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Radio Discipline

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Radio discipline:

While on ship and in the field, the radio is to only be used in the following situations;

  • To convey orders (Briefings, Debriefings, orders to units or individuals)
  • An emergency requiring immediate attention ("There's a sniper!" "There's a fire in the galley!" "I'm hurt, medic!")
  • Requests and passing information along ("I wish to speak with a Corporal.")


Failure to comply with these will lead to the individual being charged and court martialed under Article 92 Failure to Comply with an order or regulation


How to address someone over the radio:

Either, by rank or rank AND name.

Example: Staff Sergeant or Staff Sergeant Verbeck.


Substitutes for ranks:

Lance - Lance Corporal

Corp - Corporal

Sarn't - Sergeant

Tech - Technical Sergeant

Staff - Staff Sergeant

Top - Master Sergeant

El-Tee - Lieutenant


In addition the chain of command must be followed.

Chain of Command:

The Chain of Command may only be broken in the event of the following:

  • An emergency.
  • There is a break in the Chain of Command. (Go to the next highest rank)
  • There is an issue with a higher up in the Chain of Command.


Enlisted/Specialists > Lance Corporal > Corporal > Sergeant > Staff Sergeant >Master Sergeant >Lieutenant > Captain > Major > Lieutenant Colonel > Colonel



Command: /lrr

Who is issued the LRR:


Senior NCO's

Drop Leader

LRR Qualifed Operators (Must be trained and signed off by a SNCO)


** Corporals will be put through a brief course upon request. Sergeants must have completed this. If your character is LRR Qualified, please send me the name and who trained the character.



Command: /bc

Who can use /bc:


Senior NCO's

Drop Leader

Squad Leaders

/bc is to be used to give orders and communicate vital pieces of information from Officers, SNCO's, Drop Leaders or Squad Leaders

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