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Current State of Specializations

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Hello all,


Upon my return, I have discovered information regarding the progress and overall operation of Weapon Specialists during my absence has been a bit over-exaggerated in a positive manner.


I currently find the specializations doing nothing but adding ranks to the Infantry, and letting people use certain attachments.


This is not what I wanted for the subdivision. 

This was intended to give more people mission-critical roles during combat, and provide roleplay by doing such.


As a result, the subdivision will now be handed off to @Maple Leaf Moosefucker , @Cronk, and myself.


The rank of Gunnery Sergeant will be abolished.


All current specialists will carry on as normal until otherwise notified.



A big thank you for the efforts made by @Kraegus. To note, he is not responsible for the decline of the division, rather I take that responsibility myself. I released the division pre-maturely, and it has proved as such. 


Your Obedient Servant,



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