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Terran Planets in the UCF

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Below are a list of some of the planets which share similar features to Earth, including similar atmospheric and geographic conditions which have made these planets significant population centers for the United Citizens' Federation.
(10.15 billion)
Four times the size of earth, the planet is appropriately named after the titan Pallas from Greek mythology. First colonized in 2093, Pallas stands out due to its productive capabilities benefiting both the UCF and the private sector. The expansive shipyards that are capable of rapidly producing both private and military-grade space-faring vessels make Pallas an important cog in the Federal war machine.Notable cities: New Portsmouth, New Kanaro
(523 million)
A critical farming colony for the Federation, Roku San supplies a very large portion of food and raw materials to several systems in the UCF. Due to a checkered history with the Federation, Roku San, and previous Arachnid attacks, the general populace holds predominately negative views of the Federation. The Mobile Infantry maintains a presence on Roku San to combat any future Arachnid attacks. Their garrisons were boosted after the events of Operation Breadbasket. Notable cities: Okayama, Hesper, Clearmont
(960 million)
A popular refueling destination for military and civilian space vessels alike. Eleuse is covered in vast marshes and swampland that its 960 million denizens call home. Eleuse enjoys the luxuries of being a well-populated colony in a region of space with high traffic. Notable cities: Balanka, Marston Springs, Nuevo Acapulco, Porto-Vecchio
Zegema Beach
(2.5 million)
A planet famous for its scenic beach fronts and balmy weather, Zegema Beach has gained a reputation of being a tropical paradise. However, its status as a popular vacation spot didn't stop Arachnids from mounting a surprise attack during the First Bug War, wiping out the vast majority of the unprepared colony. The Federation reclaimed Zegema Beach once more after nearly half a year of arduous fighting against the entrenched Arachnids. The estimated cost to restore Zegema Beach to its previous state is estimated to be approximately 78,000,000,000,000 . Today, Zegema Beach is safe, and is guarded closely by Fleet and Mobile Infantry assets.
(<2 million)
The majority of Cordelia is covered with water and severe, erratic weather patterns over the majority of the planet. Of the few landmasses on the planet, the only ones that are habitable lie on Cordelia's equator. Cordelia's tourism industry boomed after the destruction of Zegema Beach, its tropical waters being an ample replacement for Zegema Beach's famous waterfronts. Notable cities: San Cristello, Pantelleria, Puerto Del Sol
(47 million)
Nestled in the Crab Nebula, Salk is a terrestrial planet with a similar geographic and atmospheric makeup as earth. The planet is split into fragmented continents, and has a similar tectonic profile to earth as well. Initially settled by Pentecostal pioneers in 2208, Salk's natural resources drew in more settlers than initially expected. Salk was recently the setting of a violent war between the Federation and the terrorist group the Salk Liberation Front. Starting in 2291 and drawing to a close in early 2297, Salk is now dealing with the damage and an influx of refugees from the wake of Operation Breadbasket. Notable cities: Abboud, Lafayette, Kearney, Tigris
(25 million)
A planet dotted with fractured continents covered in thick jungles and incredibly tall plateaus and peaks. Notable cities: Ottokar, Rico, Wenceslaus
(1.1 billion)
Settled in 2253, Strelitzia is an important food producing colony for the Federation. Strelitzia's soil is incredibly fertile, and shares a landscape similar to Earth's northern Engand and Scotland, with rolling hills, deep lochs, and mountain ranges similar to the Scottish Highlands.Europa(2.4 billion)One of Jupiter's moons, Europa was settled prior to the invention of the Cherenkov drive. The moon is an important economic center for the Jovian system, and the Federation. Europa has undergone terraforming to make the planet more habitable and similar to earth. 
(987 million)
Another of Jupiter's moons colonized prior to the invention of the Cherenkov Drive. Ganymede's internal oceans were the subject of much research, especially after extraterrestrial algae was discovered on Titan hundreds of years ago. Today, Ganymede's civic centers are mostly subterranean or subaquatic. 
(2.7 million)

Priyanka is the Maganas system's only planet, and is located on the border of the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The Mobile Infantry maintains a consistent presence on the large planet that is frequently under threat from Arachnid invasion. Most of the population lives in a single heavily-fortified colony, Fort Shenandoah. Life on the planet revolves primarily on fishing and water conservation, as the planet rarely has any forms of precipitation.


(1.1 billion)
Rana was initially settled in 2213 by a group of Nizari muslims in the Khattab Basin on Rana's largest megacontinent, Canopus. Rana is very seismically active (twice as many tectonic plates as earth), and is noted for its geysers and thermal vents that release pressure from deep below the planet's surface. Rana's primary exports are platinum, textiles, and electronics.
(12 million)
Leda is a very small oceanic planet with heavy amounts of seismic activity. Most of the planet's economy is centered on deep-sea mining and offshore refinement. Leda was the sight of one of the Federation's worst environmental disasters after a meltdown of a nuclear reactor in Essel, one of the planet's most populated islands. Over 830,000 people were displaced as a result of the meltdown.
(6 billion)
Most citizens know Arne by Federation News Network broadcasts of the massive insurgent uprisings from 2233 to 2234 The Federation responded with Operation Tower, a strategic offensive against key separatist positions in the planet's most populated country, Sagia. The Federation lost 7,000 Mobile Infantry and 18 Fleet Staff while the separatists lost 9,000. Today, Arne is peaceful, and primarily serves as a trading and refueling center in the Jala system.
(4.5 billion)
Elixaeberna is an earth-like planet with several societies and cultures. Most infrastructure is located on the central contintent of Malmö where Federation Fleet ships are manufactured on massive shipyards in the continent's Jägare Valley. Elixaeberna was the site of a devastating terrorist attack in which anti-Federation insurgents had sabotaged two Fleet cargo ships resulting in 279 dead and over 500 injured.
(50 million)
Mossadeh is a small moon orbiting Tourniko, home to a mining port which acts as a relay station and trade hub for freighters operating in the nearby asteroid fields. While Mossadeh has no mineral worth in itself, the nearby asteroids are home to a great deal of iron, gold, titanium, and other useful metals.

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