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[IC] Ashley' Rose's Will and Last testements

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The letter before is hand written, It appears wrote with sincere and yet a tone of happiness.


"Dear 112th..."

"If you are reading this, Then I have passed... It is unfortunate but it is war, and in war we make sacrifises, I gave my blood, sweat and tears onto the division and to all of you, You were all my family, Even though after being adopted I ended up with two families, You were my real brothers and sisters, so I wrote you all individual pieces... Im a sucker for making you fuckers cry, MISS ME YOU BASTARDS!" *A winki face is drawn next to it.*


"Johnathon York, You are my prodé, You are one of the best engineers I have seen operate in the field and I cannot wait to meet you in the afterlife and hear you become the head of your own division one day, I hope you and Aoife settle down and live long and happy lives..."


"Zealious Odin, You are the funniest fuck I have come across in three years, Being shelled on Xi-Shi 3 and spending the night in a foxhole with you was an experience, Your gonna go far."


"Ottillie Kittel, You are the most adorable person I have ever come across, I loved you as a sister, I always wanted to have a little sister, Someone who was just adorable, Vinera is too but you are something else, IM KEEPING THAT FUCKING OWL PLUSHY IN MY FUCKING COFFIN YOU CUNT!, Also You are to ensure you keep up what you do and I love you, Good luck on what you do."


"Troy Hughes, You and I were gonna get married once we got out, SHOCKER we had it off a few times now and then, Zero if you see this, We both agree'd that we marry after we left the division, I loved you with all my heart and im sorry, I love you Troy, You will move on and I will always watching you, Dont get caught up in your shell Turtle."


"Travis Young, Im sorry we never resolved our differences, I kept the grude... Vienra told me everything I just didn't believe her, I forgive you Travis... Im sorry for everything that happened."


"Bradly Zero, You were a prick, we never talked and I did everything I could to help, You only ever saw the negatives."


"Viktoriya Natraski, You and me had it off a few times, I understood your position with Brigit, It was a rock and a hard place, You were a sister to me aswell, We bled, we cried, we did everything together, I just hoped I got to say goodbye before you read this...  Im sorry it didnt end the way we wanted it to."


"Jackie Knoxx, You are a bitch, I like that, You remind me of myself, HOWEVER what I said about honouring Redbrick was also meant to stick, so take these words Jackie, I only ever wanted to see you happy and sucessiful, HELL YOU GOT A FUCKING MEDAL!, You can achieve so much if you put yourself to it."


"Sebastian "Sea-Bass" Bently, You and I were always on somewhat great terms, You still couldn't figure out I just wanted to be friends, Im sorry it wasn't any different, Your a great guy Sea-bass"


"Vinera Rose, Sis... If your reading this dont be sad, You have Valerie and shes a better sister than I could ever hope to be, I always wanted to be there and make up for what happened, I know you spent so long searching for me that you almost gave up... Well you found me and got to know me, I love you sis, I al-w--always will, I hope you cannot be sad from this, But you do one thing for me,


Live Vinera, Live your life to fullest and live out your days, Also, You are to inherite my Aviators, wear them with pride as they all I had left of my life after the progenitors, AND YOU MURDER EVERY LAST GLOWY CUNT IN THIS GALAXY AND YOU DONT STOP! DONT STOP UNTIL EVERYONE IS DEAD AND I AM AVENGED!"




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