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Josephine Drehd

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Face Claim:





Name: Josephine Drehd

Callsign: None

Faction: United Citizens Federation Mobile Infantry

Occupation: Federation NCO

Rank: Lance Corporal

Age: Twenty Two

Birthdate:  11/27/2275

Birthplace: [REDACTED]: Federation Mining Colony

Weight: 156 Lbs

Height: Five foot six

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Greenish Brown

Build: Average, muscular edge

Demeanor: Highly Professional, generally reserved, strict, tough, doesn't take your shit

Archetype(s): Cavalier, Defender, Judge, Soldier


Link for list of Archetypes and descriptions


Habits (Addictions): Addictions are for the weak willed, Citzen

Fears: None of your business, Citizen

Marital Status: Married to the Law

Mental State: Strengthened

Alignment: Lawful Good

Religious Views: Religion is propaganda for the masses, you are better without it, Citizen

Weapons and Equipment:  Morita Mark One, Morita Mark One Carbine, Standard Marine Stun Baton "Duty-Keeper", 'Peacekeeper' pistol, Biometric handcuffs, Flashbangs, smoke grenades, pocket notepad.

Patches: CE (Combat Expertise).

Favorite/Special Item(s): "Duty-Keeper", pocket notepad.

Quotes: "The sentence is death."


Physical Description:


A female of average height with short, jet black hair. She has dark, piercing brown and green eyes and stands with a very rigid and militaristic posture. She has a low, Butch like voice, that has a distinct hint of authority and disdain accompanying it. She maintains a constant frown and has a never ending pissed off expression on her face. She wears Marine BDUs, which she keeps rigorously clean. A stun baton and Peacemaker are strapped to her hips. Her right hand seems eager to use the baton. She bears CE patches. She carries a small notepad, which she can be seen using to write down items of interest. On duty she wears a dark visor that hides her eyes from view. 


Admired|'Friendly'|Professionally Respected|Neutral|Unsure|Professionally Disliked|Professionally Hated|Pure Scum


-Techincal Sergeant Dominic Cage: Master Specialist Technical Sergeant Cage is the Marine who I have served under the most, seeing as he is my XO. He seems to have a generally cheery demeanor when offduty, but switches to a more authoritative one when on the job. He appears to want to 'become friends' with me, something that I generally do not do. Seeing as this is a new battalion for me, I best indulge him a little bit, at least till I get my self settled in.

-Third Specialist Maxwell Anderson: Third Specialist Anderson seems to keep things strictly professional, much like myself, which I can appreciate. But Third Specialist Anderson makes my gut uneasy, something about her...him...it rubs me the wrong way. They seem like they would snap in half if lightly blown upon. I believe I have come to a conclusion about why I am inclined to dislike them. They are small and sickly, and they give off an aura of superiority, not due to being a Marine, but because of their background. I get a heavy upper-class vibe from it. I believe that nothing good is to come of this 'Marine'. My gut feeling was correct, Anderson was nothing but trouble for the Marines. It was brigged for mental health issues and actions, I believe. It escaped after Third Specialist Lexious once agained screwed up on the job. After a shipwide manhun, It was recaptured and brigged. It came forward and admitted that Its accent and air of superiority were all facades put on to make it seem more interesting or authortitave. It is being discharged and removed from the ship. I cannot say I am sad to see It leave.

-Technical Sergeant Blaire MontgomeryHaven't seen him in a while, did Technical Sergeant Cage replace him?

-Third Specialist Jackie Knoxx: Third Specialist Knoxx seems to have a love for trouble. After our little confrontation on Xhi-Shi, I believe that is the planet, I thought she would have changed. Apparently that is not the case, as after she got a 'Good Conduct' award, one that I have absolutely no clue how she got, because everyone here knows she does not deserve it in the slightest, she decided to assault a marauder who had 'pissed her off'. I do not know if she will get punished, because the higher NCOs stepped in once again. It seems they do not seem to like me, or at least Staff Sergeant Verbeck doesn't. Needless to say I am going to do everything in my power to make sure she gets the punishments she deserves, even if that is a court martial and discharge.

-Master Specialist Oliver Graham: I have worked with Master Specialist Graham once, in which we rescued an HVT from a Draconian facility. He was integral to the mission's success, as he gave our Acting Sergeant valuable information and advice. Once the HVT was in our protection, we managed to make it most of the way back without harm. Unfortunately, a grenade landed near us, and while I took most of the blast, the HVT was injured. Like he should have, Master Specialist Graham took care of the HVT, allowing me to patch myself up. A lesser soldier would have been offended, but he made the right and best call. I have not been able to get a read on his character, seeing that the only non on duty interaction we had was asking if I wanted to join him for a bite to eat. I had to decline, as I needed to see the medics. Maybe another day I will accept his offer.

-Third Specialist Blake Lexious: Third Specialist Lexious is now gone. Can't say I am sad to see him go.

-Specialist Alfred Smith: I have not talked with Master Specialist Smith much, but I have fallen under his command a few times on board the Grant. So far each of them has been for PT, mostly due to Third Specialist Lexious's mistakes or Third Specialist Anderson's. The PT itself is not bad, and is quite enjoyable. It keeps the body and mind alert and focused. Despite the reasonings behind it, it is an acceptable use of time. Master Specialist Smith himself seems reasonable, tailoring each exercise's goal to each person. He seems to be a fair man, and respectable at that. At the same time he doesn't let you slack off and pushes you to do your best. He seems to be a good Master Specialiast and I hope to talk to him and get to know more about how he operates soon. Specialist Smith, as he has been demoted, is a mixed bag for me. On one hand he is able to do his job, and does it well. On the other he seems to lack certain disciplines with NCOs. I could be mistaken, and what happened could be a fluke, but I am not sure. Time will tell.

-Sergeant Franco SorrentinoI accompanied Sergeant Sorrentino during the Third Specialist Anderson debacle. He was with me as I guarded the prisoners, and we talked very little.  He seems to be strict when need be, as with Specialist Smith, but friendly and sociable otherwise. He apparently likes to sing as well, as to my displeasure he decided to sing while we waited. I will most likely see him in the field, assuming Second Lieutenant Kowalski retracts her idiotic ban on Marines dropping.

-Second Lieutenant Mikayla Kowalski: I have not talked with Second Lieutenant Kowalski, but her idiotic decision to ban Marines from dropping because Specialist Smith decided to say idiotic as well. I hope and believe her ban will be removed, as the grounds are rocky at best and I am not sure she even has the authority to set such a ban.

-Specialist Anni Jarvinen: Another small and frail looking Marine, fantastic. While I don't need anymore screw ups in our rank, this Marine seems somewhat capable. She was able to get information out of one of the prisoners, which is very helpful. While she seems sweet, she can apparently be a bit sadistic as well, which will come in use if we have any more prisoners. She may actually turn out alright, I will keep my eye on her.

-Mustard Surrogate Tum Salmons: Who is this? He sounds like a bad sandwich. Disgusting.

-Master Sergeant Tom Solomons: I have not talked to Master Sergeant Solomons much, just briefly when I was handing in my report about the information the two prisoners we interrogated. We will see what happens.

-Sergeant Jack O'Neill: A psychic Sergeant who I have worked with twice. I do not like psychics, but I will withhold judgement on him until we have more interactions.

- Third Specialist Qasi Dubois: I have had scarce interactions with Third Specialsit Dubois other than the occasional passing by while on patrol. He seems rather polite, refering to females as Madame, and I would assume males as Monsieur. While I would much rather be addressed by my rank, I will let it slide.


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2lt. Shulz- "Master Specialist Cage, how did Drehd do on her combat exam?"

Cage- "Shes a pass."



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45 minutes ago, Scar said:

2lt. Shulz- "Master Specialist Cage, how did Drehd do on her combat exam?"

Cage- "Shes a pass."



I'm smiling from ear to ear because of that

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Updated Smith, Lex, Anderson and a small update for Cage. Updated Rank, added new Patch section, added CE patch to Patch Section

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Updated: Third Specialist Jackie Knoxx, Third Specialist Blake Lexious (Do not comment on this Arrow), and Technical Sergeant Blaire Montgomery.

Rank up!

Slight addition to occupation.

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Updated Rank and Lexious. Added quotes section for things she has actually said in game and that may be said more often when able.

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