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Rate What The Person Above You Is Listening To!

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Hey, remember that thread I did on the Media section of the old forums, well I'm bringing down it down hier cause I thought... "hey gabe everyone is making threads and shit, why not make your own cool little thread" so here it is.


Contribute or not, tis' just for fun.


"Rate What The Person Above You Is Listening To"


simple little rules

Rate myoosic the person is listening to on the scale from 1 to 10, explain reasoning if you want.

You must post artist name and track name.

You must provide a URL to listen to the track (YouTube, MySpace, etc).

You cannot rate your own tracks.

And of course no extremely negative comments if you don't like a persons song.

One song per post, unless you're probably one of those people who listen to multiple songs simultaneously.


Congratulations - Post Malone


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1 hour ago, Zerggy said:

10/10 - I like that song too apparently. Nice beat.

Fucking furries amirite


8/10 -- I liked everything about it but not the furry shit. Yeah. Not that. Mmmhm



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1 hour ago, Red said:

5/10. I don't like the way he raps, but the beat is fine.


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Don't need to listen to rate this one. AOTP and JMT are my shit anyway. 10/10. 


Faya Braz - Shame on a Looper


My buddy has this exact same loopstation. You beat box and it loops sounds and has effects and shit. Best part is, as can be seen in the video, it's usually all from scratch (no pun intended). 

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-8/10, would have been 5/10 but I subtracted 1 for every single Rap song that's been in this thread so far.


Do you kids only listen to the Rap?


I remember the good days of this thread on the old forums when it wasn't the same style in 13 posts on the same page.


Voltaire, When you're Evil. Has a literal minute long intro on it.



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