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A Timeless Classic

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this video is interesting because it helps mark a transition point in the gmod community


a lot of people, including myself, saw shit like war of the servers, or stuff from people like djy1991, ICTON, and other people who used garrysmod to show some pretty incredible things.

you could look up 'garrysmod' 10 years ago and get an assortment of quaint, or sometimes spectacular machinima, and shit like that. it prompted a lot of people to pick up the game. it was how a lot of people were introduced to the medium. and what a way to be introduced! just look at the production value for war of the servers. (compare that now with the average production value of whatever garrysmod lets play was uploaded today but still manages to accumulate millions of views)


fast forward a couple years, and the Let's Play wave has now replaced that. people now knew gmod through hundreds and hundreds of let's plays from people like VanossGaming, seanyanners, blah blah. influx of children, influx of people not really as captivated by that original creativity that gmod was first associated with.


if you were someone who enjoyed the creativity exhibited on youtube in the early days of gmod, i implore you to not search 'garrysmod' and scroll through the hundreds, HUNDREDS of vanossgaming thumbnails, GARRYSMOD FUNNY MOMENTS, hide and seek pewdiepie prophunt aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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also if you like war of the worlds, check out the album version of it by jeff wayne. war of the servers uses a lot of the music from it. it's fucking great.



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