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Roll Modifiers for Fleet

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Hello! Modifiers have always been a tricky topic for Fleet and despite instituting them in the past, people either tend to forget about them or just plainly not use them. However, given the new, more consequential role Fleet plays, I believe it's time to bring these highly important buffs back.


What does the roll mean for a member of Fleet?


The rolls are only to be used for a PvE environment, ie.. On the bridge. Much like the PvP rolls for the MI, the PvE rolls for Fleet are a way of simulating experience and skill in what is an otherwise completely luck driven engagement. (For example, a Lieutenant Commander would obviously be more capable in their duties than a basic Crewman.)


There is a catch however.


Your roll modifier only counts if you are in the station you are trained in. ie.. a Navigations Senior Chief would not have their SCPo. roll bonus if they are manning a Weaponry station. They would instead revert back to the roll bonus of a Crewman.


The only exceptions to these rules are the Master Chief Petty Officer, Commander and the Captain.




Cadet | +0


Crewman | +5


Petty Officer | +10


Chief Petty Officer | +15


Senior Chief Petty Officer | +20


Master Chief Petty Officer | +25


Officer Cadet | +25


Ensign | +30


Lieutenant | +35


Lieutenant Commander | +40 


Commander | +45


Captain | +50

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