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OOC - Inquisitors and you

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Internal Security Operatives
And their role on the server
More information? Here's Tonic's fact sheet.
The Internal Security division has many diverse functions and roles. They are responsible for close protection of important assets, handling civilians and the like. They are also responsible for keeping law and order maintained on the ship. They accomplish this through two direct means. Firstly, the Marines are responsible for handling low level disputes. Their role is to detain and pacify any problematic individuals located on the ship. Secondly, the Marines keep a watch on the general infantry and report any suspicious behavior up the chain.
For major disruptions befitting a court martial, a marine's broad touch isn't applicable. In these cases, an Operative will be utilized. Operatives are the scalpel to the Marines broad strokes. Their role is to investigate events that may have an over-arching effect on the Federation -- and nullify the effects caused. They are responsible for finding solutions to concerns raised that impact combat efficiency or loyalty to the Federal cause. Generally speaking, this means either a court martial or a private understanding between the Operative and the target.
To put it in an OOC perspective. Operatives exist to fill an antagonistic role on the server. They are the constant threat that the Federation will right any wrong done in it's name. In doing so, they may create IC conflict. Their duty is to produce role play first and foremost. If this requires them to subtly produce threats, then that is what they will do. If it requires them to follow due course and court martial people? They'll do that too. Operatives work to provide role play opportunities for every division during passive hours -- Not just the MI or the Marines. They are not here to produce OOC conflict, and any action taken remains an IC action.
In character, Operatives are afforded the required lee-way to ensure their duties are accomplished quickly and efficiently. For instance, Operatives have the ability to control camera feeds across the ship. They have the authority to direct INSEC assets to complete objectives as required. They are entitled by law to investigate any event without requiring authorization. The article (and sub article) of note is listed in the Federation Law thread and quoted below:


Article 42 - Authority of Military Intelligence to investigate offences: Except where otherwise mentioned, a Military Intelligence official may launch an investigation into any court-martiallable act or omission of any officer irrespective of rank. Military Intelligence may then seek out a suitably impartial commissioned officer to initiate a court-martial in order to hold the officer to account.
Article 42(b) - Unlawfully interfering in an investigation: It shall be unlawful for any individual to interfere in any Military Intelligence investigation except where the officer in question is not party to said investigation and is ranked Colonel or above, punishable as a court martial may direct.



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As the person who wrote Articles 42 and 42(b) I fully endorse this, I fully endorse the Inquisitors, and I fully endorse Worthy.


Anyone who has a problem with Inquisitors as an institution should take it up with my boss.

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