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Anna Waves PK appeal

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As a preface, I wish to say that I understand the nature of war and the SST universe, and find certain reason within the PK - people get shot and die ingloriously, quickly and quietly. This is reasonable and brings a level of immersion and fun, and, perhaps, if that was the message, and the PK appeal is found unreasonable, it will be the idea that I will hold on to.


However, I do also find the PK itself not reasonable to an enough degree to enforce that idea.

I will start with the main body of evidence - time.



Ex. 1 - Redtext, registering the beginning if an injury that could lead to a PK. Please take a note of the logged time.

Ex. 2 - Redtext, registering the PK coming into power.


With your astute observation, you would find that the time between the start and the end of the PK would be 3 minutes and 12 seconds. And I would explain, what these 192 seconds entailed.

First of all, they started with waiting on the spawn, after /reporting that my character has been killed - following a reasonable announcement in the OOC chat that we should do exactly that.

Finding understanding, about 30 seconds later, that the administrative team would be busy, as it was, after all, an event, and that bothering them to bring my character to about 300 feet from the spawn would be a waste of taxpayers money.

I then spent around a minute to deliver my character to the place of injury. As the event included a forward assault, that place now had nobody to hear the cries or emotes of the character.

Which, around a minute and a half later, resulted in me moving my character to the rest of the group, starting to deliver emotes to describe the situation, and subsequently getting PK'd.


Certainly, such a short time is enough to die from the wounds described, would this be real life or a military simulation. However a character can react instantly in that kind of situation. I, as the player, however, had to find the audience, declaring the emote, and type that out loud, for every single word and letter. I also had to ensure that I was not disrupting the flow of the event or interactions of others, as, and it has been described to me firmly in the first day, connecting to this wonderful server, that roleplaying injuries during an event should be as laconic as possible, due to the hectic, and often unpredictable nature of combat.

I believe I was not given enough chance to react to the circumstances and let my character display them accordingly.


Further down, I will adress questions that would justify such a turn of events.


Was my character doing something stupid  heroic?

No I was positioning my character behind the rest of the group, trying to rubberband a natural following pattern.

Has my character positioned or moved in a way that would justify them dying mechanically?

No, as I moved the character behind the line of fire, and behind the rest of the group.

Have I expressed gross misconduct through the actions of me or my character?

This is for you to answer, while I believe I expressed the characters reactions in a reasonable manner.


To sum the case up :

I was not given enough time to react in-character, the circumstances weren't permitting of that, but it wasn't because I did something stupid.


I do not know who has delivered the PK, as it does not show in the console log, and, seeing the circumstances of the event, and my assumption that organisation and running of events is a complex task has lead me to post an appeal directly here where it can be adressed in due time, instead of perstering the team with /reports.


Thank you kindly for you attention and I hope we together find a reasonable resolution of this case.

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@new username who dis I think this is related to you.


Several of the admins in Teamspeak said they struggled to keep up with what was going on as well - assuming you don't feel too strongly/there wasn't talk behind the scenes in PMs and etc, are you okay to let this one slide?

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