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Greetings, crewman. Do you wish to serve your Federation, but no longer possess the means to do so? Do you wish to play a part in the battle for the future of mankind but don't have the capacity to fight it out in the trenches? You have a place in the Fleet Auxiliary! 


The Fleet Auxiliary is comprised of men and women of all ages, capability and physical health who are here to support the war effort in any way they can! Your position and role onboard the vessel or installation you are assigned to is suited directly to your skills and capability! 


Possess a taste for the culinary? Positions are open for cooks in the mess!


Want to keep our troopers in clean mind and condition? Positions are open for janitors!


Good with numbers and dates? Positions are open for secretarial positions under the Yeoman!


Technical whiz or ex-engineer? Positions are open for technicians!


Sign up today!


Accepting all civilian, citizen and military applications!




Note from the Captain:


In light of our current and most desperate of struggles, The Auxiliary Department will be opened to all applicants; Fleet, Mobile Infantry or otherwise. In the past, we could afford a simple discharge, but that's no longer the case. It's all hands on deck and even if you can't be slogging it with the ground pounders or flying high with the flyboys, you can still play a role in the fight for Earth. Keep in mind, a lot of these kids I see with no legs on the verge of discharge don't have anywhere left to go. They will always have a home on this vessel.


Glory to the Federation.



Your Captain,


Aramis A. Hux


Captain Aramis A. Hux 

Commanding Officer of the Ulysses S. Grant

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// The roles of Fleet auxiliary are highly modular and essentially tailored around what you want to do. If you enjoy passive rp on a ship's setting, this is ideal for you. Want to be a bartender? Have at it. Want to mess hall rp? Go for it! The options are yours. (If you are an MI and feel like cooking or cleaning, then by all means do so. Don't feel constrained by the Fleet Auxiliary.)  


Also, if your character receives a PKable injury (losing an arm or leg) they can transfer over to the Fleet auxiliary so that you can still play as the character, albeit not on drops. Just come see me when I am on, or shoot me a message over the forums. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section of this thread. :) 

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