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Sarah Redbrick 2nd PK Appeal

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Alright, So i play as Sarah Redbrick and i feel the PK was dumb in every sort of way. I was cleared on most of the original charges that i can remember because i was banned and had been executed on one of the charges being attempting to talk a trooper into outright Desertion and claiming that i would not shoot anybody who did, More or less going off of the book that all MI sympathise with Deserters in general and would not shoot them OR do anything about it EVEN if they did bar none. So all in all Me asking as an NCO another trooper if they wanted to leave with those that might leave to go ahead and do it was entirely within the IC ideals the MI should hold especially since we were icly Low on everything, Food, Medical Supplies, Ammo and time due to literally us having to survive from progenitors on our homeworld as it burned and our families died so in truth the Ideal would hold up even more so than ever in reference to the actions rather than wanting a trooper who wants to run off and probably would do so if you were injured or incapacitated or far worse join in on the at the time impending Mutiny and as well as that when General Larsen order'd the troopers to chase down a recruit who ran off it would have been and did get brought up heavily when this happened as going against the MI ideals within the MI along with this there is NO military in the world that randomly shoots their deserters if they get caught even in the Federation at all. the book quotes it and can back up everything im saying from this point on and before.




So i feel that i was icly executed for something that is literally written as a hardcore ideal amongst the troopers and anybody who is an officer would know this the most seeings how they were at some point in the MI itself as a rank and file. It also goes with saying that the person in question where this conversation happened that they said they would not leave. I did not solicit them TOO leave i simply told them if they do end up leaving to not look back because literally of the stuff written in the book itself that i would assume SSTRP follows heavily where applicable, This in fact would be integral to the MI period. How can i be executed for something that is literally taught to EVERY trooper in boot-camp to follow regardless during a time where these ideals would be challenged with rumours of Mutiny and desertion being rampant, Redbrick as an NCO simply wanted all the trusted/Loyal MI troopers to stick close incase kids went loonie and started popping off the NCO's CO's and General Larsen or just end up in a total chaos every man for himself scenario as well as make sure it didn't happen as these were rumours.(confronting the rumours may have caused the true problem boys being the mutineers to simply say. "I dont what your talking about sergeant there has been no talks of this that i know of buuuut there are rumours of this floating around." and just clam up or something.)


so all this basically causing redbrick to not be capable of handling it herself later on other then be relatively untrusting of just about everyone. and not knowing who may be in on it regardless of their rank and on top of this OOCly whenever i was on in between school and work which i am currently still on LOA for, I could only come online late at night for a few hours at best because of the christmas shoppers and 9 times out of ten most of the people there being LT. Tuuli, Captain Davidson, and Sergeant Major Dimov for superiors were not online to be able to do this barring one time with Dimov being on i did not get a chance to do anything IC as it were due to an admin running a Progenitor skirmish and having to deal with that for a few minutes and being told that we would talk about it later, Granted i did not inform ICly that there were talks of this to him because of


(1. If /I/ know there's rumours then more or less i assumed that everyone with a rank would've or should've knew of it at this point considering that OOCly that plans and such were spoken of in TS and the IC thing revolving it was simply rumours and that's how the RP was handled for it if you weren't involved with the plots n shit.)


 And 2. I never got a chance to do it at ALL period due too i had no ability to do so after he said this simply because Redbrick was getting accused of it herself and had a gun put to her head by General Larsen about 2 minutes after the skirmish was done , Other than saying to the general "I dont know what your talking about sir i never once shit talked the Captain." and then him responding with. "I didn't know i was fishing, Sergeant." whatever that meant and originally i was going to respond with again "I dont know what your talking about sir again." but never got the chance too as i was cut off ICly from you know.. The General Randomly charging his rifle and telling Redbrick to get on her knees kinda would throw a monkey wrench in the plan that could have come out of that. I then was ordered by Lieutenant Tuuli to hand over my sergeants patches and to keep my mouth closed and to be confined to one of the rooms down below to speak to NOBODY period ICly, so with that i did as ordered considering that Redbrick was threatened that she would----> "have her eyes stapled shut and be strangled with her intestines" if she acted seditious or didn't follow any further orders in ANY kind of way by General Larsen. So thus i did exactly as ordered and literally RP'd during the last day of the campaign literally not saying a word until the Sky Marshal was found dead and that the super-weapon did not exist. For obvious reasons.


I then was told by Hicks that i was being investigated for Sedition and ICly threatened with Torture and death the captain smiling all the while as he tells her this for something the character i was playing never did to begin with and telling Redbrick shortly after that she was fine and that she "Owed him" she then began reacting after the discussion by more or less being a panicky wreck as would any human being would and spoke too Lieutenant Young about it and what Redbrick should do to handle it and stop it from happening again- Young responded by telling her to write down some names if she knew of any people and handed her a pencil walking off, She then stood there for a moment as i OOCly got up to get a drink and decided to make it an IC thing for Redbrick to be thinking long and hard about who could possibly be doing it and whether or not she SHOULD write the names of people that probably didn't do anything same as herself, then Hicks's Captain Salem Character appeared in the room to question her on the conversation she just had with Young and accuse her of lying that she didn't know anybody that was being mutinous or whatever  and she reacted quite firmly in being that the previous statement that she was fine was to her untrue and she was right to be skeptical and panicky, after a brief conversation between the two he told her she was now being FORCED to write some names down within forty-eight hours or ELSE. So she more or less again freaked out and quickly wrote those names down as a means to prove her loyalty and stop what now has already happened and maybe she might be right which was wishful thinking at best ICly for Redbrick and she told Salem multiple times to get a Psychic to prove her wrong.


A day later i got arrested for further charges of sedition with this and then told OOCly that more or less Redbrick is being charged and probably will be killed to be made an Example of and be basically scapegoated to scare off the real Mutineers which makes no fucking sense because in reality it would do the exact opposite and i should have been notified that randomly some admins are trying to kill off my character as a weird political play and its pretty dumb that i wasn't if it was so until it was already happening and literally got executed for something that is not executable for anyway, In any sort of way regardless of the situation. With that Master-Sergeant Kowalski and Redbrick asked for another Psychic to prove what Redbrick's intentions were which ended up with HazyDay's Psychic randomly touching a written Testimony from Verbeck prior and saying "Oh yeah that was said." as if thats what was being asked for because apparently asking a Psychic do to Psychic things leaves room for here-say when a Players char is involved but they can randomly mind fuck an event character and its just fine and i get shouted at that i'm just making shit up to get out of something that even without a psychic was very clear that the character was innocent or at the very least incapable of being executed over.


Telling me that "Oh i dont know you and i dont believe you oocly." is even dumber and should not be a thing as everything i did ICly was pretty logical regardless and follows the lore, Eventually it looked to me that the character was going to be executed regardless of the rather solid defense put up by Master-Sergeant Kowalski and Redbrick Prior anyway with everything considered and then i was banned for saying it was dumb and yeah sure i was a little bit pissed off that it happened n all but Really? Who wouldn't be?


Along with ALL this i get told that there has always been a target on my char's back due to some admins outright disliking the char OOCly and myself in the TS personally for what reason? I dont know but that shit sounds like targeting and its honestly even dumber if it is true.


Look at this as a rant if you want but legit everything about this is dumb and im not the only one who thinks so.






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@Mr Marijuana (or, failing that, @Tonic) would be best placed to handle this PK appeal as I was directly involved.


The general court martial was held entirely to standard. A prosecuting officer (Cpt. Elliot Salem) lodged charges against Redbrick (at the time just sedition), accusing her of seditious conduct, trying to convince Faust into desertion, failing to report an impending mutiny or sedition, and disrespect of a superior commissioned officer. A panel of three officers were convened - me, @Bospy (on his Intelligence Lieutenant) and @LoadedGun (on his Fleet Lieutenant).


Redbrick was summoned, she was offered the opportunity to appoint counsel (@Cronk - as MSgt. Kowalski) and even given the opportunity to discuss a defence strategy after Salem made his opening statements. (After his opening statements, I amended the charges to be more reflective of the circumstances: one count of sedition, one count of failing to report an impending mutiny or sedition, solicitation of desertion, and disrespect of a superior commissioned officer).


I'll paraphrase and address each point below:



1. "I was cleared on most of the original charges that I can remember"

You weren't cleared on any of the charges: all three of us voted to unanimously convict on all counts. We decided not to delve further into investigations on any of the other charges besides sedition - the most serious - because (1) we can't execute you twice and (2) at that point the court martial had already been going on for almost two hours. Extrapolating the time it took us to rule on the sedition, it would have taken us a further 6 hours to fully consider the other three charges to no practical effect. 



2. "Desertion is not a serious offence within the Federation"


The MI does not sympathise with deserters: in fact, the book explicitly mentions that it is a capital offence, and whilst you are right that it does say generally in most circumstances it doesn't invoke the death penalty (but does invoke 50 lashes - by no means an expression of sympathy), it does also explicitly say "unless there are special circumstances, such as 'in the face of the enemy' or something that turns it from a highly informal way of resigning into something that can't be ignored".


In this case, you were advocating that Faust resign if not in the face of the enemy then in the midst of a combat operation - therefore in my opinion it changed from being a "highly informal way of resigning" into "something that cannot be ignored".


The book also notes that punishments are worse depending on the seniority of the rank you hold - "offences which might get you kicked out (maybe with lashes, possibly without) rate death in an officer". Now you weren't an officer, but you were a senior non-commissioned officer, and whilst you would not face the same level of punishment as an officer, I absolutely think inciting a subordinate to desert would end in death for a Sergeant. Indeed I think you would be looking at serious punishment in any conventional contemporary military even today in peacetime.



3. "Redbrick assumed the command structure knew already"


A very, very, very dangerous assumption to make when failing to report a mutiny is explicitly a capital offence:


(b) A person who is found guilty of [...] failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct."



4. "Redbrick wasn't really mutineer, she was just trying to coax any would be mutineer out of the woodworks"


There is not a shred of evidence to support this besides Derpytoast announcing after the fact that he'd heard you "constantly" talk about you wasn't really a mutineer in Teamspeak - a claim I find highly suspect given you two are known to have a close relationship and there was/is a clear conflict of interest here. I have found nobody else to support this claim - indeed I spoke to a handful of the regular Teamspeak lot last night and not a single one of them could recollect a time where Lynch made his intentions clear. 


When I say there is not a shred of evidence, Hicks and now I have thoroughly reviewed the logs of everything you have said on SSTRP in the last 11 days - a tedious task I might note - and there is nothing, nothing, to support your argument.


So we acted upon the evidence we had in front of us.



5. "There was bias against me and my character by the admin team"


No, there was not.


The court martial was made up of me, Bospy on his Intel Lieutenant (an admin who comes on very rarely), Loadedgun (not an admin at all) on his Fleet officer. Neither were told how to vote. And frankly I don't know you well enough to have a grudge against you - we have rarely talked besides sitting in the same channel very, very infrequently on Teamspeak.


But my ace in the hole: I discussed in the XA chat and in admin chat the potential for making you an admin depending on how gracefully you took the PK. There were without a doubt admins who were against the idea - but none of them sat on the tribunal. 


Final note: you were offered an engineer of equal rank as a kindness.



@Hicks: please could you post the logs you retrieved

@LoadedGun, @Bospy: although I'm not required to (because frankly by virtue of paying the bills I could PK whoever I want with impunity), can you please attest to the fact that I did not coerce you into issuing a specific verdict, and please explain your reasoning in voting guilty.

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You can ask Randynand himself if that was the intention because it was not. I cant exactly say "Yes i would like to bring Faust in to speak her half." when the person isn't really on the server and i doubt it would have been put on hold until they came along due to yourself saying it was 1.20 in the morning. He can also attest that i made my intentions very clear to them during the time, The main reason i did not really shout it to the wind in the TS was to avoid metagame due to several times me doing so caused this to happen between myself Derpy Toast and various other players.


Along with that the Psychic thing it was only for the day she was accused not 11 days n shit, But for the rest of the charges i still dont quite see how they hold up with the evidence that was given, The only one i can see being kinda viable was the Solicitation to Desert but even that is a little wonky af, There really was no disrespect to a Senior Officer because she never disrespected Davidson just gave the reason for why she said the NJP was unwarranted it at all more or less pleading guilty straight up to the Captain and receiving an NJP for it so basically it was handled there and then and never really spoken up about again.


Fair, most of the stuff i said in here was mainly based off of things i heard just wanted it clarified not accusing Xal or Bospy or loaded of anything just needed it clarified and no i do not randomly think that just because you were holding the court martial that you were out to get me thats retarded. Like i said people said some shit and i wanted it clarified due to people saying shit.


Redbrick, Assuming the command structure knew of these things more or less was proven when she herself was brought up on these charges before ever getting a chance to tell anybody (She had a gun put to her head and then ordered to not speak a word to anybody or be killed.) thus kinda making that whole process insanely difficult when you've been told this and ordered to be confined to a room for the duration.


the other part about the charges i really had no idea due to Xal banning me more or less in thinking that my confusion with the whole situation was me being a little bitch and not going to RP it out anyway which i would've done anyway after the questioning/argument thing and still would if its possible, Honestly shoot my ass twice for all i care im down i do apologise for you getting the wrong idea out of my salty ass.


But, I still am seeking an Appeal regardless.




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I feel as though a re-trial is not warranted because you were given the same (if not more) trial anyone else would've received. Sedition is a heavy charge and this is a reminder that you don't have to be on a drop to die in our universe. 


Furthermore, to give you a retrial would be poor form and excruciating to those who've sat through it before, as Id assume the matter would not be dropped until you received an innocent verdict. Unfortunately the current verdict is completely valid in the scenario and even if it were not sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles when your life is in the hands of 3 officers. 


Appeal denied. 

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