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Intelligence officers and you.

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This notification is to alert those on how to tell the difference in an officers current status within Intelligence via dress code. All officers under intelligence excluding officer of special warfare and some within internal security (This also means event admins using officers at that time).


1. The Non-OCS Officer: This figure would dawn an all grey uniform with no cap/beret present on their person and will serve little purpose outside of the role they have been assigned too such as a researcher in the FFRL lab or one used to deliver a deployment briefing to the Infantry. Non-OCS will never pass the rank of Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) and will remain there until OCS has been completed. They can not partake in Court martial panels and hold no real authority outside their assigned duty. (Image Below)




2: The OCS Officer: These officers are /somewhat/ similar to those in section 1 but have proven themselves to understand the SST lore enough to be trusted in handling situations such as Court martial's and other such important tasks. They hold more responsibility and are expected to act as such. However, these officers should not be over-stepping their boundaries such as demoting  Infantry without consulting the divisional lead they are under (Engineer/Medic with an NCO rank would require Durango/Tony/Cronk to be spoken with). They will most commonly be found wearing black attire (Or mix of black and grey) along with a grey cap. (Images Below:)










3. The Psychic Officer:  These officers will identified wearing a purple beret upon their heads. They will have to be approved by the psychic operations lead (Tony) before role playing this aspect of them self. (Image Below) 




4. Flag Officers: These officers are of important nature. They are generally high ranking officials within Intelligence or sub-division leads. These are officers are found to be wearing the black trench coat and cap to match. (Image Below)




5. Meeting Attire: In the rare the rare occasion a member of intelligence is called upon for an important meeting, They will be granted the ability to wear a grey variant of the uniform given to flag officers (Pictured above) that will only be used for that said occasion and to be removed after the meeting had been completed. More situations could warrant the use of this attire and will be put down once discussed with Tonic.




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