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Lydia Valentine

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- Picture is a WIP-



General Information:

Name: Lydia Schmidt Valentine

Age: 29. Birthday: October 20th.

Family: One confirmed, Irish Smith Valentine.

Place of Origin: Terra.

Height: Five foot nine

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Eye Color: Viridescent

Branch: Fleet.

Morale: High

Health: High.



Well Educated, Snarky and elusive, this woman carries herself with the finesse of a Rich-Woman but with the brash and distaste of a hardened cynic. An often found reading woman who pushes herself to stoicism which often makes people seem to think that she is being passive aggressive and filled with attitude, except she may quite possibly be right however her tone does not help anything. Her voice is near light and kind, yet because of the nature of her accent she often comes off as pompous and demanding. It glides throughout the ship with extreme ease as she speaks the most difficult of words with pure bliss.



Backstory: (WIP)



Relationships (Want more, comment the name of your character.)


Alysia Harper - Neutral, she's my boss.


Maxine Valentine - Neutral, Whilst I don't agree with her way of training or some of her ideas of me. I did agree to act like her sister, which seems like a pretty fun ruse.


Hannah Zhao - Neutral, I've met her little but she seems kind. I will always love the uniform of Intelligence either way. She did accept my offer for coffee, now we just need to drink it together.


Choi - Neutral. Perhaps bordering on the dangerous midpoint. I'm unsure how to feel about someone so cagey. 


Bernhard Franke - Friendly, Whilst he lacks a little in the mind, he's quite capable, and friendly at that. I look forwards to doing more PT with said person.


Ashley Weiss - Friendly, I like her, she is a pretty good friend even if she talks as much as me. At least she indulges in conversation and has taught me a few things of what people here do.



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