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[IC] Marauder /Infantry Relation Plan.

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Hello all. As you are aware we will be making improvements to increase the bond and trust between the Infantry and Marauder detachment. There are a few ideas we have in place to begin this journey and lead us into a much more stronger team over-all. The first of which can be seen below:


On-ship interactions: This means multiple things. The first of which is getting out of the bay more. For us to gain this bond with the Infantry off-field will require us to put some effort in to go interact with the Infantry on-board. As the bay is our work space, I would only like to see you all inside that area in times of personal relaxing for after-drops or some time to reflect on some matters yourself, Other than that. I expect each and every single one of you outside it more than you have been.


Another process that involves our bay is our attitude to those that enter inside. Generally when Infantry enter our bay, has been when they are fresh off the boat and eager to fight. Now I am not innocent of this but our attitude towards them generally is more a hostile approach. Although this is our works space. Relations between the new faces an yourself could lead for much better experiences over-all. I would like for all Marauders to escort them outside, chat with them a little if you want or show them around the ship. This will boost relations over-all


Next we will be running some Marauder and Infantry combined training simulations. This will allow for our combat bond to grow and our work with communication and use of abilities to flourish and be tested before given the live experience. As with all simulations, take it as the real deal every time. The more effort you make to attend these training's will benefit not only yourself, but those who will put that trust into you.


And finally for the last part we have in mind is to attend training's hosted by the Infantry them self. Even if you are unable to use your suit in their simulations and what not. You will still be there to grow that bond with them. The further and more effort you put into each one of these tasks. The greater bond we shall have. It is up to each and every single one of us to increase relations and make our work much more pleasant to deal with


For on field operations, it is expected you listen, communicate and of course have some respect for everyone in battle with you. I understand frustrations that can occur when your suit is shot by a bullet from your own side, But it must be treated with attitude that does not come off a full hostile against it. You need them as much as they need you. So don't be afraid to ask for it.


If you have any questions regarding this message, Please feel free to direct it to Myself, Technical Sergeant Traynor or Lieutenant Bailey ( @NightshadeHaze ). Thank you


-Master Specialist Kristina Sigrun. ( @Kris )

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