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Personal Hygiene

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Male Troopers:

Hair can not cover the eyes, ears or proceed past the collar. Side burns can go no lower than the center of the troopers ear.

Facial hair, you're allowed a neatly kept mustache that must be kept within the bounds of each corner of the mouthAs a special dispensation to the villains, moustaches which grow beyond the bounds of the mouth are now allowed as long as they are considered well-groomed and of suitably villainous style.

Any hair along the cheeks and jawline must be well kept. Growing no longer than half an inch. 

If your facial hair or scalp hair is deemed improperly kept, you will be forcefully shaven of all hair on your head. Eye brows included.


Female Troopers:

When in uniform, in the field or operating around the ship. Female troopers are to have their hair tied back into a neat bun or pony-tail. Anything other than this will cause charges to be laid on the trooper.

Female troopers are expected to maintain their own personal hygiene in terms of all other needs.

If your hair is deemed improperly kept, you will be forcefully shaven of all hair on your head. Eye brows included.


Makeup and body extensions:

Make up: Make up in uniform or on ship, is prohibited.

Hair dye: Hair dye of colours, other than natural are prohibited. Natural dye must be authorised by medical personnel. 

Jewelry: All jewelry with the exception of rings, necklaces or earrings are banned while in uniform. The only earrings permitted are stud earrings. Rings must be removed when operating equipment or weapons. Necklaces are not to interfere with a troopers dog tags. Any other type of piercing or jewelry are banned.

Bio-Techs: Bio-techs are to be well kept, however decals are allowed if the user so wishes.

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For females, can hair cover the eyes? And for the covering eyes rule, that applies when the person who the rule is being applied to looks down so that their hair falls if it will, correct?

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What if it is too short to be tied into a bun at the front yet long enough to fall into your eyes and cause issues?

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