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Ichigo Okano

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Ichigo Okano


112th Medical Detachment



(Ichigo drawn as an Anime character by a street artist during her visit to Japan)

May not accurately represent her appearance.

Voice/Tone Claim:




Theme Song






Name: Okano, Ichigo

Aliases: Okano

Age: 21

DOB: July 5th, 2277

Hair color: Black

Eye Colour: Yellowish-Green

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140

Race: Asian-Canadian

Ethnicity: Japanese

Gender: Female

Body build: Ectomorph

Language(s): Japanese, English

Home Planet: Terra. Richmond, Vancouver 

Awards: N/A

Rank: Third Specialist


::Medical Records::





Snapshots of her past.


Do you know how god damn hard it is to find random Asian chicks that look the same? Well, it's really not. But it is time-consuming. 



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