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Standard Colour System

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After asking many players spanning from Privates to Corporals, and some of the Sergeants, everyone seems to be in agreement that the S.C.S will help them and their squad during events upon the server.

"But what is this???"



S.C.S (Or the Standard Colour System) is a set of RGBs. What's special about these RGBs is they have two different shades of the same colour, to differentiate squad leads (and their second in commands) from the rest of the squad. This is MOSTLY supposed to be a help during radio chatter, however it can most definitely aid in a new-join identifying their assigned squad lead once they're tended to.

Currently there are 4 sets of RGBs, as I've never seen a need for more. If a need for more does arise, we will happily sort that out.

Command staff - 130 130 130

Orange - 255 150 0
Orange Lead(s) - 255 90 0

Blue - 0 150 255
Blue lead(s) - 0 50 255

Green - 0, 120, 30 
Green lead(s) - 33 255 0

Note about green: Yes, it is a different shade than the default green, allowing us to see who is assigned and who isn't.

Speaking directly to squad leads here, if you aren't an admin already, and the admin hasn't already set your colours, simply ask in /report for both your leadership RGB and the squads RGB to be set.
"/report hey admins, can you set my colour to '255 90 0'? I'm orange lead / 2IC"

I'm encouraging you all to start using this 'S.C.S' . If you don't wont to or simply cannot memorise the RGBs (Which is totally okay if you can't), you have plenty of time during the preparation phase of events to check this post itself for your RGBs.


@F r a n c o

Ps: If you've any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me or any other command staff via a forum PM.

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