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SSTRP planning & town hall tonight at 4.30 PM EST/9.30 PM GMT

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Hi all,


Sorry for the short notice - but this is the first time in a week that I've been un-jet-lagged enough to reliably stay up past 9.30 PM without being a zombie. 


Planning on running a town hall tonight to address some of the concerns raised in the surveys, to discuss GnT/FFRL/divisions and their impact on day to day gameplay, some of the pending technological developments that we've been working on, as well as to serve as an open floor for anyone to raise any concerns or suggestions.


It will take place in Teamspeak - if you don't have a mic, you are welcome to PM. Format will be:

  • Everyone but me will be muted.
  • Anyone who wants to ask a question can PM (not poke) me on Teamspeak. 
  • I'll move through the PMs in sequential order as they were received, answering the question and unmuting the asker.

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