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-The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

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- Daniel J. Dumont -

112th Battalion, 1st Medical Brigade; 34th IR, 182nd Detachment; A Company, 1st Platoon





Daniel Dumont is a man who is seldom out of trouble; Falling to the simple temptations of life, Dumount is a man who is simply known as an asshole. He continuously tests boundaries as a unique method of judgement to characters while also providing a demeanor that could be classified as immature. Beneath this aroma, an intelligent figure-head lies with the capabilities of being much more than he makes himself out to be.


Since his upbringing, Dumont began his trend of being a trouble-maker; a class-clown. Often flunking from school in his early-teens, it wasn't until his high-school life where he began to take things a little more seriously. Succeeding in school, he managed to graduate with High-Honours and was even offered scholarships for his physical abilities in sports.


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She scoffed at him in mere disbelief, her face mimicking a woman completely offended. She stood, leaving, just moments later.

"You're so smooth, man."

He chuckled, gesturing for another drink.

Character Summary

Name: Daniel J. Dumont

Aliases: Danny, Dan

Age: 22

Date of Birth: October 21

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150 Lbs.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Build: Mesopmorph

Skin Tone: Tanned

Sex: Male

Language: English (Federal Standard)

Awards: Mobile Infantry Silver Star (x2), Outstanding Services to Combat Medicine Ribbon (x3), Mommies Favorite Child (x1)

Rank: Specialist

Promotion Record: 3Spc. -> 2Spc. -> Spc. -> SSpc. -> MSpc. -> SSpc. -> Spc.

Deployment Record: 44 Combat Drops, 3 Campaigns



The figure before you stands at roughly at 5-foot-ten. He has dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned complexion. His face is no-longer shaven, masking his age; Perhaps mid twenties? He has broad shoulders and a toned-build. He holds himself quite confidently and continuously appears to be of high-moral, appearing happy. While speaking, he comes off as perhaps slightly sarcastic. He smells of pine. While on deployment, he has a holstered weapon on his hip and a patrol-pack on his back.


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"God also made fucking sloths, retards and STDs," he barked back.







- Scouted -




The display of pure physical exertion made the on-lookers stands as they began to shout their words of encouragement, doing all they could to make their man ran faster.


It was offender vs. defender. More was on the line than mere goals, but that's what it all came down to. Goal or no-goal. Winner or loser.


Much like the hunter-and-gatherers before them, they barreled after their prey: a ball, scampering away via the inertia that propelled it away from the initial clash of heads and bodies.


The offender was the first to reach the ball -- He controlled it and moved it back. The defender was thrown off by a simple maneuver, thus over-shooting his target. His friends were close behind, and the offender pushed forward.


All that stood before the offender was a man whom protected the net. With the enemy-pack hot on his heels, the offender decided to rocket the ball. It moved with incredible speed, and the man that stood in his way could do nothing but pray he moved in the right direction.


The ball moved high-left, and the goalie moved high-right. The cheers were over-powered the 'awhs' as the ball found home. Dan had done it.




- First -




Anything audible had sounded robotic, of which included the ever-present groans.


He released an audible exhale of breath. Everything had been so loud. The wounded oh-so heavy. The time oh-so limited.


He had been shaking prior to the deployment, and he didn't think it had stopped. A grunt called his attention, and he moved towards it.


He was intercepted by a man he couldn't seem to name and the way he looked at him was almost worrisome. Was he himself wounded?


"Just take a seat," the man grumbled. He obeyed.




He swiped at his face as to get the numbed feeling off of it. His palms smudged red. He should have been disgusted, but he was too tired to care.


He had reached for his canteen, but it was punctured. He didn't mind as he wasn't that thirsty. His mouth was only dry.


That day had never seemed to end.


- The Beast -





The gun-shots did not let up, and neither did the artillery.


The causalities were moved into the underground parking-garage. The air was ever-dusty, and dustier with seemingly every vibration. Its foundations croaked and groaned, mimicking those moved.


He looked down to her, and she looked back. She had taken multiple gunshot wounds and was continuously moving in-and-out of consciousness.


A sound momentarily distracted him from his work. A loud pop. He soon ignored it. She grinned.


"You heard it," she croaked.


Daniel nearly teared up as reality began to set in. "Heard what," he said, attempting to not believe it. He turned to his right.


The beast sat there. It popped again. Daniel had his jaw drop, his eyes widen.


The round slammed to his right, killing the Engineer and those he had stood over. The roar echoed and Daniel yelped. The shock-wave threw him onto the woman and took his hearing. The dust, once unbearable, was now everything. He felt sick.


He went to stand, but his legs prevented him. He was scared for he knew he was going to die. The pop was present once again, almost like a hell-hound barking at him. He dragged her behind a pillar, and him and that gentleman there. The concealment of dust was seemingly a momentary blessing.


Pop. The engine would not start. It fired again.


Daniel teared-up. Not like this, surely. The wounded laid unconscious but her.


He took a breath. "Can't say I didn't do nothing for ya'," he said, the words coming shakily out of his mouth. He took the grenade and pulled the pin. The 'Pop' sounded again and he began to moving towards it.


The dust cleared before him, and there it sat: the beast. It seemingly looked right at him -- He walked still towards it, accepting that this was all he could do. Surely he would die here in a pathetic attempt.


A hatch from its internal compartments flung open as the beast sat there. He moved briskly, shoving the grenade down the barrel. The man jumped out, and Daniel did not know what to do.


The grenade ripped the barrel open. The blast caused Dumont to drop. The man was on him in seconds, wrapping his hands around his neck. He began to be choked to death.


His hands reached everywhere. First he tried to choke him back, but, alas, his posture was too upright. He tried to buck him off, but he sat too heavily. He tried to grab for anything, but noting was in reach.


His grip weakened suddenly as he was bleeding out. Dumont began to cough, his head feeling incredibly light. The man fell to his side and, together, for just a moment yet, they laid together. Air filled his lungs and he stood... He limped back, leaving the man to die.


"Mobile Infantry Silver Star," the man stated, for Colonel Davidson had approved.



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"I don't need friends, they disappoint me."

Animated GIF




The Captain, Sebastian Bently


"I really like you, but also really hate you... So I guess you're alright, Captain. Thanks for bein' there for me after all these fuckin' days."




The Master Sergeant, Travis Young


"Full pause -- Who the fuck are you? 'Cause you weren't some Private, man. You're like some weird ninja-special-forces cross-breed. All I know is our first time crossin' paths, I was hanging upside down and I learned to stay-clear. Good luck on the promotion but, by the sound of things, you've probably been there a thousand times before."

Ylva Hilmarsdottir


"I don't know how it happened, but we immediately clicked and now, low-key, I think you're fuckin' -awesome-. I've met no one with the balls like yourself to stand up with the only good-quality shit that passes the time. Nearly piss myself laughing every time you're around. Every memory with you cracks me up."




Wendy Goodwin


"Didn't end the way I wanted it to. I don't know... You just deserved better. Sorry for hurting you."




Cait Donovan


"She's pretty awesome -- One of the few who appreciate 'my work.' She's well on her way to becoming a good Medic, which is neat to see... Just hope I'm not -too- much of a bad influence. Stick 'round, 'Teddy.'"

William Saint-Claire


"Big guy workin' in intelligence now as an officer. Good for him. To be quite honest, I don't mind him. He's pretty cool."

Sylase Freeman


"He's not too bad -- One of the medics. Seems like he's learnin' well. Has the initiative and drive to be one although, sadly, I think he's basing himself off of me. Wrong move, pal -- Only I can be Dumont. Be more successful bein' yourself."

Alicia White


"I don't even know where to begin with this one -- For starters, I had no idea that she was actually pretty fuckin' cool. She's also kinda funny... in her own weird way. She's also surprisingly great company and interesting to talk to when you're not on her bad side. And of course, she's also really -really- ho--... ... Oh, Fuck..."




Lisa Bennet


"She's an incredibly talented medic who has a seemingly never-ending knowledge in the field of medicine. A'int bad to look at, either. Not too many run-ins with her, but she seems professional and cool... even lets a little humor slide every now and again."

The Colonel, Elrad Davidson


"Used to run the show, but now he's a Private First Class... Don't know if I missed something. Never really got to work with him, although last I saw he was pretty banged up."

Engineering Hard-Ass, Troy Hughes


"Outside of being an Engineer, you're an alright guy. Sorry to hear about your head, pal."




✝️ The Psychic, Jack O'Neill


"I hate getting emotional, but you were someone I could always talk to. You got it. Isn't a day go by where I don't think about you, man."

✝️ Fatty-T, Genevieve Vermillion


"I'm sorry for making your life so difficult, but I suspected you didn't really mind it. Everything I know today I thank you for. Isn't a moment that goes by where I a'int thinkin' about that night. The ball of fire is ingrained into my vision. I wish there was something I could have done, but there really was nothing to do. Fort Dumont lives on, if you're listening... Miss talkin' to you." 

✝️ Jennifer Hayes


"I enjoyed talking with you quite frequently. In your memory, I still keep to our little work-out routine. Miss seein' you just reading. Hope you're happy up there and kickin' around. You still owe me that spar."

✝️ The Marines, Tina Konig


"Judging by the few conversations we've had, you seemed like an incredibly likable person. Sorry things got so awkward between us so quickly. Wish I could have gotten to know you better."



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