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Heresiarch Grimm

Grimm's Complaint Thread

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So, went on LOA for personal reasons. Come back and hear *something* about weapon specs needing to be revised, which I heard rumours about relating to the USAS in the wake of the Earth Campaign which makes sense, the USAS causes various problems both IC and OOC.


I hear also that the Flamer can't be used against certain things including Friendly MI who are working for the people we're fighting, which @Hicks tried to explain as best he can. I kind of understand what he was saying in regards to that.


I then miss the briefing for the event that happens where we're arresting the Vice Admiral which I'm just rolling with using Aph's standard kit because I'm not sure who we're fighting if anyone. To be on the safe side, the fuel tank is filled with water rather than the usual compound which has been done before in city environments (Crowd Control, Less-Than-Lethal capture, pretty hard to run at someone with a knife when there's a torrent of pressurised water) figuring that if a rule on Flamers being solid does exist and this is one of those situations, I'll get a PM or some such.


Instead, Cronk's Lieutenant gets backhanded by a Marauder and then Aph gets tanked from Lance to Recruit.


If I had solid knowledge of this Hel rule, which as far as I know isn't publicly available on the forums and I only heard about through Cronk, who got it from Durango, and then had to go to various admins before finding one that tried to explain it, said flamer wouldn't of been brought. Aph might be "insubordinate", but not "Lemme just take a Flamethrower on this drop against regulations" insubordinate.


I'd rather have not had to make this post, but unfortunately I can't tell if Durango genuinely dislikes me and that's why his response was "00:24:52 - Col. Elrad Davidson[LOOC]: Make a thread about it" or if it's because of a new rule that Ackua's mentioned where the Admin team's trying to be more of a team and thus Voiding has an entirely new rule in-and-of itself which was made before Xal's LOA (Which took place during mine).


Why this couldn't be resolved with .// or /pm I don't know.

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I was never actually told about the rule regarding the flamer, only regarding the shotgun and that was from I think Franco. Today is the first time I heard about it.

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You want me to handle a complaint against myself? Because that's totally fair? 


Also you idiots really need to pay attention to the god damn PARAGRAPH of rules listed for this section. Especially the part where it says not to chime in unless you were involved or otherwise can be useful. 


@Xalphox gets to handle this one

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As I see it: it was an OOC misunderstanding, and at any rate, a demotion from Lance Corporal to Recruit is illegal without a summary court martial.


Scenario is voided because I accept Grimm's argument that he wouldn't drop with a flamer if he had heard the briefing.

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