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Found 2 results

  1. Colonel Timothy Lancaster overlooking Caer Malley from inside his Chickenhawk Suit. Caer Malley has returned to Federal hands for the first time in over a month. Marauders from the 706th Marauder Legion, the so called Lancaster Legion, have finished the reconquest of Progenitor held land on the continent of Unuan with the aid of elements from Scarvis’ 93rd Recon elements. This culminated in the Battle for Caer Malley, which resulted in sections of one of the oldest Extra-Solar colonies’ Capital being flattened by small scale orbital bombardments. The offensive for the continent was only so successful due to the deployment en masse of the Chickenhawks, massive Marauder suits capable of bringing destruction over vast tracts of land at once, coupled with support from Scarvis’ significant engineer & tank elements. The continent of Unuan is the smallest of the nine on Hod though was considered politically the most important. With its recapture, the Operations Command has taken residence in the ruins and re-population efforts have already begun, despite there being significant hold ups on the other continents revolving around tectonic activity and significant Progenitor populations. Casualties for the recapture of Caer Malley were rather minimal due to the presence of over 9,000 Chickenhawks, taking a mere 400 casualties for the recapture of 6 million square miles of land.
  2. Admyral Joe

    Operation Salvation Begins!

    The official counter attack on the heels of the sweeping victory in Sol begins today with some estimated 100,000 Infantry taking part with aerial and naval duties taking up predominantly by the reformed 7th ‘Praetorian’ Fleet. New companies such as the Tango Urillan 7th Light Morita’s “Rancors Ragnaroks” and 12th Morita’s “Horzon’s Horizons” are leading the charge, avid to gain experience on retaking a world before they return to their Arachnid infested homeworld. Major General Lucas Seacrest, Legion of Merit Recipient & leader in charge of Division East stated he was confident in the successful retaking of Hod though stressed that it would no longer be a large producer of food without “Significant resources” put into re-terraforming areas struck by large amounts of plasma. With the retaking of Sol and the mopup of the Progenitor threat, General Clement Stanley & Admiral James Akabane have requested limited assistance from elements of its sister 6th Fleet, though have stressed that they would be able to still perform without the assistance given. Further information is unknown, though the Major General in his interview stated that the Operation to reclaim Humanities’ second extrasolar colony is to take a month so that the Progenitors are “Destroyed root and branch.” Specialist elements attached to the AFC-DN683 ‘Cao Mengde’