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LCpl. Anni Järvinen

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Name: Anni Järvinen

Rank: LCpl.

Specialization: Mobile Infantry

Physical Description: A woman who would stand slightly below average height, being quite lithe though adequately toned. She would have light blue eyes and moderately dark blonde hair. They would seem to almost always be excited about something, always smiling and energetic. She would don the standard uniform of the Mobile Infantry, being a plain grey uniform with a matching grey beret. The uniform would at times be a bit messy, especially early in the morning. As the day would go on it would generally improve. When sitting she would cross her legs so that her left shin would rest on her right thigh, often seeming to tap her left foot in mid-air rapidly and constantly. 



Admired | Best Friend | Close Friends | Friends | Friendly | Neutral

Loved | Really into | Crush | Interest | Slight interest | Neutral

Mathew Squires -- Inactive JNCO.

Liliana Verbeck --  She would be very friendly with Verbeck, very thankful of the English dictionary given to her by them. Recently after the marine debacle, she might act a bit confused around her.

Norman Rivera -- Somebody Anni used to know a bit, but hasn't been around.

Noah Gargano -- On drop, Anni would just try to make sure he keeps his mouth shut and stays in his place, but nothing personal against him.

Genevieve Vermillion -- The first non-marine she would have met on the Grant. She would want to speak with her whenever she would pass by, seeing her as a friend and calling her such after only meeting her once. K.I.A

Blake Lexious -- She would act around Blake as a friend would, laughing at how silly he would be sometimes, but more laughing with him. She would be the one of the only people on the entire ship to call him by his nickname, "Arrow", on occasion. Transferred.

Josephine Drehd --  Former superior in the marines, Anni would seem to still respect her very much, but they wouldn't be too close anymore.

Jack O'Neill -- Around Jack O'Neill Anni would be quite cordial as always, but take particular interest in talking to him about certain things seeing his experience. She would seem to much enjoy being around him. Recently O'Neill has avoided talking to Anni, and Anni hasn't had any time to pursue a conversation with him, so they wouldn't be seen together. K.I.A.

Qasi Dubois -- Anni would seem to be quite friendly to Qasi, smiling at him all the time as everyone else. She would when teaching him things always make sure to explain the concepts in a very vivid manner and accept as many questions as possible, seemingly excited to help him learn. Transferred

Travis Young -- Anni would not seem to notice this man very readily, and though she might be able to remember him if she really was reminded of his pathfinder days, she would look to see him as any other Private in the MI, him having a rather generic and forgettable face. She would afford him the same kindness as anyone else in general though if they were to interact.

Tinanig -- Anni would seem appreciative of her words and like to be around her when she would be around, seemingly a good comrade and a very good marine made evident by her rapid progression through the marine ranks too. Lance Corporal now, and Anni might attempt to forward their friendship.


Sebastian Bently-- Anni would sometimes be seen staring at Bently from afar, or from a near distance. She would seem to be dazed a bit when around him, and when speaking to him in public she might sound a bit awkward. If heard alone, Anni would speak softly to him and almost sound a bit confused, but it would be obvious that she was happy despite this. One with a sharp eye for such things as emotions and relationship could easily tell she loved him very, very much. Though this would be in private. In public, their relationship would be less intimate, with Anni always addressing him as "Sergeant", and treating him like any other NCO for the most part, thought might be caught staring from time to time.


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On 4/4/2018 at 12:07 AM, Troy Hughes said:

Add Troy? :3

I can't really remember them interacting.


Updated a few things.

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