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[IC] Funeral Detail Form

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SSgt. Franco Sorrentino


Infantry, today I come to you with a humble request. Please, fill out the form attached below, and have it sent to Myself, Staff Sergeant Hawkins, and Staff Sergeant Verbeck. The forms will be sent to the upper echelons of command as well. The purpose of this form is to ensure that, in the event of your passing, your funeral and belongings are handled as you would wish, in the most respectful and timely manner we can possibly give.


Note: If you do not wish to write a single detail, or simply do not fill out this form at all, Standard Military Funeral Customs will be applied, and delegated to the Command Staff of the unit, as they see fit.



Who would you like to handle the arrangements of your funeral?:


What is your religious affiliation, if any?:


Is there anyone specific you wish to speak at your funeral?:


What decorations would you like you populate your funeral service? (Please note the ships limited options in this war. Be as specific as possible, and we'll ensure your request is met as closely to the Tee as possible):


Do you wish for your casket to be closed, or opened? (Note, certain circumstances may call for an automatic closed casket. Caskets will always be closed when jettisoned into space):


What song would you like played during the proceeding?:


What song would you like played whilst your casket is launched into space?:


Who would you like to handle your personal possessions?:


Outside of these specific lines, Standard Military Customs will apply. If you have any special requests outside of the above lines, please write them below, in as much detail as possible:





SSgt. F. Sorrentino
First Platoon, Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion

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(( On an OOC note, no, you aren't forced to fill this out. Yes, this would realistically be sorted already. This just adds some IC fluff, and makes things easier down the road, if things are already documents. Also, send these forms (the boxed in section) to -all- Staff Sergeants. Names listed below


@F r a n c o




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