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Sidearm Rules

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The following are rules and regulations for Sidearms, issued and war trophies.

Paragraph 1 - Federal Issued Sidearms

There are three variants of sidearms that are currently issued to members of the Federal Armed Services.

1. TW-102-S 'Peacemaker' - Issued as standard sidearm to NCOs, marines and some weapon specialists.

2. TW-109-E 'Emancipator' - Issued to SNCOs and senior weapon specialists.

3. TW-111-P 'Reaper' - Issued to psychics, Intelligence operatives, and officers.


Paragraph 2 - War Trophies (Must be taken IC, no ass pulling)

War trophies are allowed, however they are to be kept in the armory, just like any other weapon. You may use them in the field, ONLY IF it is signed off by a Divisional or M.I. Officer.

The following will determine if the weapon is viable for clearance:

Ammunition availability (Federal Issued Weapons are more likely to be signed off)

Ammunition type

Ammunition capacity

Reason for weapon ("I want one", will not suffice).


Paragraph 3 - Sidearm Request Form (Submitted ICly to an officer, passed OOCly through PM's to Pilotfish for logging.)

The following is the format in which a request to an officer will be made:


Rank; Surname ; First Initial




Weapon type requested & Reason (Enter number or  WT: With a description of the weapon)


Signing Officer





Paragraph 4 - On ship use

Only officers, SNCO's (SSgt+), psychics and marines are permitted to carry sidearms on ship.

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Updated with changes brought about by the weapon cert system.


Whilst not all NCOs may carry sidearms out of combat, all Sgts+ should be certified in the peacemaker sidearm for use in the field.

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