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*A transmission comes in across all frequencies*


*A Strong Scottish voice rings across the net, Desperation and fatigue in his voice*

"TO all who can hear this..."

"This is Colonel James Augustus Grant, To all who can read this, The Unionists are falling, we are prepared to make our final stand at Bastion prime, O'Briens dogs have beaten us back."

"We are at breaking point, The 1st Morita "Guards" are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifise, but we cannot hold, We are preparing for evacuation and try to evacuate the councillors..."

"IT is our darkest hour but I dont think we could hold for long..."

"We will try and secure the councillors at Bastion, and attmept our evacuation to get them to safety, but O'Brien is relentless..."

"I hope we can hold...but my men know their duty.."


"Colonel James Augustus Grant signing off."


*The Radio cuts off as some gun fire rings out as static rings across the NET*









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