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[IC] The General's message

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**The following message is sent across the FedNet on all channels and all frequencies, on repeat, across the entirety of Federation space and as far as the transmitters will carry.


>> To: ALL
>> Subject: An address to all of humanity, in Federation space and beyond
>> Priority: PRIORITY ONE
>> Restriction: UNRESTRICTED
>> Sender: General Daniel Martin



My name is General Daniel Martin, the military leader of the Coalition. I stand here to address not only the civilians and citizens of The Coalition held-space, but also those that find themselves within the territories of the entities that call themselves the Union or the Confederation. I would also address those within Sanctuary held space, should this message find you. I would address all those that find themselves, perhaps, in territories that are held by no one, where you have declared yourself free from rule and separate in all ways from what was once the Federation. But most importantly, I address you all, not as members of these organizations, but as members of the human race.


Over the course of the last few months, we have borne witness to strife and hardship the likes of which our race has never seen. The alien race now known as the ‘Progenitors’ attacked us with a precision and ferocity that we were not prepared for. They put our home to the torch. They enslaved our family and friends and did unspeakable things to them. They broke us... because we were not prepared.


As the men and women of our service branches fought and died for our planet, giving everything they had and bravely sacrificing themselves to ensure as many could be evacuated as possible, a certain few stood by from their high towers and watched. They stood by and watched our planet burn from their Sanctuary. They stood by with knowledge that could have saved billions of lives and chose not to share it. Then, as the Federation and the home of humanity lay burning, when we needed solidarity the most... she betrayed us all.


Admiral Erin O’Brien stood before us, those who were battered, bruised, wounded and exhausted from fighting, those who had barely escaped with their lives, those that had witnessed so much death and destruction, and gave us an ultimatum. Bend the knee or face the same fate as all those she doomed with her inaction. Kneel to her as she declared herself Sky-Marshal for life... or die.


So, in a time of such suffering and misery, what we needed most was a leader to stand up and guide us through these desperate times. Instead, we got a tyrant. One whose lust for power outweighed even the most base levels of compassion and emotion. One whose greed saw her forsake the code of the Federation and break the oath she swore. A tyrant that would so easily doom billions to die simply for her own gain. 


The Federation as it once was is gone. Slowly did it wither and stagnate until finally it was brought crashing down around us by the weapons of the Ark and the greed and malice of one woman. Now, we must build anew. We must forge a new Federation from the ashes of the old. For the sake of the human race, we must stand under one banner. However, that banner cannot be one of a tyrant and a murderer.


First, she dares ask us to kneel and then attempts to murder us when we refuse. Now, she dares to spit in our faces by offering 'peace' in exchange for the weapon that could save us all and drive back the Progenitors. A weapon that she would undoubtedly use on us after it was handed over. She dares to ask us to "think of the future of humanity" when she would so readily condemn billions to burn and so blatantly lie to the faces of those she would have previously called her brothers and sisters. She cannot be allowed to reign. No longer.


I ask you then, to stand behind me now, under the banner of The Coalition. Stand behind Admiral Carmen Ortiz, the Governor of Iskander. Stand behind the servicemen and women of the Sixth Fleet, those that fight and die for your freedom. Stand behind all those that lost their lives fighting for our home. Stand behind all of the people that we couldn’t save thanks to the actions of a few individuals that were too caught up in their own pride to admit fault.


I ask you to stand behind us all and fight. Fight for freedom from tyranny. Fight for the right to choose your own path. I will fight to the end. I will fight and I will die for all of you if need be. I will die knowing what I did was right. I will die free. I will die for the Federation.


Admiral Erin O'Brien. The Deathmakers and I are coming for you. Your time is done.



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