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Weapon Expert Roster

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E X P E R T   R O S T E R



This roster exists to keep track of how troopers perform in their special weaponry.


Troopers marked with EXPERT have proven themselves to be experts in the respective weapon, and should be trusted to be able to perform well above average when given said weapon.

Troopers marked with EX- are ex-specialists who have recieved training and have experience in using the respective weapon they are marked EX- with.  They can be trusted to know their way around the weapon and tactics to use it at least decently.


If you think someone is worthy of being awarded an expert ribbon, please bring it directly to a Gunnery Sergeant.

Anyone can recommend anyone, regardless of rank.


Command Staff

GUNNERY SERGEANT Valerie Faust (Randynand) (0/+1GMT)

HEAD GUNNERY SERGEANT Elizabeth Graham (Jun) (+1GMT)



image.png.1d52417814ea8e8ff446c102fdc718ac.png   Heavy Weapons Branch

Mellisa Saxton - Ex-M55 Specialist (Mannulus) (-5 GMT)

Jackie Knoxx - Ex-M55 Specialist (Sassy) 



image.png.41617af9a6218db1f3ed4b748eb1d80e.png   Support Branch

Valerie Faust - LMG Expert (Randynand) (0/+1 GMT)

James Herzog - Ex-LMG (Ryu)

Charlie Hopkins - Ex-LMG (Kiwi)

Eric McDowly - Ex-LMG (Dagr)

Adrian Marshal - Ex-LMG (Odin) (0 GMT)

Cierra O'Casey - Ex-LMG (Grizzly Hughes) (-7 GMT)

Adam Pearce - Ex-LMG (InsaineTrooper) (0 GMT)

John Tomokashi - Ex-LMG (Brandon)

Shang Guan - Ex-LMG  (Ymont)

Ashley Olsen - Ex-LMG (Troy Hughes)

Michelle Cooper - Ex-LMG (Terminator)



image.png.8b4db043f032dbd719950c8ae73f6c49.png   Recon Branch

Elizabeth Graham - Ex-Sniper (Jun) (+1 GMT)

Mikail Kuznekov - Ex-Sniper (Tridon) (-5 GMT)

Bailey O'Sven - Ex-DMR (Nier) (-5 GMT)

Alexander Tschenkowitsch - Ex-DMR (KGB)

Ryan T. Lane - Ex-DMR (Sava) (+1 GMT)

Oliver Graham - Ex-DMR (Silent) (-8 GMT)

Niko Radkjovic - Ex-DMR (Proud Serb)

Thomas Constantinos - Ex-DMR (StevieJr)

Daniel Lutrell - Ex-DMR (Scar) (0 GMT) (Transferred out)



   CQC Branch

Lily Richardson - Ex-Breacher (Cloudy Raven)

Maddox Ryder - Ex-Breacher (Arrow)

Alexa Gunn - Ex-Breacher (Ymont)

Imre Horthy - Ex-Breacher (StevieJr)

Zoey Sunderland - Ex-Breacher  (Argon) (0 GMT)

Leana Wells - Ex-Breacher  (Bently) (0 GMT)

Cenarius Crusadious - Ex-Flamer (Doctor Cat) (+1 GMT)

Devin Saiphan - Ex-Flamer  (Litzke/Jek)

Kyle J. White - Ex-Flamer (Bohannon)


Communication Branch

Tarre Beare - Ex-RTO (MrGrumpets) (0 GMT)

Carwyn Evans - Ex-RTO (alright sassy) (0 GMT)

Elizabeth Staines - Ex-RTO (Fitz) (-5 GMT)

Annabelle Thacker - Ex-RTO (Bohica)




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6 minutes ago, El Excellente said:

Rock Sanders - MrSpeedyGrylls - Breacher/Carbine (soon to be)

Will add in a sec, nicely done!

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I was DMR trained before I went on leave. Do I get to keep my specialisation? Pfc. Ryan T. Lane - Sava

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30 minutes ago, Sava said:

I was DMR trained before I went on leave. Do I get to keep my specialisation? Pfc. Ryan T. Lane - Sava

That is a question for the FAQ, not the roster. Please ask there and I will answer.

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New Head Master Specialist system implemented, each MSpc is now responsible for a branch's trainings. Any MSpc can still train any Branch (Exception for DMRs due to specific exams), but the head is responsible for training their branch.

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