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NCO and your OOC Duty

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Howdy. I'm going to hit some key points every NCO needs to know on SST. It's not just about In Character leading. You, as an NCO (and even the officers) have a duty to ensure everyone on the server is involved and having fun during an event. We're here to tell a story, not win medals on our virtual characters.




Communicate with the staff running the event. If you're an admin, this should be a piece of cake. If you're not, don't sweat it. Use /report to ask questions, and Staff will give you all information you need in order for you to ensure everyone is involved and the story continues at a steady pace.


Example, yes, it would be a 100% good idea to leave ONE SQUAD outside, whilst another clears a complex, or a bunker. That is a logical idea. However, before doing so, ask an admin if it's really necessary.


/report 'Hey, do you want me to leave a squad outside to watch our rear, or is that not required?' At times, you may even utilise NPCs to ensure you cannot be outflanked. During recent campaigns, we had three platoons deploy ICly, allowing the entire playerbase to be involved in whatever the event admins had in store, whilst also ensuring out 1st platoon didn't get cucked from the rear or a certain flank. Not only does this help us icly, as players, it also helps staff condense the area they need to work with. There won't always be 4+ admins on an event, and sometimes splitting up is very hard, and even impossible for a singular admin, or even a duo. 


Let's face it, not everyone likes to sit around doing garrison roleplay. Some do, and that's fine, but at the end of the day, many people would rather roleplay kicking in doors than cracking an MRE open. Often on sstrp.net we'll break realism for fun and enjoyment of the masses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it's highly encouraged.




This applies to you, though not in the same capacity as Dropleads. 'Should I leave a fireteam in this building whilst the rest of my squad pushes forward?' With squads theres a bit more wiggle room, as squad leads, by NATURE, have less people to worry about than the Droplead. However, if you fear than not everyone in your SQUAD will be entertained, ask via /report if the action you're about to do is alright, generally, follow the same rules of thumb as the other points hit.


What if I don't get an answer?:


Play it by ear and always do what's best for the player base as a whole., using your discretion to decide the best course of action. If you TRULY believe you absolutely need to get this question answered, and it simply isn't being answered by the staff running the event, and /report and /pm are both not working, try asking another staff member, who is partaking in the event, to relay your question. 


You won't be punished because you did not have the information you needed to do your OOC job effectively. That being said, it's not a petty excuse you can use whenever you want. If an admin straight up refuses to cooperate with you, be it on purpose or otherwise, It'll more likely than not be investigated.


Tying it all together:


This is not something you guys should depend on / overtly abuse. it'd be best to try and get as much information as you can near the beginning of an event to ensure there s no mid-event panic trying to replay information between people. If the drop lead wants to be in teamspeak with you, and you do in fact go to our teamspeak, everything would just be simplified further and flow much more smoothly. This is not required by you, and surely not required by the admin running the event.



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