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Grizzly Hughes

Jennifer Hayes [KIA 21/7/2298]

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Basic Information:


Name: Jennifer Katherine Hayes

Age: 29

D.O.B: May 16th, 2268

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Federation

Role(s): Mobile Infantry   

Kin: N/A; All Close Family Deceased

Homeworld: Kill, Ireland, Terra

Alignment: Neutral Good

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

Build: Mesomorph

Rank: Sergeant





She was born in Ireland and grew up well. Her family was small, but they made do with what they had while her two brothers had always kept her on her toes throughout their childhood together. At 18 years old, she enlisted into Military Intelligence where she served two years as a Federal Marine. After serving her term of service, she got out and joined the municipal police force on Shoreridge III. There did she thrive as a result of her marine training, two years passing like a breeze. She became a sergeant in her department, having worked as valiantly as possible in her eyes. She then later met her future husband, also a fellow officer. They dated for a year or so and threw themselves into a  marriage. Then a tragic incident occurred; a separatist attack took place at the police department. They took the lives of most of the stationed forces, even those who hadn’t been officers but simply bystanders. The attack also took her husband from her alongside many of her friends. After the tragic event, she was appointed to be the chief of police for her county. She served as the police chief for approximately three years, mourning her husband along the way and to this very day. After a relatively short career with an underground fighting club, she had no choice but to resign from her coveted position - not as a result of incarceration, but because of the black mark dropped on her record. She left Shoreridge III and made her way back home to live in Ireland for however long she deemed fit. During her stay back on Terra, she had trouble with numerous things that are easily unmentioned rather than brought to light. She took some time to leave Terra and travel with a supply ship before Terra fell to the Progenitors. Immediately after the siege had commenced, she re-enlisted right away and had been assigned to the 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion.




Strength: 16/20

Dexterity: 12/20

Constitution: 11/20

Intelligence: 15/20

Wisdom: 18/20

Charisma: 11/20


Misc. Attributes:


Combat Rating: 7/10

Pain/Health: 9/10

Wealth: Higher Tax Bracket







Character Description:

Long auburn red hair that is often put up into a bun or ponytail, clear topaz-blue eyes, physically fit  body indicated by the fitting of her uniform, numerous scars and tattoos litter her body in its entirety.






Hayes in her Marine uniform



Hayes in her Police uniform





Personal Relationships

Relations: Loved | Admired | Like Family, Brethren | Good friends | Friends | Acquaintance | Neutral | Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--




--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

Sgt. Jack O’Neill - Helped her better herself, she fell in love after some time together, share similar events in their life. She loved him very much. He continues to be in her thoughts.

3Spc. Carolynn Grent - Seems amazing, new workout buddy, helping Dumont workout, became to close. She died while Hayes was away.

3Spc. Charlotte A.F. von Wittman - At first she hated her for her snobbiness, but now likes her, excellent friend. Helping her with many things

Pfc. Simo Hyvonen - Helped her a few times, good leader.

Sgt. Troy Hughes -  Has shown kindness, and worked well together, slightly admires him, good leader. He continues to help her in her toughest time. She is starting to fall in love again. She has fallen in love. Love the talks they have.

3Spc. Richardson - Great person, kind hearted, not push like the rest of the ship, trusting. Became an asshole after certain events. Tried to get O’Neill brigged for nonsense.

SSgt. Sebastian Bently - Been kind to her, has helped her a bit with recent events. Shows a good level of leadership capability. They talk a lot, she like his leadership. They are great friends.

2Spc. Daniel Dumont - Smart mouth, seems like a good heart, helping him workout with Grent.

MSpc. Valerie Faust - First time seeing her she jumped on a grenade with her pack noble. Very noble. Talked with her several time great person.

Spec. Williams “Cool” Beans - At first she didn’t like the man but in time he really lightens the mood, Funny guy

MSpec. Valerie “Panzer” Faust - First time seeing her, she was carrying a Mark two. Impressive. Her little interaction wasn’t bad.

Cpl. Noah Gargano - A good leader for the most part, needs a little work but better than others.

Pfc. James Chevosky - Has swapped jobs a few times, A good hearted soldier.

Cdt. Alysia Harper - Great person, like her bartendering skills. Like to test her





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