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IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

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Starting off with me, skinny fucking mcgee, comin atcha with dem mirror pics fucking end my life I swear to god





And since I didn't have a heavy bearded picture of me I like, this will have to do




Also here is a pic of my dog:



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Here’s a few pictures of me flexing on y’all in my reenactors uniform (for the 7th Wisconsin) there’s also a few reenactment photos in there, and the last one is my senior photo Incase you wanted to see my glory without the uniform.







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5 minutes ago, Durango said:


Wrong neighborhood, motherfucker

(had to SS bc don't have originals) 




See you on the fucking field, Billy

Bring it on Johnny. Have fun losing to the boys in blue a second time.

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3 minutes ago, Durango said:

I can't hear you over the sound of cold harbor 

What state do you reenact in btw, and what’s your regiment?

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9 minutes ago, Yuu said:

What state do you reenact in btw, and what’s your regiment?

Kentucky. Used to be a bunch of Confed regiments (3rd,5th, 7th) in my area but they all formed into one. Haven't been to one in about two years tho. 

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