6-87 Pallas Purple Rage 20 I.Adams 32-42-367, L.Morehead 11-30, B.Willis 5-87 at Trappist Titans 27 J.Meadows 18-21-189, D.Lee 12-40, E.Somerfelt 2-58 Alpha Centauri Centurions 51 K.Trudeau 21-30-254, L.Rivers 24-95, P.Verreault 5-89 at Karrus Centaurs 24 C.Hobbs 26-43-281, C.Lovemore 4-35, C.Lovemore 4-76 Leda Lakemonsters 31 A.Martis 24-33-289, C.Bishop 12-51, M.Giorgiou 4-115 at Rhohan Commandos 10 B.Witt 17-41-126, B.Witt 8-52, L.Barretto 5-39 Zegama Beach Barracudas 27 S.King 32-50-325, L.Barlow 15-59, T.Malemo 12-116 at Faxx Fury 23 P.Houshmandzadeh 15-26-181, M.Washburn 14-86, H.Anderson 2-62 Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 16-30-147, C.McDean 9-25, C.McDean 5-41 at Sanctuary Sabercats 17 W.Chmura 29-38-171, D.Carr 26-149, A.Blackwell 6-52 Samson Admirals 26 D.Greene 16-24-172, C.Houston 14-52, L.Gaines 5-70 at Epsilon Prime Privateers 13 T.Alexander 29-44-330, E.Gardner 16-45, E.Treadway 12-152 Cassandra Critters 17 T.Close 15-24-104, J.Hutton 23-59, B.Turnbull 6-67 at Pizarro Phantoms 20 M.Bush 21-35-167, C.Link 7-42, L.Farmer 7-65 Sarns III Smashers 27 C.Plante 16-29-209, C.Battistone 18-53, J.Giles 3-80 at Elixaeberna Bluedevils 0 D.Houston 9-26-95, F.Keith 7-34, K.Enis 8-65 Cordelia Cyclones 27 M.Grimm 17-25-199, M.Haber 9-42, H.Clemons 5-76 at Claudius I Crusaders 17 A.Flynn 15-27-197, F.Lewis 11-80, A.Harper 8-80 Caralon Comets 18 P.Burroughs 17-25-138, C.Allin 22-49, J.Eyer 4-51 at Tango Urilla Dusters 9 A.Wilkerson 25-38-281, J.Quinn 9-43, P.DeGirolamo 8-65 Castillo Colonials 3 P.Grueneich 23-48-186, T.Thornton 5-20, H.Glenn 8-102 at Iskander Imperials 10 N.Hide 26-48-148, C.Chandler 11-78, D.Whiting 6-48 Regular Season, Week 3 Elixaeberna Bluedevils 0 D.Houston 14-30-162, F.Keith 12-32, W.Richard 4-86 at Sanctuary Sabercats 20 W.Chmura 22-33-210, D.Carr 21-95, K.Harris 6-93 Hathor Avalanche 26 D.Speed 19-24-145, T.Kirkegaard 24-97, A.Burdge 5-39 at Samson Admirals 6 D.Greene 11-27-61, M.Garner 12-23, T.Durrough 4-30 Wiaria Argonauts 34 D.Sprostranov 23-32-152, K.Ilieva 10-88, D.Suleski 7-57 at Caralon Comets 3 P.Burroughs 14-26-106, C.Allin 10-30, B.Baker 3-42 Karrus Centaurs 24 C.Hobbs 27-38-251, P.Dodge 6-76, A.Ridley 8-114 at Cordelia Cyclones 27 M.Grimm 16-22-206, J.Heilman 21-97, H.Clemons 3-63 Epsilon Prime Privateers 33 T.Alexander 26-40-235, E.Gardner 14-21, I.Kramer 8-95 at Percival Prowlers 30 T.Becker 20-40-344, H.Francis 8-62, C.Podbevsek 4-92 Pizarro Phantoms 3 M.Bush 14-20-68, C.Link 7-32, L.Farmer 4-36 at Pallas Purple Rage 38 I.Adams 25-35-308, A.Marshall 19-40, A.Badby 6-107 Alpha Centauri Centurions 16 K.Trudeau 24-45-238, L.Rivers 20-131, M.Farr 4-73 at Leda Lakemonsters 20 A.Martis 16-27-183, F.Alekou 10-31, A.Gianniou 2-45 Faxx Fury 24 P.Houshmandzadeh 15-31-215, B.Daniels 10-38, H.Anderson 2-74 at Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 30-53-253, C.McDean 15-47, P.Wardzala 5-73 Iskander Imperials 0 N.Hide 13-24-74, C.Chandler 7-22, A.Zimmerman 3-37 at Zegama Beach Barracudas 45 S.King 27-35-313, L.Barlow 9-82, R.Metellus 6-77 Sarns III Smashers 13 G.Magnotta 11-20-110, C.Battistone 10-66, E.Lyon 3-40 at Shoreridge III Mightycocks 40 J.Taylor 25-33-273, D.Franz 8-26, C.Hopkins 9-116 Claudius I Crusaders 10 A.Flynn 15-27-183, A.Flynn 5-64, K.Gillette 5-94 at Rhohan Commandos 16 B.Witt 14-20-188, D.Goeken 14-53, N.Covill 4-68 Venad 4 Raiders 24 L.Clements 21-34-225, C.Weis 16-76, C.Burgess 3-46 at Boot Hill Hillbillies 21 M.Chesher 25-37-252, T.Benney 22-42, C.McGregor 8-88 Tango Urilla Dusters 3 M.Horton 14-19-112, A.Wilkerson 5-31, J.Quinn 9-56 at Faraway Falcons 37 B.Roberson 17-21-124, L.Saouda 8-31, L.Wedge 2-45 Roku San Brigadiers 23 J.Walker 10-19-70, N.Wyden 17-51, R.Lake 4-33 at Arcadia Bandits 7 C.Foley 29-50-325, C.Foley 2-9, D.Greene 8-118 Trappist Titans 6 J.Meadows 14-23-70, S.Domingo 16-38, P.McKenzie 2-24 at Cassandra Critters 3 T.Close 22-39-167, T.Wimbley 14-49, J.Hutton 5-30 Castillo Colonials 19 P.Grueneich 33-52-390, R.Moss 1-16, A.Meyers 6-109 at Scarvis Stars 33 D.Sinclair 22-39-118, D.Sinclair 8-29, K.Fredricks 5-38 Regular Season, Week 4 Faraway Falcons at Faxx Fury Rhohan Commandos at Castillo Colonials Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Percival Prowlers at Samson Admirals Epsilon Prime Privateers at Hathor Avalanche Pallas Purple Rage at Claudius I Crusaders Leda Lakemonsters at Iskander Imperials Zegama Beach Barracudas at Alpha Centauri Centurions Castus Conquerers at Wiaria Argonauts Scarvis Stars at Trappist Titans Cassandra Critters at Venad 4 Raiders Tango Urilla Dusters at Sarns III Smashers Roku San Brigadiers at Pizarro Phantoms Regular Season, Week 5 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Karrus Centaurs Faraway Falcons at Scarvis Stars Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Pizarro Phantoms Rhohan Commandos at Percival Prowlers Hathor Avalanche at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Arcadia Bandits at Zegama Beach Barracudas Alpha Centauri Centurions at Venad 4 Raiders Faxx Fury at Epsilon Prime Privateers Samson Admirals at Claudius I Crusaders Sarns III Smashers at Pallas Purple Rage Cordelia Cyclones at Trappist Titans Caralon Comets at Cassandra Critters Tango Urilla Dusters at Castus Conquerers Sanctuary Sabercats at Roku San Brigadiers Castillo Colonials at Wiaria Argonauts Regular Season, Week 6 Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Tango Urilla Dusters Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Arcadia Bandits Hathor Avalanche at Faraway Falcons Wiaria Argonauts at Cordelia Cyclones Karrus Centaurs at Samson Admirals Percival Prowlers at Faxx Fury Epsilon Prime Privateers at Leda Lakemonsters Pizarro Phantoms at Castillo Colonials Pallas Purple Rage at Roku San Brigadiers Zegama Beach Barracudas at Rhohan Commandos Scarvis Stars at Cassandra Critters Sarns III Smashers at Sanctuary Sabercats Claudius I Crusaders at Iskander Imperials Venad 4 Raiders at Caralon Comets Trappist Titans at Boot Hill Hillbillies Regular Season, Week 7 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Iskander Imperials Faraway Falcons at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Epsilon Prime Privateers Arcadia Bandits at Pizarro Phantoms Alpha Centauri Centurions at Claudius I Crusaders Leda Lakemonsters at Hathor Avalanche Faxx Fury at Rhohan Commandos Castus Conquerers at Percival Prowlers Scarvis Stars at Wiaria Argonauts Samson Admirals at Zegama Beach Barracudas Cordelia Cyclones at Caralon Comets Venad 4 Raiders at Karrus Centaurs Roku San Brigadiers at Trappist Titans Sanctuary Sabercats at Pallas Purple Rage Castillo Colonials at Sarns III Smashers Regular Season, Week 8 Faraway Falcons at Percival Prowlers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Arcadia Bandits Rhohan Commandos at Samson Admirals Hathor Avalanche at Zegama Beach Barracudas Epsilon Prime Privateers at Castus Conquerers Pizarro Phantoms at Sarns III Smashers Leda Lakemonsters at Pallas Purple Rage Faxx Fury at Tango Urilla Dusters Iskander Imperials at Sanctuary Sabercats Cassandra Critters at Boot Hill Hillbillies Claudius I Crusaders at Karrus Centaurs Cordelia Cyclones at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Caralon Comets at Alpha Centauri Centurions Trappist Titans at Wiaria Argonauts Castillo Colonials at Roku San Brigadiers Regular Season, Week 9 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Wiaria Argonauts Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Sarns III Smashers Karrus Centaurs at Zegama Beach Barracudas Pizarro Phantoms at Scarvis Stars Pallas Purple Rage at Arcadia Bandits Castus Conquerers at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Samson Admirals at Alpha Centauri Centurions Iskander Imperials at Cordelia Cyclones Cassandra Critters at Castillo Colonials Claudius I Crusaders at Leda Lakemonsters Caralon Comets at Venad 4 Raiders Tango Urilla Dusters at Sanctuary Sabercats Trappist Titans at Faxx Fury Regular Season, Week 10 Faraway Falcons at Tango Urilla Dusters Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Cassandra Critters Hathor Avalanche at Epsilon Prime Privateers Wiaria Argonauts at Pallas Purple Rage Karrus Centaurs at Iskander Imperials Alpha Centauri Centurions at Rhohan Commandos Leda Lakemonsters at Percival Prowlers Scarvis Stars at Cordelia Cyclones Sarns III Smashers at Samson Admirals Venad 4 Raiders at Castus Conquerers Caralon Comets at Boot Hill Hillbillies Roku San Brigadiers at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Sanctuary Sabercats at Arcadia Bandits Regular Season, Week 11 Faraway Falcons at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Rhohan Commandos at Leda Lakemonsters Arcadia Bandits at Castus Conquerers Karrus Centaurs at Caralon Comets Percival Prowlers at Boot Hill Hillbillies Faxx Fury at Hathor Avalanche Zegama Beach Barracudas at Pizarro Phantoms Iskander Imperials at Claudius I Crusaders Cassandra Critters at Epsilon Prime Privateers Sarns III Smashers at Roku San Brigadiers Cordelia Cyclones at Alpha Centauri Centurions Venad 4 Raiders at Scarvis Stars Tango Urilla Dusters at Trappist Titans Castillo Colonials at Sanctuary Sabercats Regular Season, Week 12 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Cordelia Cyclones Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Castus Conquerers Arcadia Bandits at Castillo Colonials Wiaria Argonauts at Scarvis Stars Percival Prowlers at Zegama Beach Barracudas Epsilon Prime Privateers at Faxx Fury Pallas Purple Rage at Pizarro Phantoms Alpha Centauri Centurions at Iskander Imperials Leda Lakemonsters at Karrus Centaurs Samson Admirals at Rhohan Commandos Caralon Comets at Claudius I Crusaders Tango Urilla Dusters at Hathor Avalanche Roku San Brigadiers at Cassandra Critters Trappist Titans at Venad 4 Raiders Sanctuary Sabercats at Faraway Falcons Regular Season, Week 13 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Faraway Falcons Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Faxx Fury Hathor Avalanche at Percival Prowlers Arcadia Bandits at Tango Urilla Dusters Karrus Centaurs at Alpha Centauri Centurions Leda Lakemonsters at Samson Admirals Zegama Beach Barracudas at Epsilon Prime Privateers Castus Conquerers at Sarns III Smashers Scarvis Stars at Pallas Purple Rage Iskander Imperials at Caralon Comets Cassandra Critters at Wiaria Argonauts Claudius I Crusaders at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Cordelia Cyclones at Venad 4 Raiders Roku San Brigadiers at Castillo Colonials Trappist Titans at Pizarro Phantoms Sanctuary Sabercats at Rhohan Commandos Regular Season, Week 14 Faraway Falcons at Epsilon Prime Privateers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Leda Lakemonsters Rhohan Commandos at Karrus Centaurs Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Castus Conquerers Wiaria Argonauts at Hathor Avalanche Pizarro Phantoms at Sanctuary Sabercats Alpha Centauri Centurions at Boot Hill Hillbillies Zegama Beach Barracudas at Claudius I Crusaders Scarvis Stars at Roku San Brigadiers Samson Admirals at Faxx Fury Sarns III Smashers at Arcadia Bandits Cordelia Cyclones at Cassandra Critters Venad 4 Raiders at Iskander Imperials Caralon Comets at Trappist Titans Tango Urilla Dusters at Percival Prowlers Castillo Colonials at Pallas Purple Rage Regular Season, Week 15 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Caralon Comets Arcadia Bandits at Sanctuary Sabercats Wiaria Argonauts at Cassandra Critters Karrus Centaurs at Claudius I Crusaders Epsilon Prime Privateers at Rhohan Commandos Pallas Purple Rage at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Leda Lakemonsters at Zegama Beach Barracudas Faxx Fury at Percival Prowlers Castus Conquerers at Hathor Avalanche Samson Admirals at Roku San Brigadiers Iskander Imperials at Alpha Centauri Centurions Sarns III Smashers at Faraway Falcons Venad 4 Raiders at Cordelia Cyclones Tango Urilla Dusters at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Trappist Titans at Scarvis Stars Castillo Colonials at Pizarro Phantoms Regular Season, Week 16 Faraway Falcons at Castus Conquerers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Castillo Colonials Rhohan Commandos at Iskander Imperials Karrus Centaurs at Arcadia Bandits Percival Prowlers at Hathor Avalanche Epsilon Prime Privateers at Tango Urilla Dusters Pizarro Phantoms at Wiaria Argonauts Alpha Centauri Centurions at Sarns III Smashers Faxx Fury at Leda Lakemonsters Zegama Beach Barracudas at Samson Admirals Scarvis Stars at Caralon Comets Cassandra Critters at Trappist Titans Claudius I Crusaders at Venad 4 Raiders Cordelia Cyclones at Boot Hill Hillbillies Roku San Brigadiers at Pallas Purple Rage Sanctuary Sabercats at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Regular Season, Week 17 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Venad 4 Raiders Rhohan Commandos at Zegama Beach Barracudas Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Faraway Falcons Hathor Avalanche at Faxx Fury Arcadia Bandits at Sarns III Smashers Wiaria Argonauts at Trappist Titans Percival Prowlers at Epsilon Prime Privateers Pizarro Phantoms at Roku San Brigadiers Pallas Purple Rage at Castillo Colonials Castus Conquerers at Tango Urilla Dusters Samson Admirals at Leda Lakemonsters Iskander Imperials at Karrus Centaurs Cassandra Critters at Scarvis Stars Claudius I Crusaders at Alpha Centauri Centurions Caralon Comets at Cordelia Cyclones Sanctuary Sabercats at Elixaeberna Bluedevils