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cat danny 25

Medical PSA #2

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Hi, all.


It's recently come to my attention that people in the medical faction have been going behind the backs of senior medical staff and leadership and going straight to the administration team in an attempt to get others in trouble. If there is an issue going on with medical then I, the faction leader, should be the one to hear about it. If not me, a Senior Specialist or above should be told about it as they qualify as NCO personnel within the faction itself. If anyone else goes out of their way to stir the pot behind the backs of others, you will be permanently blacklisted from medical until a new leader is chosen. Medical is in a difficult state right now, and I'm ensuring to take every precaution to try and make it fun and interactive for those participating in it, and fun for those who interact with medical personnel. Drama is not fun!


Thank you. :)

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