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A. Parker (A WIP, advice, thoughts?)

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Anthony Parker


Anthony Parker had always seemed to be the negotiator of sorts, although loving a good fight, he was always ready to calm it down, either with words, or action. When seen this young man looks to be filled with emotion, all except a couple; fear, sadness, and indignation. He also lacked some sort of pity, although such an emotion would be seen rarely. He seemed alright, but deep down Parker was "off", he wasn't happy, his life a mess due to decisions in the past, although it wasn't visibly evident of depression, if you poked around in his head once and a while you would find him with a form of depression, suicidal thoughts, and hatred for just about everything. He's someone who lies on occasion for no absolute reason, he mostly does it to be a prick, or to get away with something. Parker also found himself difficulty of breathing, he started drugs at a very young age, marijuana at 12, cocaine at 14, and 'shrooms when he was 15, though he only did these on occasion. One of these three things have hurt his physical life, such as stamina and steady breathing. Parker also has troubles with trusting people, even his closest friends, he even feels that some people talk behind his back, talking shit, and planning to murder him. He's paranoid, to say the very least. He grew up like that, his father being a very cautious man, sometimes TOO cautious to point where it got annoying. Even though he was well liked in high school he always seemed to hate just about everyone and everything. It didn't come out as often as you'd think but he despised people, despite them being friends and such. He utterly failed Freshman year and refused to take summer school, which he regretted later on as he struggled (although succeeding) to graduate on time. When he did graduate he was empty, searching for a job, at first it was police officer, then it was becoming a pilot for the Fleet, he did eventually get accepted to Texas Southern University, so he could become a pilot. Which he then proceeded to drop out after a year and decided to just sign up for the Mobile Infantry, he later then became apart of the Medical Division, saving lives, and what have you. He did however lose his left arm to a tiger arachnid, due to him saving a recruit from wanting to get some memorabilia from the field, he would never let this go as it infuriated him. As the three years went on, he decided to go career, he is still continuing to pursue this objective and hopes to be one of the best.

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